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sun 1 may 2011

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I really did not want to get out of bed this morning! I had done so much yesterday! But there is still so much to do! Plus, I'm a bit sore from my bike ride yesterday... ugh! Can't I just lay here, under the covers, for the rest of the day??!

ha. Yep, I got up.

But to combat my malaise, I decided to do something NOT on my list of small things...


I had run into a little "motif" star pattern the other day. And I thought I could whip it up in an hour or so.

haha, yeah right!

I completely screwed it up, and now I'm going to have to pull out everything I did and start over!

Oh well. Instead, SO and I went to the community garden!

we will have one strawberry!  and one weed!

Significant Other got to work on the invasive weed on the right side of our plot. And I hand-weeded our strawberry patch and some of our pea patch, and also broke up a section for planting...

We got some carrot seeds down in the ground, some broccoli and some cilantro. With some salad mix seeds inbetween rows.

Supposed to warm up, and not rain as much in the coming week... so I have hopes for this batch of seeds.

Otherwise, there's always Saturday Market for buying transplants. We've relied on this method in the past... but now that I'm pretending to be a real gardener... *sighs* well. Those seeds better grow!

i did it
mon 2 may 2011

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The crochet star that thwarted me on sunday...

crochet star

my excuses
tue 3 may 2011

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It was a lovely afternoon, sun shining and a bit on the cool side. And I thought about going to the garden plot. Could have. Probably should have.

"But my back hurts," and I came home and stayed home.

My back does ache... tweaked it somewhere between the bike ride and the gardening and the regular day job duties. But still, it sounds like a pathetic excuse.

After all, I'm always going to be "achy" or "tired" or something after work, and not want to go to the garden.

*sighs* and *laughs*... I'm going to be a complete failure on pretending to be a Real Gardener, aren't I??!

Wed, 04 May 2011 21:03:53 PDT
Very Grumpy today. Every little thing irritates me. Even I irritate me!
Ever had a day like that? How do you break out of it? What if it keeps going on tomorrow??

Thu, 05 May 2011 19:30:25 PDT
I think... I just... need a nap...

weekend plans
fri 6 may 2011

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This weekend I plan to relax, without guilt!

I want to do some crafting....

  I'm in Vegan Fox's Poetry Swap... and I need to get that organized.

cut out thingee

  I really want to make some more of my cut-out thingees... Have an idea with a sea horse cut-out, doing an opposite colour scheme: make a pale foreground and dark background. Thinking a tan, and dark green and dark blue.
(Also thinking I need to come up with a better descriptor. "cut-out thingees" just isn't working for me! :)

  And, if I'm going to do crochet, I really should get out the cable scarf that I started last autumn.

  AND! In preparation for my bday next week! I will put in my order for the Kindle! I am really happy and excited and everything about it. I have several unread kindle books I've bought, plus I'm looking forward to re-reading Guernsey Literary...

  Garden? possibly... supposed to rain off and on all weekend. But I do want to get out to the plot and see if any seeds are coming up. If nothing else, I could plant a few seeds in pots...

sad sidenote on plastic
sat 7 may 2011

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well, okay. I did have a pretty good relaxing day today... Designed a card for the poetry swap, almost finished the gardening book I'm reading, did some chores, and watched one of my favorite movies (Serenity) with my wonderful Significant Other, who also brought home some "Kickin' It Lime Style" vegan burritos from a happy local cafe.

So, it was a pretty good day, okay?!

But this article on the front page of today's paper kinda depressed me...

  Plastic bag ban stalls; recycling debated

Oregon was going to be the first state to ban plastic bags. I was thrilled: bring your re-usable bags to the store for the things you buy, or pay 5¢ for a paper bag! but, looks like it's not going to happen, after all.

death by plastic

People just don't realize how evil plastic is! Garbage Patch anyone??!

*cries* You know, the right thing to do was right there in front of us... and we are going to ignore it.

another bookmark
sun 8 may 2011

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sea horse bookmark!

Every time I open up my book, Vegan's Daily Companion, I am delighted by the sea turtle bookmark that I made.

So I made another happy bookmark for myself! Isn't it awesome?!

Only trouble is, finding a book worthy of it! *laguhs*

to be read pile
mon 9 may 2011

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Doing some reading this evening, instead of surfing...

I've finished 14 books so far this year. And this is the 19th week of the year, so I'm not quite at a book a week.

three of the 14 were re-reads of old books... So I've only actually read 11 books off my To Be Read pile of 50. And sadly, I think I've bought 10 more books this year. (hm. and not including a few free books I've obtained.)

Let's not do the math, okay? Let's just live in my dream world where I have plenty of time to read all the exciting books I've got...

And it looks like my Kindle might be arriving tomorrow. A day before my bday! That would be a super bday present!!

Especially since I have 12 ebooks waiting for the Kindle, plus 5 samples I will probably end up buying!


tues 10 may 2011

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Kindle arrived today!!!


I was so happy all day, anticipating... and joyful when I unpacked it and plugged it into my computer.

And then I was so sad when I couldn't connect to our WiFi.

And then I was so frustrated after typing in the damn WiFi password a zillion times... the password is freaking long, but I could NOT have screwed it up that many times.

So. my WiFi sucks.

I am now tediously uploading all my ebooks... individually!... from amazon, through my internet, down through the USB, finally to the kindle. Life sucks if you happen to be my Kindle!


I am so disillusioned!

(okay. I was disillusioned, long before. But why does every-stinking-thing have to be so stupidly difficult??!)


Yay Birthday
wed 11 may 2011

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Happy Bday Me! I'm getting all kinds of great vegan food, good surprises, good presents, lovely greetings from my friends.

Thank You, Thank You!

(Plus, I got my wifi working. The new Kindle is now perfectly happy. :)

thurs 12 may 2011

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Yesterday morning, my birthday! I saw the first ducklings of the year at ducky hill, here just down the road!!

The Mallard Ducks live happily at the creek... but babies are rare. "Ducky Hill," so named by my Significant Other :) is close to our road and an apartment complex. Quite often you see parents and kids feeding bread to the ducks who hang out there.

Unfortunately, bread is not healthy for ducks. Thus the lack of baby ducks. zero babies last year...

But! May 11th, I saw a mom with four tiny babies swimming on the creek! And this morning, I saw a mom and dad with two babies!

No photos, yet. But the ducky cuteness was extreme! Just need to get down there with my camera!

whole lotta nothin
fri 13 may 2011

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I took the day off and this morning I got up with vague intentions to make some postcards...

But it turned into a reading day instead.

I started with Plastic: a toxic love story. when I got tired of that, I switched to the Kindle user guide. and when I got tired of that, I started re-reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

Whee. Except...

I started feeling guilty that I wasn't doing anything on my special day off. It was a nice day outside, I should have gone to the garden and done some weeding. I should have gone to the Rhododendron Garden and taken some photos.

"should, should, should" made me grumpy, grumpy, grumpy.


But then I got to thinking...

When was the last time I took a whole day for reading? It's a hobby I profess to love. I keep buying zillions of books. But lately, it's been difficult to get even an hour of reading in.

And "lately" has been for the past months and months. I can't remember the last time I sat down and read more than 30 or 40 pages. I have been fighting to get in my goal of reading 200 pages in a week. And that's pathetic!

Today I probably read about 300 pages!

Reading Nest

Bean bag, pillows and stuffed animals galore! Water and coffee within reach on the window sill. Window blinds were open most the day: blue sky, budding oak and sweet gum dominate, if you don't look down at the parking lot! ;)

Sat, 14 May 2011 08:12:51 PDT
My Awesome Birthday card from Marianne at the day job:
Dragon Bday Card

Kindle Things
sat 14 may 2011

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my site on the kindle

This is amusing! Yeah, that's my web site being displayed on the new kindle.

I continue to have wifi problems. Which is not so amusing. (It's not the kindle, it's my crappy Qwest router.) It's not a terribly big deal, since I'd probably just buy more books. *wink*

Back to amusing. When you put the kindle to sleep, the screen displays a random picture. Most of them are drawings of authors. Like Mark Twain, a Bronte sister, or currently Jules Verne.

kindle birds

And some of them are much more interesting copyright free images.

The quality of the display... quite surprises me! There might just be something to this E-ink thing after all.

So. My initial Kindle critique...

The "flash" of the e-ink every time you turn a page, really disturbed me at first. "It's broken!" I thought. oh, it's not, that's just what e-ink does. I will get used to it, and I won't even see it, before too long!

The "page turn" buttons are conveniently located... if you are reading in a mostly vertical posture (ie, sitting up). They are terrible if you are lying down on your side. very terrible!

Also, the pressure needed to click the buttons... might be a bit too much. Of course, I am used to my Palm handheld, which I've been reading from for many years. and I am used to that button pressure. The Kindle "next page" buttons are very large, thus need to be tougher to prevent accidental bumps. But, still: I wonder if there's an easier/better way.

The other buttons, at the bottom of the device -- the keyboard, menu, arrow buttons -- well. I don't have a cell phone, so I don't really have a comparison base or an opinion on the keyboard or menu buttons. They seem fine.

The arrow buttons suck, tho. They are too close to the surrounding buttons, and too small. And excessively pointless when you are trying to move the pointer around. A track ball is needed, instead.

Yep, the buttons on the Kindle do annoy me. But I am very much enjoying my new toy, regardless!!

eat more tofu
sun 15 may 2011

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baby tomatoes in a tofu pot

Both SO and I have been extremely grumpy about the gardening thing, lately. Pretending to be a real gardener... means... working thru the grumpiness, I suppose. bleh.

We did make it out to the garden for a few minutes this weekend: It's a little bit hopeless out there, tho.

The stuff we planted two weeks ago has not come up. The third planting of our pea patch, has finally emerged, but it's looking a bit moth-eaten. heh. (I don't mind the bugs! Just "paying rent" as Derrick Jensen says. and the pea plants will definitely survive!)

(And the lack of growing is due to the weird, cool weather we've been stuck with, RE: La Nina. No one else is growing anything either, so I don't despair.) (yet.)

But, with nothing really growing in the garden (except the "weeds"), I decided to plant some seeds in pots...

The Cherry Tomatoes in the tofu container are now six weeks old... Thinking about planting them at the garden next weekend. (Last Frost date here is TODAY!)

tofu pots

So, the tofu container seems to work fine as a plant pot! *grins* Today I planted... Marigold and Sunflowers, Beans and Nasturtiums, Leeks and more Nasturtiums.

yeah, I might be a little bit excitable about the Nasturtiums.

And, yeah, I do have more seeds to plant, which is why I need to eat more tofu!


Mon, 16 May 2011 20:28:33 PDT
Over the weekend, I read one entire book, got half-way through another one and half-way through the Kindle User Guide. This evening I'm back to reading some dead tree books... :)

Tue, 17 May 2011 19:45:35 PDT
Nothing interesting to say today!
um. well. actually. loads of interesting things...
I'm just too lazy to type any!

been sick
sat 21 may 2011

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Yep. Some kind of horrid stomach virus, which Significant Other had to suffer through first. Suffice it to say, thursday was the worst day of my life.

Some interesting things to note:
  I've not had any caffeine for two days
  I've not worn my eye glasses for two days
  Two days in bed is apparently more than my decrepit body can take... I am so painfully stiff and sore I can hardly walk now! ha, yay pain pills.

the closet corner, spring cleaning
sat 28 may 2011

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Yay! I've finally gotten my energy back after being sick, and a good thing, too. I have much to do!

the corner of my bedroom

I woke up this morning, with a desire to fix the area in front of my closet door, where I keep my stereo. As you can see, it's not too chaotic. Just not a good use of space. And when you live in a tiny townhouse, "good use of space" becomes a mantra.

The stereo is sitting on top of the stereo box. The stereo box is used for storage of quilts, so I need to keep it around!

neat and tidy

A few hours later...

Future plans: cover the stereo box with blank paper... and decorate! Also the reason I got the white shelves, rather than black; they should be decorated as well!

Also need to move the painting a few inches to the right!

But! Most Important are the bottom two shelves. Those are going to be my Project Shelves!

rift's Octopus Mascot

In the book, Refuse to Choose, Barbara Sher suggests that Scanners have an area where we can keep stuff for ongoing projects...

"Scanners" are people who have loads of different interests and projects. Five projects at once? no problem! Non-fiction books on every which subject; we are a sponge! Teach me Everything! Except I have this one other thing I want to do first...


Thusly the project shelves. Projects of all kinds can be gathered together in a box, ready for the next time I want to work on it.

I have been meaning to do this for a while. Like my crochet? I've got my current project wrapped up in a plastic shopping bag... but if I ever get back to it, I'm going to need directions on how to make a double crochet stitch again because it's been sooooo long and I've forgotten!

So the bottom shelf is crochet! There are speciality yarns in the boxes. Also my hooks and books. I just need to get the rest of my ordinary yarn out of the closet, and my most frequently used hooks out of my paint brush carousel, and more crochet books out of my book stacks. Yeah, the crochet stuff is ALL OVER the place!

And now it's going to be neat and tidy under my stereo.

heck yeah!

Sun, 29 May 2011 16:03:21 PDT
hmm. Well. my "Project Shelf" idea is not working out for my crochet stuff: I have WAY more yarn than will fit on a single shelf!! *rolls eyes at self*

sun 29 may 2011

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Yes! A day of drawing! Next Saturday, June 4th.

Was also happy to see Serif sponsoring the web site... They are promoting their drawing software, of course, but I love them for their desktop publishing software, PagePlus.

Swap-Bot? Really? You know, I never had any desire to join a swap... but then I saw a trade for copying one of your art journal pages onto a postcard! What?! That's awesome!

Unfortunately, it's been a long time since I've done any "art" journaling. And even pages with art are partially private stuff. I won't join the trade until I've found a suitable journal page to copy. I still have a couple days to sign up. Meantime: looking through old journals is weird, and updating my new profile is fun.

Of course, it's silly of me to consider joining new mailing projects when I haven't even started my usual mailing projects. I have a bunch of postcard replies to make, but more specifically; my May postcards.

*exasperated sigh* I have considered a few photos for the May postcard... but nothing really grabs me like I want it to! And it's been all cold and rainy outside, so there aren't many photos to choose from. And I really want to get out to the Rhododendron Garden, but I've felt so lazy about that.

more *exasperated sighs*

mon 30 may 2011

Entry #17 on this page (tagged: may)

Well, darn, my holiday day has been rather frustrating. I can complain extensively about my May postcard, the community garden, a new crochet project, and two new books that I'm not enjoying. Plus I can complain about a bunch of stuff I meant to get done today, but haven't.

*Deep Breath* But! I am not complaining! I am going to take these things in stride! I am going to meditate on happiness, with a drink in my hand!


I am still glancing through my old journals, trying to find an appropriate "art" journal page that I can use for the swap-bot trade I'm interested in.

Dang, I used to draw all kinds of things in my journals. I also printed up photos and did image transfers and just scribbled on pages!

Why don't I do that anymore??! My current paper journal is almost pure text. There aren't any visual elements...

I think I need to work on that. When I consider the differences between my current journal and my old journals, ugh, it makes me worried about where I'm going.

*sighs* okay, back to my meditation and my drink!

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