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sat 14 may 2011

my site on the kindle

This is amusing! Yeah, that's my web site being displayed on the new kindle.

I continue to have wifi problems. Which is not so amusing. (It's not the kindle, it's my crappy Qwest router.) It's not a terribly big deal, since I'd probably just buy more books. *wink*

Back to amusing. When you put the kindle to sleep, the screen displays a random picture. Most of them are drawings of authors. Like Mark Twain, a Bronte sister, or currently Jules Verne.

kindle birds

And some of them are much more interesting copyright free images.

The quality of the display... quite surprises me! There might just be something to this E-ink thing after all.

So. My initial Kindle critique...

The "flash" of the e-ink every time you turn a page, really disturbed me at first. "It's broken!" I thought. oh, it's not, that's just what e-ink does. I will get used to it, and I won't even see it, before too long!

The "page turn" buttons are conveniently located... if you are reading in a mostly vertical posture (ie, sitting up). They are terrible if you are lying down on your side. very terrible!

Also, the pressure needed to click the buttons... might be a bit too much. Of course, I am used to my Palm handheld, which I've been reading from for many years. and I am used to that button pressure. The Kindle "next page" buttons are very large, thus need to be tougher to prevent accidental bumps. But, still: I wonder if there's an easier/better way.

The other buttons, at the bottom of the device -- the keyboard, menu, arrow buttons -- well. I don't have a cell phone, so I don't really have a comparison base or an opinion on the keyboard or menu buttons. They seem fine.

The arrow buttons suck, tho. They are too close to the surrounding buttons, and too small. And excessively pointless when you are trying to move the pointer around. A track ball is needed, instead.

Yep, the buttons on the Kindle do annoy me. But I am very much enjoying my new toy, regardless!!

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