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sun 17 apr 2011

Okay! This weekend I have written four letters! and I've got a couple of postcards going out as well.

Speaking of. The price of postcards is going up as of today...

0.28 polar bear

The old 28¢ Polar Bear. I loved him. But let's be honest. He was very lonely.

Before the Polar Bear, we had five different kinds of fruit. Very colourful.

And then the Polar Bear. All by himself.

But now!

0.29 herbs

Yes! Five different kinds of beautiful herb flowers!

That's nice. I do still wish the post office would get more serious about it's postcard stamps. And it's international stamps. Just the tiniest bit of variety would be soooo nice.

0.75 Canada Stamp

This was the old first class stamp to Canada. Great Smoky Mountains. It was 75¢.

0.80 Canada Stamp

The new Canada first class stamp (including postcards to Canada) is 80¢. Voyageurs National Park is in Minnesota (their _only_ national park!). The word "Voyageurs" is French for "Traveler", and refers to the French-Canadian fur traders.

ick. Not Vegan!

oh well. I'm glad Minnesota has one national park. That's something at least!

The other stamps will remain the same price...

First Class within the US is still 44¢

First Class International is still 98¢

Will you be writing?

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