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Happy New Year
thurs 1 Jan 2009

2008 was a pretty good year, and even as excited as I get about new beginnings, I'm kinda sad to see it go.

I quit the job that I hated, and spent most of the year happily as a jobless bum...

Books3531335184554182 books
S8 Blog7161866349986853 + 31 entries
Bread---1762949?? loaves

Yeah, lots of reading occurred, and the "To Be Read" pile is slowly but surely being whittled down. That was one of my goals of the year, yay me! Plus I read 54 magazines, and that pile is looking more managable as well.

My blog entries were rather few and far between... thus the +31, my National Blog Posting Month in November where I blogged at my LiveJournal.

I'm still making my own vegan bread, I just didn't keep track of it this year. Either way, we did not buy any store bread this year.

I also wanted to be "more green, pro-animal, anarchist" in 2008... I still don't own a bicycle, but the worms are still eating our organic trash, and I'm walking to work now so the car stays parked. That makes me incredibly happy.

Altho 2008 was not a "year of art", at least November was a month of art. eh.

I did take an online art class, which I was terribly not impressed with even tho it cost the big bucks. I've decided I can design my own learnings from now on.

Goals and Intentions for 2009...

  Creative Stuff
Draw more (Goal: 4 drawings a week)... Journal more consistantly. Blog more consistantly. Write more letters and send more postcards. Take more photographs. Make a new website design. Make some new avatars. Learn to crochet and make some presents. :)

  Vegan and Environmental Stuff
Eat more fruit. Make more whole-food meals. Less processed crap (Specifically, less Morning Star Crumbles and burgers.) Try to get a position in the community garden. Get a bike.

Since I'll be spending more time at a day job in 2009 (hopefully), I will try not to freak out that I'm not reading 80+ books in the year!!! But I do need to make an effort to keep on top of my magazines... I got another subscription to the Smithsonian mag as a gift, and it takes a while to get through that every month.

Yeah, Okay...

and where is all the extra time coming from, to get all this stuff done? Who knows!!

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