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thurs 3 nov 2011

GoodReads group,  Postcard Exchange

So, you may be aware at this time that I have many projects I'm currently working on! ha: I listed all of them in my paper journal last night, and it was quite the page.

Today, I wanted to work on the postcard exchange that I host over at GoodReads...
The Postcard Exchange.

It's a simple, one pc trade that we do every month: you send a postcard and you get a postcard. We usually do some kind of reading theme, so you'll have something to write about on the back of the pc. It's fun and easy!

The group is open to the public, so feel free to read the posts there!

I took over the group in July, and we've been doing the postcard exchanges since August. The one thing I said I was going to change Right Away, was the group icon.

The original owner of the group picked the current icon. She's been awol for years, so I can't ask her about the art. I don't recognize the painting, but I'd love to know more about it! I don't even have a higher res picture, so I can't even see what that lady is doing! Anyone have any clues as to who the painter is?

Anyway. I meant to replace the unknown art with a little art by myself! something happy and cheery and mail arty. Maybe I should add this to my project list for this month!

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