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mon 30 may 2011

Well, darn, my holiday day has been rather frustrating. I can complain extensively about my May postcard, the community garden, a new crochet project, and two new books that I'm not enjoying. Plus I can complain about a bunch of stuff I meant to get done today, but haven't.

*Deep Breath* But! I am not complaining! I am going to take these things in stride! I am going to meditate on happiness, with a drink in my hand!


I am still glancing through my old journals, trying to find an appropriate "art" journal page that I can use for the swap-bot trade I'm interested in.

Dang, I used to draw all kinds of things in my journals. I also printed up photos and did image transfers and just scribbled on pages!

Why don't I do that anymore??! My current paper journal is almost pure text. There aren't any visual elements...

I think I need to work on that. When I consider the differences between my current journal and my old journals, ugh, it makes me worried about where I'm going.

*sighs* okay, back to my meditation and my drink!

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