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Letter Writing
sat 16 apr 2011

I had all kinds of plans to celebrate National Card and Letter Writing Month today, by writing some letters!

Unfortunately, I seem to have run out of steam after just one letter!

Letters are way more complicated than postcards, you know. *laughs*

I've decided to send out my first notecard to a company. I'm going to thank Chocolate Decadence for their generosity yesterday.

Not only am I happy to have brilliant vegan options... but it's thrilling to have an entire store, where I can buy Anything! *big eyes* And it's ALL vegan!

A handwritten note means so much these days. And, really: Vegan companies and Vegan People... I think we need a little verbal appreciation. The animals do thank us, in their own ways. But a "thank you", written or spoken, says a lot!

And You? Will you write a letter?

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