Abortion Care
Monday 13 December 2021

I have been freaking out about Abortion Care in Texas and all over the US since September 1, when SB8 banned almost all abortions in Texas.

The courts tried to fix things, but were bashed down by the 5th Circuit.

The Justice Department was no help at all.

The Supreme Court has turned evil, and so they made things worse.

Postcard sent to President Biden

Translation: Dear President Biden. The current Supreme Court terrifies me! Since when does the court take away rights? Since Sept 1st women in Texas have not been able to access full health care. It's just a matter of time before more states take away reproductive rights. Please! Do Something!

But, here, FINALLY, is someone who is going to do something! Yay California!

California Future of Abortion Council Report
(this is a direct link to a PDF.)

I LIKE the recommendations of this council! In fact, I like them so much, I think my state of Oregon should join California in this!

Postcard to Oregon Gov Brown about Abortion Care

Translation: Dear Governor Brown, I am terrified at what Texas has done with SB8, and I'm terrified that the Supreme Court has let it stand. I think California has the right idea with it's Proclamation on Reproductive Freedom and aiming to be a sanctuary for abortion access. I think Oregon should follow in Calif's footsteps! We need to fund and strengthen Abortion Services here in Oregon -- Including for people out of state!!

covid numbers
Wednesday 15 December 2021

Well. The United states hit 800,000 dead sometime yesterday afternoon, according to the Johns Hopkins website. (The 1pt3acrs site hit 800,000 on Monday 6 December, and is now at 810,665 people dead from covid.) :(

And the local newspaper reports that omicron is in Oregon. They found a couple cases up in Portland. So it's not in Eugene yet... but omicron is so contagious I think it will be here in just a few minutes.

I've got my booster set up for Friday morning... I am mixing and matching my shots. I can't wait!

Okay, so on to the numbers...

There were 721,210 new cases of Covid in the US this past week, averaging 103,030 every day.

The US averaged 1,046 people dying of covid every day.

And since the omicron variant has been found here in Oregon, I'm going to start keeping track of our state numbers as well... Oregon had 596 new cases every day on avg, and 22 people have died every day.

In my town there are 238 active cases of covid and 27 people hospitalized. Four people have died in the past week.

Happy Happy Friday
Friday 17 December 2021

pic of me in the car with bandaid on my arm!

Oh yeah! Covid Booster Vax!

The drive-thru mass vax clinic had opened at 10 and I had a 10:15 appointment... and since there were just a couple cars, way up at the front, I needed help maneuvering thru all the cones! haha, fortunately there were a couple volunteers to tell me where to go!

I got to the first station where they hand you paperwork (and uh, remind you to put on your stupid mask! oops!) and then a guy directed me to the tents and I got to go to the head of the line! (Again! I got to do that for my 2nd shot as well!!)

I filled out the paperwork and got my covid card updated. And then chatted with the doctor for a minute. He asked how the first two shots had gone for me. I said the first one, I only had a sore arm and the second one I felt a bit achy the next day for a couple hours.

He replied, To help with that this time, you gotta hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. And then you gotta drink... he paused here, and I smiled up at him wondering if he was going to say something funny. heh, yep. And then you gotta drink some water!


As I waited out in the parking lot to make sure I didn't have a bad reaction, I saw the coned lanes that I had sped thru alone, start to fill up. They only had 3 tents, vax'ing two cars at a time in each. The line seemed to be moving pretty quickly tho.

I was back home, and the whole trip was only half an hour!

And then I decided to go for a walk. And then I was like, what if I have ... XXX

covid numbers
Wednesday 22 December 2021

Yep, omicron is here in town, as of this past weekend... they found the first cases on Monday.

Back over a million new cases of covid again this week: 1,151,320... which is an average of 164,474 every day. and 1,724 people died every day, a significant rise from last week's 1,046. :(

Oregon had 805 new cases every day on average (up from 596 last week), but just 13 people died every day (down from 22 last week)!

In my town, we've got 307 active cases, 24 hospitalized. And 8 people have died in the past week.

covid and elephants
Wednesday 29 December 2021

Well, almost 2million new cases of covid in the US this week... 1,848,809 which averages to 264,116 new cases every day. And 1,502 people died of covid on average every day.

Oregon had 1,136 new cases every day on average... almost twice what it was two weeks ago! And two weeks ago was when omicron was first reported in Oregon. Just 10 people died every day.

In my town active cases almost doubled from 307 to 596, with 24 people hospitalized. Four people have died this week.