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Saturday Art Project
sat 9 apr 2011

The other day, Significant Other and I watched an Oregon Public Broadcast show that featured artist Ginberry. The show made me happy, the art by Ginberry delighted me... and most incredible of all, she gives her art away for free to anyone who gives her their address!

  Ginberry Artitude "Over the years Jen has sent out at least fifteen hundred peices of art and brightened countless lives."

I have not joined her site. I do want to, but I'm sure she's inundated with art requests now that she's a famous artist and all. *grin* Well. Maybe I'll join later.

Anyway. On the show, she is making this card that looks like a net, cutting out a stencil and putting coloured papers behind it. I'm all: huh. that looks kinda fun!

So, yep. That's today's art project...

paper cutting dragonfly

I picked out the stencil from a Dover book... I went for something simple. Printed it up on cardstock then cut out the design with an X-acto knife.

I did not stay perfectly within the "lines" when I was cutting, leaving quite a bit of printer ink on my stencil. (hey: it's hard, okay?!) I covered it up by colouring the whole page with my black Copic marker. Looking at it now, I think it would have been much more interesting if I had coloured it a dark blue or a dark green.

eh, live and learn!

I took a separate sheet of cardstock and scribbled with some of my lighter coloured copics. Then I "painted" the back of my black stencil with elmers white glue (it's vegan!) and stuck them together.

A few minutes to set under the books I'm currently reading, and it's _Real_Live_Art_ in thirty minutes or less!


Paging through my Dover book -- Nature Stencil Designs -- there are several, more complicated stencils I'd love to do. Also, some skinny and long stencils that would make wonderful bookmarks! And it's so fun and easy...

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