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mon 9 may 2011

Doing some reading this evening, instead of surfing...

I've finished 14 books so far this year. And this is the 19th week of the year, so I'm not quite at a book a week.

three of the 14 were re-reads of old books... So I've only actually read 11 books off my To Be Read pile of 50. And sadly, I think I've bought 10 more books this year. (hm. and not including a few free books I've obtained.)

Let's not do the math, okay? Let's just live in my dream world where I have plenty of time to read all the exciting books I've got...

And it looks like my Kindle might be arriving tomorrow. A day before my bday! That would be a super bday present!!

Especially since I have 12 ebooks waiting for the Kindle, plus 5 samples I will probably end up buying!


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