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wed 1 june 2011

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Precious Pair

Sun, 05 Jun 2011 16:18:42 PDT
I did not draw anything on Drawing Day, yesterday. Nor did I draw anything today. But Some Day! Some Day I Will Draw!
Drawing Day 2011 Gallery

Cirque du Soleil
sat 11 june 2011

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Yes! Significant Other and I went to the Dralion show on thursday, along with many of my co-workers.

The Cirque du Soleil was the most amazing thing I've ever seen! Also the most choreographed. And the most graceful.

  Cirque du Soleil: Dralion Official Website! (the bandwidth killed my internet connection, but the site is worth it!)

  newspaper slide show of Dralion (a few pictures, kindly provided by our local newspaper, in case the official site is too much for your poor computer!)

I am thinking about buying the Dralion DVD... it won't be the same, of course, but I don't ever want to forget how amazing the show was! :)

sun 12 june 2011

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The first part of june has been a little bit chaotic. But, I'm getting things done and here's how I want the rest of the month to go...

  Postcards June is going to be a postcard month! I sent out happy postcards, all through the first week of june. This weekend, I'm getting my "May postcard" organized. (I know, it's june!) (never mind!)

It would be -nice- if the june postcards go out the door in -june-! And, I'm taking on some letter writing projects. And! Swap-bot seems to be going well, I've signed up for a second project there!

  Garden oh the stupid garden. *lemon face* I keep saying I'm going to Pretend to be a Real Gardener this year. yeah, right? when? Any time now! Seriously!

*deep breath* Peas are growing, cherry tomato plants have survived the transplant, cabbage is good, nasturtium seems okay, and we'll have strawberries. Everything else died or never lived. And we have tamed just a tiny portion of our plot. So, I must do something!

  Photography I carry my camera everywhere. But do I ever get it out to take pictures?! No! *rolls eyes* Even when I see something, "oh, that would make a good picture," I just walk right on past. What is wrong with me?!

You know what I'm thinking about doing? I usually carry my camera case in my backpack, along with my lunch... it's rather a tight fit. And it takes several minutes to get to my camera: open backpack, maneuver past insulated lunch bag, pull out camera case, open case and pull out camera. How about if I leave the case at home, throw the camera into the top portion of my backpack?

The camera is a couple years old, and no longer precious. And I need to be able to whip it out. (but without it hanging on my neck all the time!) Surviving naked in my backpack might be tough, but I think that's what we need to do!

Go Healthy Poppies

photo of poppies while Significant Other gets our take-out!

in the news...
fri 17 june 2011

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A couple articles in the local news, have annoyed me greatly.

  State will investigate pesticide case 6.13, Eugene Register Guard
  Lawsuit focuses on herbicide drift issue 6.15, Eugene Register Guard

Ugh. I've read Silent Spring twice now, and I wish I could hand the book to people and make them read it. I mean: atrazine and 2,4-D? Are you serious? These are still being made? and still being sprayed? and still killing animals (even tho they are effing _herbicides_!) ("HERB" meaning plant!) (the "plant" poison is so stong it kills animals!) (humans are animals too!)?

Humans just don't learn.
And I can't understand why.

  Food is a Right at Challenge Oppression
Food Not Bombs volunteers in Orlando Florida are arrested for feeding homeless people.

So pathetic, I think I need to cry.

Sat, 18 Jun 2011 15:52:10 PDT
And Some Happy News... Wild animal rescue is South Carolina woman's ministry: love the quote at the end! haha.

Keeper of the Wild, founded by Janet Kinser. They are in need of donations, so please head on over!

the goings on
sat 18 june 2011

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oof! I finally finished my May postcards. Yes, I did notice that it's actually half-past june. I will be starting the june postcards soon... but first I need to bask in the done-ness of May. ;)

In the last two weeks, I've sent out 63 postcards and 3 letters. wow, huh? I write postcards every day! Isn't that awesome?


Oh, I want to mention my perpetual excited state about one of my letter writing adventures... LOVE's Vegan Pen Pals Project

This project started at the beginning of the year, but it's on-going... So, if you're vegan and you like sending mail, please think about signing up! (the project has also been mentioned at SuperVegan and TOFU Magazine.)


My other perpetually excited project is Swap-Bot. *big eyes* what a monster that could be! My first trade was an Art Journal postcard... I sent out my four postcards, but have only gotten one in return, so far (give it a week, and I'll have the rest).

My second trade is garden photos. Well, actually "photo". The trade is for ONE. haha: I've got four pictures lined up. And I've still got a week before I'm given any addresses to send to!

Yeah. So, I'm trying to be very careful about the swaps I sign up for. I want to be able to complete my trades, and not get overwhelmed. "One at a time" is my mantra.

Also... the reading and the gardening, have been going quite well... but that's fodder for more blog posts!

sun 19 june 2011

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So. Last week we got The Phone Call.

The phone call that we get every year that says, Clean up your Community Garden Plot or we will kick you out!

It just wouldn't be June without that phone call!


So! This past week, SO and I have spent some time at the garden. Him, clearing out some of the cardboard that we laid down over the winter to keep the weeds down. Me, forking out planting areas and picking out the grass roots.

We keep planting seeds that don't grow. I planted the peas three times before we got a few plants. And today I planted carrots for the third time. I've mostly given up with the seed thing.

My tofu pot plants are hit and miss. The cherry tomatoes are still alive, and the nasturtiums are actually growing! But the beans, marigolds, sunflowers, leeks, and whatever else it was that I attempted... are dead.

But! I ate my first strawberry today! and there are loads more on the way. We planted our strawberry patch last autumn, starts from one of our garden neighbors.

And SO has a good cabbage patch going. Free starts from a local shop.

unknown purple flower

A rain drenched trip to Saturday Market yesterday and today I planted two good cucumber plants and one zuchini. (Too bad I couldn't tell one plant from the other! tags on the plants were lacking, and the leaves are _exactly_ the same. huh?! ha!) And a pretty purple thing, also lacking a tag, that has a long unknown name to it!

Later this week, we'll plant the rest: Basil, Dill and some kind of pepper that SO got.

I really wanted some green beans this year... The "tofu pot" bean sprouts died right after transplanting, and the seeds I planted a couple times didn't grow. I'm procrastating, but I am going to start some more seeds in pots to be transplanted. again.

And, in the meantime... I've got six tofu pots going with seedlings. Can't remember what!! haha... I know the two vigorous seedlings are a Salad Blend that I got on one of my seed trades this spring. I'm pretty sure I planted more Marigolds. But that leaves three other tofu pots, unaccounted for!!


the week.
fri 24 june 2011

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After two weeks of writing a handful of postcards every evening... it felt weird not writing any this week. I really missed it! I can't wait to get back to writing my postcards. :)

Monday, both SO and I visited the garden. On thursday, I went by myself after work. I shouldn't have! I did about a hour of work, then left. As I was fiddling with the padlock on the garden gate, my bike, leaning against my other side, slipped and fell. The handle bar fell right on my foot.

and then "huh. I think. I broke. my toe."
and then "shoot. I really wanted to walk to work tomorrow morning!"


so, yeah... I didn't get to walk to work. And I limped pitifully all day. And for all this pain and suffering? my foot looks almost perfectly normal! I don't even have any proof or anything!! so annoying!

sat 25 june 2011

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These two were just hanging out, enjoying the day.

The near squirrel has a two-inch nub of a tail. A couple years ago, there was a squirrel with a full tail, but part of it was paralyzed and dragged on the ground.

I'm sure these are near-misses with the stupid traffic on the road we live on. The speed limit is 30mph, but should be 25 since we're mostly residential. (and have tons of urban wildlife.) (not to mention the children.)

The speed limit is the one thing that I would change in our neighborhood.

Sun, 26 Jun 2011 07:46:11 PDT
A weird disaggreement in our town about saying the pledge of allegiance at city council meetings... and a letter to the editor suggested a pledge to the world. I like it!

I pledge allegiance to the world,
to care for Earth and sea and air,
to cherish every living thing,
with peace and justice everywhere.

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