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my postcards
sun 6 nov 2011

Apologies for saturday's completely un-inspired blog post! Guess all that work on the One Sentence Journal drained more creativity out of me than I thought! ha. (Incidentally, the journal is almost done, so I will quit typing about it soon!)

Today, I want to type about yet another one of my projects! Postcards!

my postcards

My new goal is to write at least one postcard every day. And so far, so good; I usually write two or three in the evening.

I'm trying to get through the huge pile of "Sept" postcards that I'm sending to everyone in my address book.
51 postcards! whee! I've been working on this for three weekends now!

I don't work on this crazy task every day tho... There are swap-bot trades and other pc exchanges. And there are just random postcards I feel the need to write!

All these postcards I send make me incredibly happy!

So many people think that snail mail is dying... but it's not! PostCrossing and Swap-Bot are just the more popular sites for snail mail exchanges! There are loads of smaller postcard and pen pal and mailing sites!

Anyway. I am trying to keep up with US Postal Service news. This is a longish, but informative interview about what's going on and what's wrong with the laws regarding the USPS...

  Fixing the US Postal Service's Finances

What to do?

  Keep sending mail for FUN!
  Love your postal workers!
  ???! talk to your gov representatives? sign petitions? do democratic things?

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