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"weekly wrap"
thurs 22 sept 2011

I've been wandering about on Swap-Bot again, looking for postcard swaps to participate in.

I have run into this Weekly Wrap Postcard Swap a few times but I haven't joined one yet. I think it's a pretty good idea tho...

You list five things that happened this week and put a (+) if they were postitive and a (-) if they were negative. Gonna give it a try here:

(+) I finished two books this week. Edge of the Sea and Field Notes on Science and Nature.

(-) I now have zero postcards traveling at my PostCrossing and I had meant to do some reviving over there.

(-) I walked to the day job on wednesday and now my left hip is aching. But at least I got some extra exercise! (+)

(-) I haven't visited the garden at all this week! Oh Lazy "Pretend" Gardener! And I'd like to check on the carrots!

(+) Next month is Vegan Month of Food which makes me happy!

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