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Letter Writing
sat 16 apr 2011

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I had all kinds of plans to celebrate National Card and Letter Writing Month today, by writing some letters!

Unfortunately, I seem to have run out of steam after just one letter!

Letters are way more complicated than postcards, you know. *laughs*

I've decided to send out my first notecard to a company. I'm going to thank Chocolate Decadence for their generosity yesterday.

Not only am I happy to have brilliant vegan options... but it's thrilling to have an entire store, where I can buy Anything! *big eyes* And it's ALL vegan!

A handwritten note means so much these days. And, really: Vegan companies and Vegan People... I think we need a little verbal appreciation. The animals do thank us, in their own ways. But a "thank you", written or spoken, says a lot!

And You? Will you write a letter?

sun 17 apr 2011

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Okay! This weekend I have written four letters! and I've got a couple of postcards going out as well.

Speaking of. The price of postcards is going up as of today...

0.28 polar bear

The old 28¢ Polar Bear. I loved him. But let's be honest. He was very lonely.

Before the Polar Bear, we had five different kinds of fruit. Very colourful.

And then the Polar Bear. All by himself.

But now!

0.29 herbs

Yes! Five different kinds of beautiful herb flowers!

That's nice. I do still wish the post office would get more serious about it's postcard stamps. And it's international stamps. Just the tiniest bit of variety would be soooo nice.

0.75 Canada Stamp

This was the old first class stamp to Canada. Great Smoky Mountains. It was 75¢.

0.80 Canada Stamp

The new Canada first class stamp (including postcards to Canada) is 80¢. Voyageurs National Park is in Minnesota (their _only_ national park!). The word "Voyageurs" is French for "Traveler", and refers to the French-Canadian fur traders.

ick. Not Vegan!

oh well. I'm glad Minnesota has one national park. That's something at least!

The other stamps will remain the same price...

First Class within the US is still 44¢

First Class International is still 98¢

Will you be writing?

sun 29 may 2011

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Yes! A day of drawing! Next Saturday, June 4th.

Was also happy to see Serif sponsoring the web site... They are promoting their drawing software, of course, but I love them for their desktop publishing software, PagePlus.

Swap-Bot? Really? You know, I never had any desire to join a swap... but then I saw a trade for copying one of your art journal pages onto a postcard! What?! That's awesome!

Unfortunately, it's been a long time since I've done any "art" journaling. And even pages with art are partially private stuff. I won't join the trade until I've found a suitable journal page to copy. I still have a couple days to sign up. Meantime: looking through old journals is weird, and updating my new profile is fun.

Of course, it's silly of me to consider joining new mailing projects when I haven't even started my usual mailing projects. I have a bunch of postcard replies to make, but more specifically; my May postcards.

*exasperated sigh* I have considered a few photos for the May postcard... but nothing really grabs me like I want it to! And it's been all cold and rainy outside, so there aren't many photos to choose from. And I really want to get out to the Rhododendron Garden, but I've felt so lazy about that.

more *exasperated sighs*

sun 12 june 2011

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The first part of june has been a little bit chaotic. But, I'm getting things done and here's how I want the rest of the month to go...

  Postcards June is going to be a postcard month! I sent out happy postcards, all through the first week of june. This weekend, I'm getting my "May postcard" organized. (I know, it's june!) (never mind!)

It would be -nice- if the june postcards go out the door in -june-! And, I'm taking on some letter writing projects. And! Swap-bot seems to be going well, I've signed up for a second project there!

  Garden oh the stupid garden. *lemon face* I keep saying I'm going to Pretend to be a Real Gardener this year. yeah, right? when? Any time now! Seriously!

*deep breath* Peas are growing, cherry tomato plants have survived the transplant, cabbage is good, nasturtium seems okay, and we'll have strawberries. Everything else died or never lived. And we have tamed just a tiny portion of our plot. So, I must do something!

  Photography I carry my camera everywhere. But do I ever get it out to take pictures?! No! *rolls eyes* Even when I see something, "oh, that would make a good picture," I just walk right on past. What is wrong with me?!

You know what I'm thinking about doing? I usually carry my camera case in my backpack, along with my lunch... it's rather a tight fit. And it takes several minutes to get to my camera: open backpack, maneuver past insulated lunch bag, pull out camera case, open case and pull out camera. How about if I leave the case at home, throw the camera into the top portion of my backpack?

The camera is a couple years old, and no longer precious. And I need to be able to whip it out. (but without it hanging on my neck all the time!) Surviving naked in my backpack might be tough, but I think that's what we need to do!

Go Healthy Poppies

photo of poppies while Significant Other gets our take-out!

the goings on
sat 18 june 2011

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oof! I finally finished my May postcards. Yes, I did notice that it's actually half-past june. I will be starting the june postcards soon... but first I need to bask in the done-ness of May. ;)

In the last two weeks, I've sent out 63 postcards and 3 letters. wow, huh? I write postcards every day! Isn't that awesome?


Oh, I want to mention my perpetual excited state about one of my letter writing adventures... LOVE's Vegan Pen Pals Project

This project started at the beginning of the year, but it's on-going... So, if you're vegan and you like sending mail, please think about signing up! (the project has also been mentioned at SuperVegan and TOFU Magazine.)


My other perpetually excited project is Swap-Bot. *big eyes* what a monster that could be! My first trade was an Art Journal postcard... I sent out my four postcards, but have only gotten one in return, so far (give it a week, and I'll have the rest).

My second trade is garden photos. Well, actually "photo". The trade is for ONE. haha: I've got four pictures lined up. And I've still got a week before I'm given any addresses to send to!

Yeah. So, I'm trying to be very careful about the swaps I sign up for. I want to be able to complete my trades, and not get overwhelmed. "One at a time" is my mantra.

Also... the reading and the gardening, have been going quite well... but that's fodder for more blog posts!

sat 3 sept 2011

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It's the start of a long weekend in the US, if you don't have a service job! Which I don't, and I'm grateful because I really need the time off.

Today I am taking care of some August chaos. Got the car looked at. It wasn't good news that they gave me, but I was expecting worse. So I guess that's okay!

Mainly, I wanted to address the problem of my mail box. Due to the annoyances of august and summer-time, I had to quit all of my snail mail projects. Since I'm not sending mail out, I am not recieving any. And that's kind of depressing!

Unfortunately, my happiest snail mail project -- the monthly postcard that I send out to friends, family and vegans -- has gotten... well... overwhelming! There are currently 45 people on my list!

It's just too much. But! It's my happy project! I get to share my photography. I type out a little story on the back. And everyone gets a personal comment. It makes me happy, envisioning how happy my friends are when they open their mailbox and find a awesome postcard!

I don't want to quit this project. I don't even want to cut back on this project. But I have to change something because the fact is, I can't keep up with it!

So I skipped the "july" postcard. And I am just finishing up the "august" postcard this weekend. In the future, skipping a month is going to be perfectly fine!
FINE, I say!


Here's the July postcard that you probably missed...

Roof top crows

Urban Wildlife. and ♥ crows in particular!!!

never enough time
mon 5 sept 2011

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Yep, I'm busy enjoying my long weekend (ie, having a few more drinks)!! I got plenty done, but there's still plenty on my To Do list.

The important stuff got done, tho, so that's good!

GoodReads group, The PostCard Exchange

High on my list was my GoodReads group, The PostCard Exchange. I became the new moderator this summer -- the owner of the group has been awol since 2009.

As a happy moderator, I have initiated a monthly postcard trade. There are just a handful of active members, but I was very pleased that our first postcard trade in August went without a hitch!!

Thusly, I begin the September PC trade. :)

The group is open to the public, so be sure to check it out! If you're interested, just sign up for a GoodReads account and join our group.

Right now, we are exchanging one postcard a month... but I have plans for expansion!!

oh the plans. And yet, I still haven't changed the group graphic. I distinctly remember that I was going to make it "way more exciting!"

*laughs* Well, I will eventually!
  The PostCard Exchange at GoodReads

june postcard
wed 14 sept 2011

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This was the picture postcard I sent out in June.

Between our home and the community garden, the bike path runs right next to the creek. There are always critters to be seen, so I am always on the look-out. Usually it's mallard ducks tho!

I was thrilled to see a raccoon!

She was on the other side of the creek, and completely unconcerned with me or any of the bikers going by. She was wading along the edge and I took pictures for two minutes before she disappeared into the vegetation.

Since it was a grey, overcast day, most of my photos were blurry. This one of her looking at me was probably the luckiest picture I've ever taken!!

Still, I'm disappointed that her beautiful tail isn't showing! Never Satisfied! *laughs*

sat 17 sept 2011

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A very quiet day, probably it's just what my poor abused brain -- and body -- needs! heh.

Some Reading. Some Postcards. Some Breathing!

my new address book

A little while ago, I bought my very first address book.

Since I make my own postcards on the computer (using the photos I take with the digital camera!), I have a list of all my snail mail addresses on the computer as well. When I print up postcards, I also print the address on the back... Printed addresses are easier to read by postal employees, and I definitely want to make their job easier!

But I have this weird obsession about buying postcards, as well. And if I'm going to use these bought postcards, I am going to need to write in the address. And when I am writing -- physically, with a pen -- I don't want to be sitting in front of the computer!

Thus, the address book.

It was kind of fun to fill in the new address book! The lines are so narrow! I think, "my 0.2 nib pen"? Nope - It requires the 0.1mm nib!

And then, all those haphazard addresses.

It's... indescribable!

I know these people.
Which is to say, I have their address and I know some random tidbit about them and so they are on my address list.


Well anyway. I am keeping my new address book with my little stack of bought and pre-printed postcards. My plan/vision is to write on the postcards in the evening, kind of like my paper journal.

And just send them!

august postcard
wed 21 sept 2011

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This was the photo I sent out as my august postcard. As I said on the pc, Borage (Starflower) grows wild in our community garden plot. It is a good companion plant to tomatoes because it attracts bees and repels horn worms.

Significant Other mentioned today that he had discovered it's defense against animals. ha!

He went to move one of the branches. "Do you know what I did wrong?" he asks me.

I laugh and say, "you touched it!"

You see all the little furry stuff around the buds? That furry stuff covers all the leaves and stems as well. It looks really soft and fluffy!

But when you grab it, you definitely say "ow!"

Or, in SO's case, you definitely curse loudly.

"weekly wrap"
thurs 22 sept 2011

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I've been wandering about on Swap-Bot again, looking for postcard swaps to participate in.

I have run into this Weekly Wrap Postcard Swap a few times but I haven't joined one yet. I think it's a pretty good idea tho...

You list five things that happened this week and put a (+) if they were postitive and a (-) if they were negative. Gonna give it a try here:

(+) I finished two books this week. Edge of the Sea and Field Notes on Science and Nature.

(-) I now have zero postcards traveling at my PostCrossing and I had meant to do some reviving over there.

(-) I walked to the day job on wednesday and now my left hip is aching. But at least I got some extra exercise! (+)

(-) I haven't visited the garden at all this week! Oh Lazy "Pretend" Gardener! And I'd like to check on the carrots!

(+) Next month is Vegan Month of Food which makes me happy!

apr/may pc
wed 28 sept 2011

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My april postcard with red rhododendrons...

red rhododendrons


And my may postcard with pink rhodos.

I love all the millions of different colours of rhododendrons blooming here in the spring. The variety just amazes me and I look forward to them every year.

Of course, now we are running into autumn, and I'm looking forward to the trees changing colour!

GoodReads PC
thurs 3 nov 2011

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GoodReads group,  Postcard Exchange

So, you may be aware at this time that I have many projects I'm currently working on! ha: I listed all of them in my paper journal last night, and it was quite the page.

Today, I wanted to work on the postcard exchange that I host over at GoodReads...
The Postcard Exchange.

It's a simple, one pc trade that we do every month: you send a postcard and you get a postcard. We usually do some kind of reading theme, so you'll have something to write about on the back of the pc. It's fun and easy!

The group is open to the public, so feel free to read the posts there!

I took over the group in July, and we've been doing the postcard exchanges since August. The one thing I said I was going to change Right Away, was the group icon.

The original owner of the group picked the current icon. She's been awol for years, so I can't ask her about the art. I don't recognize the painting, but I'd love to know more about it! I don't even have a higher res picture, so I can't even see what that lady is doing! Anyone have any clues as to who the painter is?

Anyway. I meant to replace the unknown art with a little art by myself! something happy and cheery and mail arty. Maybe I should add this to my project list for this month!

my postcards
sun 6 nov 2011

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Apologies for saturday's completely un-inspired blog post! Guess all that work on the One Sentence Journal drained more creativity out of me than I thought! ha. (Incidentally, the journal is almost done, so I will quit typing about it soon!)

Today, I want to type about yet another one of my projects! Postcards!

my postcards

My new goal is to write at least one postcard every day. And so far, so good; I usually write two or three in the evening.

I'm trying to get through the huge pile of "Sept" postcards that I'm sending to everyone in my address book.
51 postcards! whee! I've been working on this for three weekends now!

I don't work on this crazy task every day tho... There are swap-bot trades and other pc exchanges. And there are just random postcards I feel the need to write!

All these postcards I send make me incredibly happy!

So many people think that snail mail is dying... but it's not! PostCrossing and Swap-Bot are just the more popular sites for snail mail exchanges! There are loads of smaller postcard and pen pal and mailing sites!

Anyway. I am trying to keep up with US Postal Service news. This is a longish, but informative interview about what's going on and what's wrong with the laws regarding the USPS...

  Fixing the US Postal Service's Finances

What to do?

  Keep sending mail for FUN!
  Love your postal workers!
  ???! talk to your gov representatives? sign petitions? do democratic things?

thurs 17 nov 2011

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Okay. I think I'm feeling better!

  Things I'm drinking... plain chamomile tea, chamomile with mint, orange spice tea, homemade lemon-ginger tea, homemade Russian tea (thanks MOM!), not much coffee, a coke, cold water. Drown a cold, right?

Oh, hey! My raccoon postcard is now famous! check it out:
  Save Snail Mail: A Warm PO Box second pic down! :) and congrats to the winner.

On my way to clear out the mail box -- first time I'd been outside in days! -- I took pictures of the leaves on the ground.


sat 19 nov 2011

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It felt good to drop a couple of postcards into the mail this morning. I didn't write any when I was sick, which ruined my "postcard every day" goal. On the other hand, I've sent out 37 postcards so far this month, so that makes me happy.

Another one of my postcard projects is the 100,000th Swap. This was a monumental swap in October to send a Swap-Bot themed creation to one partner. I am so glad I got to participate... here are some of the things that got sent: 100,000th swap blog post!

I decided to send my swap partner some postcards, of course. To make it special, I decided to send my partner a postcard every week for several months! Yay! Doesn't that sound great!

Since mid-october when I got my partner's address, I've sent seven postcards. And, ya know? I'm having fun! I wish I could send weekly postcards to more people!! *laughs*

I sent my "september" postcard to everyone in my address book... just over 50 pcs and it took several weekends to get it all out. Since the last of the stack went out last weekend, here it is:

Marigold postcard

Sadly, this is the only marigold that survived in our community garden plot -- despite many seeds planted and many babies transplanted. Happily, it was a very happy marigold with many beautiful flowers!

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