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slow week
fri 20 feb 2009

Oh my gosh, I am practically jumping up and down with joy because it's finally the weekend. This week has been the most unproductive week in the history of ever...

The beginning of the week I was fighting off the germs that kept my coworker home last week. Mostly just a headache and exhaustion. I'd come home, eat dinner and spend some time with SO, read my email and type here, eat second supper and go to bed.

No reading, no postcards, no crocheting. Heck, no journaling, (um, paper journaling) which makes me feel Really weird!

On Wed night, I finally got a good nights sleep. But on Thursday evening, Significant Other forced me to go grocery shopping. A 150$ deal, which involved two grocery stores and several hours; you understand why I was reluctant! Then I had to come home and clean the guinea pig home. bah.

So, I'm thrilled it's the weekend now!


This has been yet another slow week with PostCrossing. You know, I was so excited when I got to 40 postcards and I was able to have 7 postcards traveling... Those first couple weeks, in January, were fantastic. But now, it's just been 2 postcards a week for these three weeks of Feb. What fun is that? not much, I tell you!

But I still have a couple postcards to make this weekend. Plus I'm quite eager to get back to my crocheting.

And my reading.
And my journaling.

And my real life.

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