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eat more tofu
sun 15 may 2011

baby tomatoes in a tofu pot

Both SO and I have been extremely grumpy about the gardening thing, lately. Pretending to be a real gardener... means... working thru the grumpiness, I suppose. bleh.

We did make it out to the garden for a few minutes this weekend: It's a little bit hopeless out there, tho.

The stuff we planted two weeks ago has not come up. The third planting of our pea patch, has finally emerged, but it's looking a bit moth-eaten. heh. (I don't mind the bugs! Just "paying rent" as Derrick Jensen says. and the pea plants will definitely survive!)

(And the lack of growing is due to the weird, cool weather we've been stuck with, RE: La Nina. No one else is growing anything either, so I don't despair.) (yet.)

But, with nothing really growing in the garden (except the "weeds"), I decided to plant some seeds in pots...

The Cherry Tomatoes in the tofu container are now six weeks old... Thinking about planting them at the garden next weekend. (Last Frost date here is TODAY!)

tofu pots

So, the tofu container seems to work fine as a plant pot! *grins* Today I planted... Marigold and Sunflowers, Beans and Nasturtiums, Leeks and more Nasturtiums.

yeah, I might be a little bit excitable about the Nasturtiums.

And, yeah, I do have more seeds to plant, which is why I need to eat more tofu!


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