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sat 19 nov 2011

It felt good to drop a couple of postcards into the mail this morning. I didn't write any when I was sick, which ruined my "postcard every day" goal. On the other hand, I've sent out 37 postcards so far this month, so that makes me happy.

Another one of my postcard projects is the 100,000th Swap. This was a monumental swap in October to send a Swap-Bot themed creation to one partner. I am so glad I got to participate... here are some of the things that got sent: 100,000th swap blog post!

I decided to send my swap partner some postcards, of course. To make it special, I decided to send my partner a postcard every week for several months! Yay! Doesn't that sound great!

Since mid-october when I got my partner's address, I've sent seven postcards. And, ya know? I'm having fun! I wish I could send weekly postcards to more people!! *laughs*

I sent my "september" postcard to everyone in my address book... just over 50 pcs and it took several weekends to get it all out. Since the last of the stack went out last weekend, here it is:

Marigold postcard

Sadly, this is the only marigold that survived in our community garden plot -- despite many seeds planted and many babies transplanted. Happily, it was a very happy marigold with many beautiful flowers!

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