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sat 3 sept 2011

It's the start of a long weekend in the US, if you don't have a service job! Which I don't, and I'm grateful because I really need the time off.

Today I am taking care of some August chaos. Got the car looked at. It wasn't good news that they gave me, but I was expecting worse. So I guess that's okay!

Mainly, I wanted to address the problem of my mail box. Due to the annoyances of august and summer-time, I had to quit all of my snail mail projects. Since I'm not sending mail out, I am not recieving any. And that's kind of depressing!

Unfortunately, my happiest snail mail project -- the monthly postcard that I send out to friends, family and vegans -- has gotten... well... overwhelming! There are currently 45 people on my list!

It's just too much. But! It's my happy project! I get to share my photography. I type out a little story on the back. And everyone gets a personal comment. It makes me happy, envisioning how happy my friends are when they open their mailbox and find a awesome postcard!

I don't want to quit this project. I don't even want to cut back on this project. But I have to change something because the fact is, I can't keep up with it!

So I skipped the "july" postcard. And I am just finishing up the "august" postcard this weekend. In the future, skipping a month is going to be perfectly fine!
FINE, I say!


Here's the July postcard that you probably missed...

Roof top crows

Urban Wildlife. and ♥ crows in particular!!!

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