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fri 23 Jan 2009

oh, jeez, I just realized what a lame blogger I am. Only blogging on the weekends?! sheesh. And I don't actually have anything interesting to say today, either. *shakes head*

This was a fantastic PostCrossing week... I was able to send out five postcards! And my total is up to 36, just a couple more to hit 40 so I can have seven postcards traveling instead of just six.

So, I'm happy about that, but I'm not so happy about the rest of my projects. I've been working 7.5h a day at the day job (instead of my usual 6.5h) and that has bitten into my free time. I wanted to get some reading done, so I set aside the crocheting practice "for a couple days". Except, now I've not crocheted all week. arg.

There just isn't enough time in the day for my reading, my crocheting, my postcards, my blog, my Internet time, my letter writing, my drawing, my journaling, my photography, my guinea pig friends, my Significant Other and my stupid day job! Not enough time!

I hate that I have to pick and choose!

project grid

That's a picture of my Project Grid, where I've listed my projects and have a space to put in a star for every day of the month. You see that this week has not been very productive, but things are getting done.

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