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wed 18 nov 2009

We finally got in a decent sound system at the day job, and this week we've been listening to a couple audio books.

I have an imperfect listening experience because when I'm boxing up stuff to ship out, I'm crunching up paper to add as padding in the boxes. I can't hear the book, or anything really, over my paper crunching. And then, too, sometimes I have to leave the building to go do stuff at the other building.

But, I get the general idea of the story.

Earlier this year (in the old building) we went through the entire Twilight saga. My general idea there: bad writing, I'm glad I didn't waste my time actually reading the series!

Yesterday we listened to The Road. We laughed about how it's all death and destruction. And asked the obvious questions: Where are they, where are they going, WHY are they going and WHY do they keep going? Does "the boy" even have a name???

I had to go to the other building for a while in the afternoon, I came back and the book ended a few minutes later...

I was all "hey, what just happened??" But the people who were listening to the book were all "What the heck? Is that the end?" laughs.

They told me what I had missed and everyone hated the end... And S. who had read the book said "no, it's a Good ending because of such and such!" (Yeah, no spoilers here, you can read the book for yourself!) No one agreed with her so I'm not really sure if the ending was fitting or not.

It's one saving grace was that it was very short. We got through the entire book in one day.

Today we started on a Dean Koontz book called By The Light of the Moon It's much more interesting... tho it's not going to make me read any other Dean Koontz.

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