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sat 17 sept 2011

A very quiet day, probably it's just what my poor abused brain -- and body -- needs! heh.

Some Reading. Some Postcards. Some Breathing!

my new address book

A little while ago, I bought my very first address book.

Since I make my own postcards on the computer (using the photos I take with the digital camera!), I have a list of all my snail mail addresses on the computer as well. When I print up postcards, I also print the address on the back... Printed addresses are easier to read by postal employees, and I definitely want to make their job easier!

But I have this weird obsession about buying postcards, as well. And if I'm going to use these bought postcards, I am going to need to write in the address. And when I am writing -- physically, with a pen -- I don't want to be sitting in front of the computer!

Thus, the address book.

It was kind of fun to fill in the new address book! The lines are so narrow! I think, "my 0.2 nib pen"? Nope - It requires the 0.1mm nib!

And then, all those haphazard addresses.

It's... indescribable!

I know these people.
Which is to say, I have their address and I know some random tidbit about them and so they are on my address list.


Well anyway. I am keeping my new address book with my little stack of bought and pre-printed postcards. My plan/vision is to write on the postcards in the evening, kind of like my paper journal.

And just send them!

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