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sun 1 may 2011

I really did not want to get out of bed this morning! I had done so much yesterday! But there is still so much to do! Plus, I'm a bit sore from my bike ride yesterday... ugh! Can't I just lay here, under the covers, for the rest of the day??!

ha. Yep, I got up.

But to combat my malaise, I decided to do something NOT on my list of small things...


I had run into a little "motif" star pattern the other day. And I thought I could whip it up in an hour or so.

haha, yeah right!

I completely screwed it up, and now I'm going to have to pull out everything I did and start over!

Oh well. Instead, SO and I went to the community garden!

we will have one strawberry!  and one weed!

Significant Other got to work on the invasive weed on the right side of our plot. And I hand-weeded our strawberry patch and some of our pea patch, and also broke up a section for planting...

We got some carrot seeds down in the ground, some broccoli and some cilantro. With some salad mix seeds inbetween rows.

Supposed to warm up, and not rain as much in the coming week... so I have hopes for this batch of seeds.

Otherwise, there's always Saturday Market for buying transplants. We've relied on this method in the past... but now that I'm pretending to be a real gardener... *sighs* well. Those seeds better grow!

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