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sad sidenote on plastic
sat 7 may 2011

well, okay. I did have a pretty good relaxing day today... Designed a card for the poetry swap, almost finished the gardening book I'm reading, did some chores, and watched one of my favorite movies (Serenity) with my wonderful Significant Other, who also brought home some "Kickin' It Lime Style" vegan burritos from a happy local cafe.

So, it was a pretty good day, okay?!

But this article on the front page of today's paper kinda depressed me...

  Plastic bag ban stalls; recycling debated

Oregon was going to be the first state to ban plastic bags. I was thrilled: bring your re-usable bags to the store for the things you buy, or pay 5¢ for a paper bag! but, looks like it's not going to happen, after all.

death by plastic

People just don't realize how evil plastic is! Garbage Patch anyone??!

*cries* You know, the right thing to do was right there in front of us... and we are going to ignore it.

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