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weekend plans
fri 6 may 2011

This weekend I plan to relax, without guilt!

I want to do some crafting....

  I'm in Vegan Fox's Poetry Swap... and I need to get that organized.

cut out thingee

  I really want to make some more of my cut-out thingees... Have an idea with a sea horse cut-out, doing an opposite colour scheme: make a pale foreground and dark background. Thinking a tan, and dark green and dark blue.
(Also thinking I need to come up with a better descriptor. "cut-out thingees" just isn't working for me! :)

  And, if I'm going to do crochet, I really should get out the cable scarf that I started last autumn.

  AND! In preparation for my bday next week! I will put in my order for the Kindle! I am really happy and excited and everything about it. I have several unread kindle books I've bought, plus I'm looking forward to re-reading Guernsey Literary...

  Garden? possibly... supposed to rain off and on all weekend. But I do want to get out to the plot and see if any seeds are coming up. If nothing else, I could plant a few seeds in pots...

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