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sun 29 may 2011

Yes! A day of drawing! Next Saturday, June 4th.

Was also happy to see Serif sponsoring the web site... They are promoting their drawing software, of course, but I love them for their desktop publishing software, PagePlus.

Swap-Bot? Really? You know, I never had any desire to join a swap... but then I saw a trade for copying one of your art journal pages onto a postcard! What?! That's awesome!

Unfortunately, it's been a long time since I've done any "art" journaling. And even pages with art are partially private stuff. I won't join the trade until I've found a suitable journal page to copy. I still have a couple days to sign up. Meantime: looking through old journals is weird, and updating my new profile is fun.

Of course, it's silly of me to consider joining new mailing projects when I haven't even started my usual mailing projects. I have a bunch of postcard replies to make, but more specifically; my May postcards.

*exasperated sigh* I have considered a few photos for the May postcard... but nothing really grabs me like I want it to! And it's been all cold and rainy outside, so there aren't many photos to choose from. And I really want to get out to the Rhododendron Garden, but I've felt so lazy about that.

more *exasperated sighs*

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