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sat 18 june 2011

oof! I finally finished my May postcards. Yes, I did notice that it's actually half-past june. I will be starting the june postcards soon... but first I need to bask in the done-ness of May. ;)

In the last two weeks, I've sent out 63 postcards and 3 letters. wow, huh? I write postcards every day! Isn't that awesome?


Oh, I want to mention my perpetual excited state about one of my letter writing adventures... LOVE's Vegan Pen Pals Project

This project started at the beginning of the year, but it's on-going... So, if you're vegan and you like sending mail, please think about signing up! (the project has also been mentioned at SuperVegan and TOFU Magazine.)


My other perpetually excited project is Swap-Bot. *big eyes* what a monster that could be! My first trade was an Art Journal postcard... I sent out my four postcards, but have only gotten one in return, so far (give it a week, and I'll have the rest).

My second trade is garden photos. Well, actually "photo". The trade is for ONE. haha: I've got four pictures lined up. And I've still got a week before I'm given any addresses to send to!

Yeah. So, I'm trying to be very careful about the swaps I sign up for. I want to be able to complete my trades, and not get overwhelmed. "One at a time" is my mantra.

Also... the reading and the gardening, have been going quite well... but that's fodder for more blog posts!

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