Vultures, 1st Harvest, Barn Swallow Babies
Saturday 1 July 2023

Falkor! I've lost track of how many times I've seen her... maybe sighting #13? Still with the foot, it's been over a month now. I wonder if it will ever heal.

Crow standing on grass holding up one foot

The Barn Swallow babies are hunkered down. And there are shadows of large birds flying by! Vultures!

Three Turkey Vultures standing on a roof top

They've gathered at the top of this apartment building. There's a street on the other side, probably somebody got hit by a car. Damn drivers. So many vultures, tho... it must have been somebody big. I think about walking over to see, but nah.

Two Vultures walking on a roof top

Crow flying in and a Turkey Vulture walking on a roof top

At the garden, the little Tofu Seedlings are growing. They seem happier since I cleared out the choking borage.

Soybean seedlings

We are running out of room in the front garden square! Not sure where they are supposed to grow now. Out in the pathways I guess! ha. I was not expecting this exuberance!


It's hot again today, 89°F, so I am just watering. And gathering the first zucchini and patty pan!! Yay!

Yellow Zucchini and Patty Pan with Snap Peas next to planted purple Lettuce

And some Sugar Snap Peas and Lettuce for a salad!

Sunflower bloom

On with a walk!

Unknown catkin

invasive Bull Frog floating in the water

Eight Spot Skimmer Dragonfly standing on a stalk of grass

There's a place where the minnows like to congregate. I love to watch them! They are fascinating!

minnows in water

And then back to the Barn Swallow nest, where the babies are bravely poking their little faces out!

two Barn Swallow nestlings in the nest

omg! When I talk to them, they think I should feed them!!!

Barn Swallow nestling with mouth open for feeding

two Barn Swallow nestlings in the nest

Odds and Ends
Sunday 2 July 2023

Barn Swallow nestling in the nest

I would really like to pull that string of black plastic out of the nest. It's seriously bugging me!

The Zucchini plant is preparing to act like a real zucchini! Oh yeah! Bring it!

Zucchini plant with several small fruits on it

I had a couple of Leeks left over from last year. They survived thru the winter of course, and I let them bolt. This is one of the Leek blooms, and the purplish ones in the right background are volunteer Elephant Garlics that are also blooming.

Honey Bee on a leek bloom, garden in the background

When I looked closely, there were all kinds of bugs on the Leek blooms, not just Honey Bees! I've always eaten all the Leeks, but if the blooms make so many bugs happy, I will def let a couple go in the future!

European Honey Bee standing on a Leek bloom

Bluebird fledglings standing on a street lamp

Barn Swallow nestlings in the nest

Barn Swallow Babies
Monday 3 July 2023

We are all getting along, even when we jam ourselves into the littlest spaces! My foot out here! Your foot out there! Yeah!

Bumble Bee and Honey Bee in a Morning Glory bloom

House Finch fledgling... still growing up and it's such hard work we need to sit down rather than stand properly!

House Finch fledgling sitting on a fence post

Bachelor Button bloom

A lot going on in the core of the Patty Pan!!

Patty Pan fruits growing on the plant

And I wish the Wax Beans would take a hint. Please just grow?


Western Bluebird standing on rebar

Oh Yay! Photographic proof of three Barn Swallow babies!

Three Barn Swallow nestlings in the nest, two are begging

Haha, the other one, lying down in front is just Bah! Calm down, people! haha!

But then she's all Well. Maybe I can get up and see what's going on.

Three Barn Swallow nestlings in the nest


Three Barn Swallow nestlings in the nest

Barn Swallow Babies in a Photo Series
Tuesday 4 July 2023

Eugene broke a record high today, and so did the whole world...

Tuesday was worlds hottest day on record - breaking Mondays record Average global temperature hits 17.18C and experts expect record to be broken again very soon

Today, locally, we got up to 98°F, breaking the 1972 record of 95°.

I get to the Barn Swallow nest and...

Barn Swallow parent flies to the nest

Barn Swallow parent feeds a baby, while the other two beg

Barn Swallow parent looks down at her babies

Ban Swallow nestlings in the nest

Barn Swallow nestlings in the nest

A parent comes back and... HOLY!

Barn Swallow parent feeds a baby

We still have one hungry baby... I'm sure that one will get a meal soon!

Barn Swallow nestlings in the nest

Well, this is interesting...

White Crown Sparrow standing on grape vine leaves

White Crown Sparrows are normally winter visitors here. They do have a thin line of their range along the coast where they stay all year. Did this one nest here, to expand their year-long range? Or did they nest at the coast and just fly over early?

White Crown Sparrow flying away

The lettuces are starting to bolt in this heat so this will probably be the last harvest for salad. The leaves get bitter when the plant is trying to make flowers.

garden and gathered lettuce leaves

I was thinking. The Second Cucumber Empire... Can it really be called an Empire when there are only three plants? sighs. It's a Colony, I suppose.

Lemon Cucumber blossom

Scrub Jay standing on a twig

More Hot Weather
Wednesday 5 July 2023

Eugene broke another record high today... it was 99° here today. The old record was 97° set in 1960.

And the world tied the record breaking hottest day of yesterday with an average global temperature of 17.18°C... Normal global temp is 16.21°C.

Two heads (of three!) and some baby bird fluff!

Barn Swallow nestlings barely visible in the nest

This is the front right of the garden plot, an area I've been calling The Square.


It's filled with several Spaghetti Squashes, two different coloured Patty Pans, an Early Girl tomato plant, and the Sugar Snap Pea patch at the top right. You can't see the Lettuces behind this mess.

The explosion of growing here has exceeded my wildest dreams! Usually the squashes get munched by slugs and then Striped Cucumber Beetles, and they never really recover. I'm lucky to get two or three fruits from a plant.

But this year... the slugs were distracted by the nearby lettuce! And the Cucumber Beetles weren't as bad and hardly made a dent! And I've got little Spaghetti Squash fruits growing all over the place!!

Spaghetti Squash fruit on the vine

And then you have the other side of the garden... where the Wax Beans and the First Cucumber Empire are stunted and growing SO slowly. Yeah, even that stupid Sunflower can't be bothered to grow.


I just don't know what is wrong here!

Sunflower blooms

But then I'm looking at the Second Cucumber... Colony. (Because three plants do not make an Empire!) And in amongst the Borage that's coming up... ummm...

cucumber seedlings

Those look like cucumber seedlings! Oh!

I cannot get my hopes up. These little guys will surely be munched to death by slugs. Surely.

But maybe the Second Cucumber Colony will turn out to be an Empire after all!

I admire my happy Zucchini plant.

Zucchini plant with several flowers and yellow fruits growing on it

And then I head out.

It's def heating up and the Barn Swallow babies are squirming around.

Barn Swallow nestlings in the nest

They are NOT comfortable, poor babies.

Day of Ladybugs
Thursday 6 July 2023

Eugene is cooling down from some record breaking heat... just 91° today, and even a couple of normal days in the forecast!

But the world had another record breaking day... we've broken the record high THREE times this week. The new high is 17.23°C, over a full degree above the normal for this time of year, 16.22°C.

It's not good. But will humans do a single thing to change the trajectory we are on? Nope! Venus has a runaway greenhouse effect, too, and you know who all lives there. nobody. not even bacteria.


Daily 2meter Air Temperature

I don't worry anymore when I only see Falkor's Companion. They are devoted partners, and even if I don't see Falkor, I know she's close by!

Crow standing on the grass, looking down

Aw! Mama is up with the kids!

Barn Swallow parent with the nestlings at the nest

Lady Beetle on a leaf

The Zucchini plant is just so happy!

Happy Zucchini plant with several fruits growing

The Seven Spot Ladybugs are all over the place today! That's good!

Lady Beetle on a leaf

I always leave the lettuces in place when they bolt... The birds will enjoy the seeds when they come out!

Bolting lettuce plants

Patty Pan fruits growing on the plant

Everybody's wet from my watering!

Lady Beetle on a leaf

Making sure I stay in my place. :)

Barn Swallow parent with food for babies who are begging in the nest

Barn Swallow nestlings in the nest

I am easily distracted by other people's children!

Mallard Mama with an older duckling on the water

There are two Mallard Mama's with a single child each.

Barn Swallow parent lands close to the nest

I make Papa nervous! haha... If he had bothered to help sit on the eggs he would have gotten used to me being around!! :)

Parent Barn Swallow looking down

Mallard Mama with older duckling

Barn Swallow nestlings in the nest

Yep, here's Falkor, after all!

Silhouette of a crow standing on a branch surrounded by leaves

at the River
Friday 7 July 2023

Cloudy this morning and the cooler temperatures are such a relief!

the river on a cloudy day

The clouds aren't normal for this time of year, but the high today is perfectly, wonderfully normal at 82°F. I'm going to enjoy it to the fullest!!

The mall is on the other side of the bridge, and there's something going on in the extra parking lot. A row of tents and people lined up... when I'm on the way back from my walk, there are literally hundreds of people lined up!

They are using the city buses to ferry people out to the Oregon Country Fair! The bus is free if you have a ticket to the fair, whereas on site parking out there is 15$/day. A great service, but it looks like they need a couple more buses to move people out more quickly!

The spillover at the Delta Ponds is dry of course, and the ponds are shrinking...

Spillover from river to the ponds

A shallow pond that is drying up with a Great Blue Heron walking in the middle

Nutrias are unfortunately invasive... But I think they're cute!

Nutria swimming in the water

There's another one napping in the far pond!!

Nutria napping on a log, surrounded by water lilies

And also in that far pond... a Green Heron!

Green Heron standing on a rock in the water

Oh my gosh! You see her fluffy hair-do??! She's a fledgling! How cool is that!!

Ha! That neck surprises me every time!

Green Heron standing on a log looking away

And doesn't she just look like a little kid, gawking at something she's never seen before! *laughs*

Green Heron standing on a log

Green Heron standing on a log

River water going over rocks

I walk out past the 2.25 mile marker. And on the other side of the river, on the path going out to Pluto... the Osprey platform nest is being used!!

blurry Osprey in a platform nest

Huh! I had no idea! But good to know for next year. Except that it's so far away... far away, walking and too far away for decent photos.

And then on the way back... The same Green Heron fledgling, who has moved to the main pond.

Green Heron standing on drift wood in a pond

A colourful stand of invasives!

Tansy Ragwort and Sweetpea

The yellow is Tansy Ragwort, poisonous and kills cows and horses when they eat it. The hot pink is Sweet Pea, toxic but probably won't kill you.

The pale pink on the left is some kind of thistle... we have several natives and invasive thistles here, and I'm not sure how to tell them apart.

Thistle Identification

Osprey standing on the stick of a snag

Photo Series: Baby Nutrias Diving!!
Friday 7 July 2023

On the way back from my walk, there was a family of Nutrias in the side pond... three babies and oh my gosh, the cuteness!!

Baby Nutria in the water

Baby Nutria diving into the water

Baby Nutria swimming under water

Baby Nutria coming up from a dive under water

Baby Nutria swimming at the surface of the water

Baby Nutria dives again

Baby Nutria swimming under the water

Baby Nutria coming up for air

And here's Mama Nutria

Nutria at the surface of the water with something in her hands

Everybody is so cute. I could watch those babies diving all day!

A Sad Day
Saturday 8 July 2023

Partner's Mom passed away early this morning.

Turkey Vulture flying

There are homeless people camped under the bridge where the Barn Swallows are nesting. Here's Mama, resting nearby.

Barn Swallow standing on a path lamp

The Striped German Tomato is doing stuff!

Green tomato on the vine

This is a new variety for me. It's an heirloom, the tomatoes will ripen to stripes of red and gold, The marbled interior looks beautiful sliced. Complex, fruity flavor and smooth texture.

I can't wait... but it's always Such a Loooong time before tomatoes actually get ripe!

Oh... the two pods on the right in the above photo are Fava Beans, last winters cover crop. I just let them keep growing! Fava tastes like Lima Beans, so I won't be eating any. When they dry out, I'll gather them for planting this year's cover crop!

And this is exciting. I've never had any luck with Delicata... I've planted it in the past but never got any squash to eat.

small Delicata fruit growing on the vine

Well. The Cucumber seedling are still not munched to death by slugs. Maybe they will live? I'm not going to count them yet. But maybe I could look up what type of cucumber I planted. Maybe.

Cucumber seedling

The Spaghetti Squash in the Square are starting to exceed the boundaries of the square!


Aww! There's a Lesser Goldfinch chowing down on a dandelion type plant in my wild area... and they are so focused on the meal, they pretty much ignore me taking their portrait!

Lesser Goldfinch

Lesser Goldfinch eating dandelion seeds

Early Girl... not so early! ha. That's okay.

small green tomatoes growing on the vine

Bull Frog Faiz!

Bull Frog floating at the surface of the water

And Mama Mallard with her single child. There are a couple mamas with a single, late duckling.

Mama Mallard with older duckling on the water

Garden and Barn Swallow Babies
Sunday 9 July 2023

It's another very nice and normal day, that ends up with a high of 84°. Things are depressing, but I get balanced out with my walk.

Oh my gosh... the Barn Swallow babies are suddenly fat!

Two of three Barn Swallow nestlings in the nest

Sheesh, you take your eye off of them for two days and everything changes! *laughs* They are growing up so fast!

At the garden, I water and I gather! Yay! The Zuc and Patty Pans are revving up!

Two yellow zucchini, two yellow patty pans and a handful of sugar snap peas

Tomato blooms and the blue sky

I didn't notice at the time, but when I looked at this picture... there's a SunGold ripening in the back!!! Yippee!

Green SunGold cherry tomatoes on the vine

Green Striped German tomatoes on the vine

And the seedlings that are making the Second Cucumber Empire are still alive!

Cucumber seedling

They are still small, but I'm starting to think the slugs won't eat them. So I've looked up what I planted. They are just simple Sweet Slice Cucumber tender skin, crisp, clean flesh... ... and you'll be smitten by the refreshing flavor.

And! They are just 62 days to harvest, so that puts them at the beginning of September. So there is potential here.

I need some more time outside for mental health, so I extend my walk to the neighborhood beyond the end of the bike path.

Pink flowers and orange flowers in the background

Bull Frog floating in the water

Back at the Barn Swallow nest. Okay! Now I can see all three babies!

Three Barn Swallow nestlings in the nest

Oh! We all perk up when a parent flies by!!

Barn Swallow nestlings in the nest, all looking

Barn Swallow nestlings in the nest, all looking to the left

Barn Swallow nestlings in the nest, all looking down

Barn Swallow nestlings in the nest, all looking down

Barn Swallow nestlings in the nest

Parent Barn Swallow bringing food for babies

Parent Barn Swallow bringing food for babies

Parent Barn Swallow flying away from the nest

No longer so comfortable in there, lots of squirming around!

Barn Swallow nestlings squirming around in the nest

Barn Swallow nestlings in the nest

Graffiti: Wonderful

Today, with Bugs!
Monday 10 July 2023

Always nice to be greeted right outside the door!

Eastern Fox Squirrel standing on the sidewalk

Which reminds me. I've not seen Worf the Western Grey Squirrel in ages. That bum, he took over the niche and then abandoned it.

But maybe it's just as well. Western Greys seem to be better suited to the outer edges of urban areas.

Falkor's Companion.

American Crow standing on a tree root in the grass

Hi Babies!

Barn Swallow nestlings in the nest

So crowded in there... their tail feathers are jammed up against the back wall! I'm thinking they will fledge this week!

Barn Swallow nestlings in the nest

Oh dang, this is such a mess...


The sunflower is stunted. The Wax Beans are stunted. I don't know why.

The Comfrey is drooping over the First Lemon Cucumber Empire, and needs to be chopped again.

But today I'm working on the Tofu patch again...


After I cleared out the Borage, Smartweed started growing here.

I don't mind Smartweed. The Community Garden authorities like to pretend it's invasive and advise to get rid of it. But it's actually a native wildflower, and an important part of the ecosystem!

But, again. This is the Tofu patch... not the Smartweed patch! :)

The Sugar Snap Peas are still going strong, tho a couple of the plants have completed their life cycle and died.


It's kind of surprising with all the heat advisories we've had, Peas are a cool weather crop. But I'm thrilled with all the Snap Peas... I eat my fill most every day, and every third day or so I bring home an extra load!

I think this will be the year when I get sick and tired of eating Spaghetti Squash! I'm SO looking forward to it!

Three small Spaghetti Squash fruits on the vine

When I pulled the hose around to water the stupid Wax Beans in the front of the plot, I noticed a ton of beetles were hanging out on a clump of grass...

blue beetle standing on a stalk of grass

They are so beautiful! I wish I was better at identifying bugs, I couldn't figure out what species they are.

shiny blue beetles standing on stalks of grass

This is the Second Cucumber Empire. The First Lemon Cucumber Empire has 7 plants. This one has 3 Lemon Cucumbers, you can see they are flowering. And there are 9 Sweet Slicer seedlings growing in the dirt area. (Yep, I finally counted them.) (Slugs be damned.)


This is somebody else's Sunflower, but the colours are so unique! I love it!

Sunflower blooms

One more look at the Barn Swallow nest.

Barn Swallow nestling in the nest

Oh Hey! Henrietta! (Nov9 note... this is Not-Henrietta!)

Great Blue Heron standing in the water

Ha, I didn't know which picture I liked better... all those Leaf Shadows! So you get to see both!

Great Blue Heron standing in the water

These cloudy mornings this summer are so unusual! Normally it's warm and sunny, not a cloud in sight until the rainy season starts up again.

But it's so nice to walk on a cloudy day!! I am def enjoying it!

Hidden Trail
Tuesday 11 July 2023

It's another Not super hot day here... 86°F (normal is 83°) and so I don't have to go nurture and pamper the seedlings at the garden!

I'm heading up Hidden Trail... and it's a relatively boring walk today. Not too many photos. It's kind of a nice change! haha!

Hot pink Lily

Orange flower

Vine Maple in front of a rill thru the rocks

Okay, here's a weird thing. These shriveled things are Osoberries. I've never gotten to eat an osoberry because the wildlife eats them all before they even ripen up! It's extremely odd that this tree has so many berries past their Best By Date!

black and shriveled Osoberries, hanging from the tree

The last time I was up here, I walked beyond the top of the hiking trail, following some vultures. There was a dead deer by the side of a new road.

This time, I wanted to see if the deer's skull or any bones were left. Nope. The city must have removed the dead one.

But I did find a dead bunny, again by the side of the new road and obviously hit by a car.

What is this? Dead Animal Alley? This is a twisty dead end... why are people driving so fast the wildlife can't get out of the way in time? WHY are humans so evil?!

Fledgling Bewick Wren standing on a dead fir tree twig

Work at the Garden
Wednesday 12 July 2023

I finally chopped down the Comfrey again... but this spot in the garden still looks as pathetic as ever. *laughs*


That leaning Sunflower in the front, comes up to my knee. And the stupid Wax Beans behind it are even shorter! And then the First Lemon Cucumber Empire is along the right side of the pic.

I finished plucking out the Smartweed from the Tofu patch, so the little soybean plants have some space to grow again...


That's mostly Borage around the edges of the patch. But, upper left is last winter's Fava. And in front of that are a couple Sweet Potato vines. They seem to be doing okay this year... The past couple years I've not gotten any potatoes for my effort.

Today's Harvest... There's actually another zuc I could pick but my back pack is small and it probably wouldn't fit! ha!

Patty Pan, Snap Peas, yellow Zucchini

This is only the biggest of the Spaghetti Squash fruits! And still growing! When I harvest it, I'll have to bring my big back pack to carry it home. I wonder how heavy it will get!

Spaghetti Squash fruit on the vine

The Delicata is starting to vine into the Zuc's territory. Hopefully we can all get along!


Ack! Somebody is munching in the Second Cucumber Empire. Bah. But at least it's not the slugs, razing them to the ground!

Cucumber seedling with a hole in the leaf

Seven Spot Ladybug near a new Amaranth bloom

Nipplewort blooms in front of a blue sky

Oh, nice! Finally able to get a pic of Falkor's Squirrel!

Eastern Fox Squirrel and Crow standing on the grass

Barn Swallows have Fledged
Thursday 13 July 2023

Hi Falkor!

American Crow standing on a branch

Barn Swallow babies are Gone. And I'm SOOO disappointed! Yesterday I wasn't able to take pics because there were homeless people hanging out under the bridge. I didn't want to disturb them, so I walked on by. And Missed Babies last day in the nest. Wai!

Empty Barn Swallow nest

I walk back and forth along the creek, looking for the fledglings. They should be here, somewhere! But I can't find them and I go on with my day.

OH!! ... Here they are!!! All standing on the Community Garden fence! One...

Barn Swallow fledgling standing on a wood fence

... Two, Three!

Two Barn Swallow fledglings standing on a wood fence

YAY! Parents are swooping over the Community Garden, catching bugs to share with the kids. The kids are watching.

They may be out of the nest, but they are still babies. And babies need to nap!

Two Barn Swallow fledglings standing on a fence

Barn Swallow fledgling standing on a fence

Bahaha! They pretend like they're looking around!

Two Barn Swallow fledglings standing on a fence

Don't fall over, my dear... there's no nest to catch you here, sleepy baby!

Two Barn Swallow fledglings standing on a fence

It just cracks me up.

Two Barn Swallow fledglings standing on a fence with their eyes closed

Two Barn Swallow fledglings standing on a fence

On with my walk... Bull Frog Faiz in his usual spot.

Bull Frog floating in the water

Aw, Blazey's tribute is down to one bunch of silk flowers...

Blazeys Throne

... and the usual handful of dry cat kibble! I wonder if Blazey's Squirrel is still eating it.

A while ago, I came across a little mini-park in the neighborhood beyond the end of the bike path. I thought I would look for it again and make a note of the cross streets so I could google it... There was a homeless guy sleeping on the bench, so I didn't go thru the park...

Street sign for Charnelton Street

Jefferson Westside Neighbors, Wayside Park

Flowers in a neighborhood yard

Oh, hey! I've not seen this before!

Solidarity Garden sign in front of planted corn

This is awesome! And this is the same neighborhood that made the little Wayside Park!

Eugene neighborhood getting a community garden

The Barn Swallow fledglings aren't on the Community Garden fence when I come back... I wonder if they've moved into the garden? I study all perching places as I walk by.

Yep! There they are!

Barn Swallow fledglings on a wire trellis

I debate going into the garden. After all, this will be the last time I see the babies. But no. We've had a good run, and I'm happy their parents have done such a good job!

And in Other Amazing News!!!
Thursday 13 July 2023

Over the counter birth control pills!!!


FDA approves Opill, the first daily birth control pill without a prescription

Opill will be available early 2024... for ANYONE to purchase!!!

oh yeah!

And not to be a wet blanket, this is good news, but it's only a small step towards getting women and people with uteruses the rights we need.

The right to bodily autonomy has been taken from so many people here in the United States, and it's despicable.

Until we are all free, we are none of us free.
~~ Emma Lazarus

Garden Tour
Friday 14 July 2023

The weather has been heating up again, and we've got another heat advisory for the weekend. Today is 95° and there's a chance to break 100 tomorrow. Normal for this time of year 84°.

But the extra heat is so good for the garden... as long as I keep everybody hydrated! For the most part, I don't mind going to the garden every day to water. So far the heat advisories have just lasted less than five days, and then I can go back to watering every other day.

Here's a Scrub Jay, standing on one of the Bluebird nesting boxes attached to the Community Garden fence. Nobody used the nest boxes this year, for whatever reason.

Western Scrub Jay standing on a nesting box

But the Bluebirds still visit the Comm Garden to catch bugs!

Female Western Bluebird standing on a wire trellis

Oh foo! One of the Lemon Cucs has shriveled and died.

dead cucumber plant

well, that's a bummer. The First Lemon Cucumber Empire now has six plants instead of seven.

Here's today's harvest... after I ate my fill of Sugar Snap Peas! I think they definitely taste better at the garden. They seem to lose a little something when I bring them home!

Yellow Zuc, Patty Pans and Snap Peas

And that Green Patty Pan... was bitter! Bleh! You know what? Life is too short to be eating bitter patty pans! *laughs* After the first little meal, I tossed the rest into the compost bin!

The Early Girl got kind of a tenuous start... It took a long while to really start growing. And I couldn't figure out if I was giving it too much water or not enough water! ha! But now it's gotten to a decent size, and making tomatoes out at the edges!

Small green tomatoes on the vine

This monster just keeps growing. At some point, I'm going to have to name it because it just has... so much presence! *laughs*

Spaghetti Squash on the vine

You can't really pick Spaghetti Squash before the vine dies... I've tried it before and when you cook the squash, it just turns to mush instead of the lovely spaghetti strings. So I just have to wait and watch this thing grow to massive proportions.

I left a couple volunteer tomatillos when I weeded the Second Cucumber Empire... That's the seedling in the bottom right:

Cucumber seedlings

Last year I had a volunteer Tomatillo plant, growing here behind the Wax Beans (that were normal sized last year!). Unfortunately, the nights got cold before I was able to harvest any of the fruits. So I've never eaten any!

This year I will def eat some Tomatillos... there's a volunteer behind the Tofu patch that's big and fruiting right now! I am looking forward to trying them!!

This is the Striped German Tomato... and I have concerns!

Shrivelled tomato blooms on the vine

These tomato blooms did not get fertilized. Even tho the plant has a SunGold on either side, and a couple borages in front, and the happy wild area behind (evidenced by the dandelion-type seeds scattered here!!)... all of whom are getting their flowers fertilized.

There are a couple tomatoes setting on... but there are a lot of dying flowers like this. A lot. So? Are the Bees avoiding the plant? Or are they just distracted by the happy goodness all around the plant? Unknown!

Woohoo! The first couple of SunGolds!!!

SunGold cherry tomatoes in hand and on the vine

Okay, they weren't quite ripe. *laughs* But they were still very good!

And the Tofu patch.


That's the Sweet Potatoes in the upper left. It's taken them a good while to get growing, too. But the vines seem to be doing their thing now!

And here's that big Tomatillo behind the Tofu patch, that I mentioned... It is very happy!

Tomatillo blooms

The first baby Butternut! So cute!

small Butternut fruit growing on the vine

One of the Delicatas... there are five or six fruits growing on this plant!

small Delicata fruit groing on the vine

More Spaghetti Squashes. I think I have two plants in the Garden Square, but I'm not sure how many dozens of fruits are coming on. It's crazy!

Various sizes of Spaghetti Squash fruits on the vine

And heading home... yep, today's harvest just barely fit into my small back pack!

back pack filled with zuc, patty pan and water bottle

Not mentioned today...

Garden and Henrietta
Saturday 15 July 2023

so, I'm futzing around at the garden... watering, watering in the heat. It does hit 100°F today!

And then I notice this!!!

Lemon Cucumber and yellow blooms on the vine

Lemon Cucumber! Grow! Grow! Grow!!! I will not complain a single complaint about the 100° if you just Grow!!! *laughs*

Borage bloom with the blue sky in the background

Tomato blooms

Here's the Tofu patch, with the Sweet Potatoes on the right.

tofu patch

That rather taller plant that is right underneath the com is a volunteer amaranth that I didn't weed away. It's a common weedy plant at the Community Garden, and I let a few grow here and there since the birds will eat the seeds.

Well. Most of the seeds! Can't have volunteer plants if they eat all the seeds! :)

Here's what I've gathered today. Two yellow zucs and two wax beans! ha. I won't get a normal number of beans from the stupid stunted plants... but I'll get some!

Two yellow zucchinis and two wax beans

On with my walk... It's hot enough that the dragonflies are enjoying the day! Here's a female Common Whitetail.


And here's a male.


And here's Faiz the Bull Frog, who would undoubtedly love to eat some dragonflies!

Bull Frog floating in the water

Cirrus clouds in a blue sky

I'm heading home, and I hear a loud SPLASH from the creek. It sounds nothing like a duck coming in for a landing, but there's trees in the way so I can't see what's happened.

I backtrack a little bit. Oh my gosh, Henrietta! (Nov9 note... this is Not-Henrietta!)

Great Blue Heron with a Crawdad in their beak

Poor little Crawdad.

Great Blue Heron with a Crawdad in their beak

Great Blue Heron, shakes head with crawdad in beak

And then she eats him down whole... you can see the bulge in her neck as poor Crawdad goes down!!

Great Blue Heron standing in water

Green Heron Photo Series
Saturday 15 July 2023

Oh my gosh! It's another Green Heron fledgling!

Green Heron fledgling standing on a under water log

Green Heron

Oh, nice! They caught someone!

Green Heron

Green Heron steps to a new log

Green Heron steps to a new log

Green Heron

Say! They are perty good at this hunting thing!

Green Heron

Green Heron

Green Heron crouches

Green Heron strikes

Green Heron strikes

So cool! Here's a close-up.

Green Heron closeup

Painted Lady at the Garden
Sunday 16 July 2023

Oh! This is Hattie... and his head tilt has gone away! No trace of it! Yay! I'm so glad he has survived whatever his problem was!!!

Eastern Fox Squirrel standing on the sidewalk

Side Note: I had named Hattie with the Head Tilt when he was still a baby. I didn't know he was a boy at that point, but now his name has stuck! *laughs*

The wind is making the cirrus clouds interesting today!!

Cirrus clouds

It's another hot day, 95°F... But at least it's down from the 100° of yesterday. And after a cooler day tomorrow, the forecast is calling for low 90s for the rest of the week. I can deal with that!

Okay. I'm at the garden. Here's the front Garden Square...


and here's that Monster Spaghetti Squash!

Spaghetti Squash on the vine

I don't know how many pounds it is, but I was surprised when I tried to lift it! It'll be a prize winner, for sure. If only the Community Garden gave out prizes! *laughs*

And more Spaghetti Squashes setting up!

Small Spaghetti Squashes on the vine

Oh. I didn't notice at the time, but you see the brown dots on the over turned leaf on the right? Beetle eggs. No telling if they are evil Striped Cucumber beetles, nice and cute Spotted Cucumber Beetles, or our newest addition: Squash Bugs... who are a type of Stink Bug.

I've seen a few Squash Bugs, but they haven't ever been any trouble. The Comm Garden authorities demand we murder the Squash Bugs on sight. Like the poor bugs of the world don't have enough problems as it is. Sheesh.

Oh Cool! A butterfly!

Painted Lady Butterfly standing on a leaf

This is a Painted Lady, and they are common all across the US.

I must have accidentally hit him with some water, because he was just sitting, flapping his wings now and then. So thrilled that I get to watch him for a while!

Painted Lady Butterfly standing on a leaf

So amazing!

Painted Lady Butterfly standing on a leaf

Painted Lady Butterfly standing on a leaf

Painted Lady Butterfly standing on a leaf

Sunflower blooms

Rose Garden and River Walk
Monday 17 July 2023

A cooler day today, 83°F makes for a very pleasant and wonderful summer day! I head out to the River!

The massive Heritage Cherry Tree at the Rose Garden...

Trunk of a large cherry tree, some flowers at the base

Roses with clouds in backgound


Many different colours of roses


Looking down from a bridge at the water

I hang out at the bridge for a while... Listening to the river and there was a good, cooling breeze. It's just blissful!

The Cliff Swallow nests... all done now.

Empty Cliff Swallow nests under a bridge

Dragonfly standing on a bit of grass

The Sun and one of the sculptures at Alton Baker park...

Sun and stone sculpture

Heh. Back in the days before I picked up my walking hobby, I would park at the Rose Garden and walk over here to Alton Baker. It's a bit over a mile to the Sun, at the edge of the park.

I'd walk thru but would have to stop... even tho the path, continuing on, looked so wonderful! It goes thru the trees and eventually the forest at Whilamut Natural Area.

But back then, I had to turn around. Those days, I didn't have the time or the energy to keep walking. Working full time and more, there just wasn't time enough for it.

But Now!! HA!

Now I'm coming thru Alton Baker on my way back to the car at the Rose Garden... I've already walked three or even five miles! Getting here means I'm in my last half hour or so, of my walk!

*laughs* Just livin' my best life, here! :)

Community Garden Pet Peeves
Tuesday 18 July 2023

I just love the Tofu patch... slowly but surely the Soybean plants are getting taller and bigger and taking up more space.


I haven't gotten a tofu press yet, trying to decide which one I want!

Okay. Here's what I'm up to, today. I am going over the border to kill some of the neighbor's Horseradish again.


That post on the left marks the four corners of our plots. My plot at the bottom with borage on the right. And Probably Not Evil Neighbor at the top with that stupid Horseradish.

I used my dandelion tool to get as deep as I could with the roots. They'll regrow, of course, because I can never get deep enough... Horseradish roots can grow up to six feet underground! But the dandelion tool helps to get a little bit deeper than just breaking them off at the surface.

oh yeah, I love my dandelion tool! I never dig up dandelions anymore, tho! When I discovered that dandelions were edible, I'd pick the blooms and bring them home for guinea pigs to eat. I don't like to eat them, myself, but it was a nice treat for Piper and Dawn. But now the piggies have gone, I let the few dandelions in my plot go to seed and the Lesser Goldfinches eat them up!

Anyway... here's the After...


And again, I don't mind cleaning up this little bit of the neighbor's plot... he is a clueless newbie who doesn't understand my annoyance at the Horseradish. And I will take a clueless newbie over the old Evil Neighbor, any day!! I'm so glad that guy is gone.

Community Garden Pet Peeves

garden path

oh my gosh, this pisses me off to no end. You see the posts. You are supposed to keep all of your stuff inside the borders of your plot.

These jerks not only have a compost bin out in the pathway... They are growing potatoes out in the pathway!!! WTF, you annoying humans. Potatoes. In the path. Gah.

Okay. I just had to get that out of my system! *laughs*

Another Garden Day
Wednesday 19 July 2023

Another hot day, it's 93°F, and so I head out to water the garden.

American Crow standing, up in a fir tree

Ha! These Patty Pans had to grow together!

Patty Pan harvest

Lemon Cucumbers on the vine, with flowers

The stunted bean plants, wax beans all but dragging on the ground! sheesh.

wax beans hanging from the plant

small Butternut fruit, growing on the vine

I have been eating a SunGold, here and there. I can't wait for the ripening to rev up!!

Ripe SunGold cherry tomato on the vine

uhhh. That one in the middle? With the heart shaped leaves? And also that little one, bottom right? hm. They do not look like cucumber plants...


I vaguely remember I also planted some Crookneck Squash seeds here, too. Ha! They are messing up the Second Cucumber Empire!

In mid-June, I had started a new Sugar Snap Pea place, next to the first one. And the last couple days I've been weeding grass out of it.

Sheesh, that was a lot of grass. I also gave them a tomato cage. They look a bit pathetic right now, hopefully they will perk up, now that their roots have room to grow!

But look at what I found under the edge of the old Snap Pea patch...

Sugar Snap Peas with slug holes in them

Munched by slugs.

sunflower blooms

Delta Ponds at the River
Thursday 20 July 2023

Another weird, cloudy morning! And the day stayed cooler at 85°F. Def nicer to walk under the clouds! (and def nicer when I don't have to water at the garden every day!)


There were some Turkey Vultures about! I wonder who died.

Turkey Vulture standing in a tree

Aww! The three nutria babies are still hanging out in the side pond, with their Mama! Just a little bit bigger now!

Nutria at the surface of the water

Nutria at the surface of the water

Nutria diving down into the water

Nutria swims underwater

*laughs* So cute! Today I decided to walk over to the other Delta Ponds, across the street.

Great Blue Heron, hunting in shallow water

You know... I kinda wish these ponds had names! There's ponds over here, split up by the Riverbank Bike Path. And there's ponds over there, on the other side of the road, AND there's a couple more ponds on the other side of the highway. I don't know how many separate ponds there are, but they are all just called the Delta Ponds. And it just makes it difficult when you're referring to them!

Oh my gosh! Is this a Green BEE??!

Metallic Green sweat bee in a chicory bloom

Wow! So Beautiful!!

Metallic Green sweat bee in a chicory bloom

There are several camped out in the chicory blooms! Busy adding pollen to their pantaloons!

Metallic Green sweat bee in a chicory bloom

They are Virescent Green Metallic Bees... a little, native sweat bee! Always happy to learn about a new bug!! Especially one so stunning!

Mmmm! Blackberries! The ones I could reach weren't quite ripe. A bit tart, but good! Too bad we can't eat stuff from all our invasive plants.

Himalayan blackberries

Speaking of invasives... this thing has almost covered some of the ponds, back here. The leaves are very small, just a couple of inches wide, maybe. And the flowers are tiny... I wish I could have gotten closer for better photos.

Water plants

Hmm. The one in front is a female Wood Duck. But that red eyed creature behind her?

Wood Ducks on the water

Oh! Hey! I didn't know Wood Ducks did eclipse plummage!

Male Wood Duck in eclipse plummage on the water

So with Mallards, the males have a catastrophic molt after the breeding season... they lose their flight feathers and they can't fly. So they have brown feathers and almost look like females, so they can hide better while they are vulnerable.

I didn't realize that other species did this as well! Learning all kinds of good stuff today!

Ha. A Napping Nutria!

Nutria sleeping on a log in the water, surrouded by water lilies

And a Napping Great Blue Heron!

Great Blue Heron sleeping on a log in the water, surround by water lilies

And a Non-napping Green Heron!

Green Heron standing on drift wood in the water, surrounded by water lilies

The path goes thru a tunnel of overhanging trees to a bridge

What the. Damnit. Yet another invasive. SIGHS.

Tortoiseshell cat near the edge of the pond

For the Love of Nature... Keep your murdering cats inside!

And then as I'm walking back over the river, I see a very injured Canada Goose. Right wing feathers out of position and gone and obviously painful by the way she's twisted around, paddling down the river.

She won't live. And that's just a crappy end to a pretty good walk.

Garden and some Cute Bees!
Friday 21 July 2023

The clouds were breaking up and gone pretty quickly. It's another overly warm one, today at 91°F / 33°C

Clouds in the sky

The new Sugar Snap Peas are recovering nicely from the intense weeding I did to them on Wednesday.


Today's harvest includes some wax beans... These'll be good in my Breakfast Casserole Bowl!

7 wax beans and a yellow zucchini

I'm also munching on Sugar Snap Peas as I go about my garden duties. It's so nice that they are still alive!

Thank you, Bumblebee! She's pollinating the volunteer Tomatillo behind the tofu patch.

Bumblebee hanging from a tomatillo bloom

Honey Bee: Excuse me! I'd really like a turn at that Borage bloom...

Bumblebee on a Borage bloom, Honey Bee in foreground

Honey Bee: Hey! Hello?! Excuse Me! *poke poke*

Bumblebee on a Borage bloom with a Honey Bee hovering behind

Honey Bee: Oh Yeah! Finally!

Honey Bee on a Borage bloom

Dragonflies and the County Fair
Saturday 22 July 2023

This is not a great photo, but I like those colours and that red stick he's standing on!!

Eight Spot Skimmer dragonfly standing on a red twig

Painted Lady butterfly standing in dried grass

Bull Frog floating in the water

Oh wow! A new dragonfly! Look at those eyes! He's a Blue Dasher!

Male Blue Dasher dragonfly stnading on a twig of grass

Oh good! Blazey's tribute has been restored.

Blazeys tribute

The Lane County Fair is being held at the events center. Since the Ferris Wheel and other rides are set up in the parking lot, they are using the back fields for parking... and a bunch of people on horseback are telling drivers exactly where to park!

There was a shooting incident at the Fair a couple years ago, so now they've got a clear bag policy. You're only allowed to bring one small, clear bag.

AND in the news from last night...
oh hey, I just noticed this.

Police investigating shooting outside Lane County Fair
A dispute in the parking lot Friday night, multiple shots fired, one person taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.


The first shooting incident happened in 2021, Saturday 25 July 4pm. An adult and two juveniles, 14 and 16, got into an altercation, during which the 16yo pulled out a gun. Someone tried to intervene and was assaulted by friends of the kids. And then the stupid kid accidentally shot someone in the crowd. She lived. But of course the stupid kid has just destroyed his entire life. SIGHS.

Anyway. Back to my walk.

Pink rose in front of blue sky

And in the neighborhood behind the Events Center... someone has set up a cooling station!! Oh my gosh, this is awesome!

Homemade Cooling Station!

The sign says Free Otter Pops... and I was tempted to go get one! haha, it's just hot again today, 93° and how do you resist an Otter Pop?

Himalayan Blackberries

And one more dragonfly!

Eight Spot Skimmer standing on a twig

Sunday 23 July 2023

Out the door is this disabled fellow...

Eastern Fox Squirrel standing on the sidewalk

I'm not sure what is wrong with him but he gimps along with his tail held out to the right. When I met him as a baby, I didn't think he would live... but here we are, months later!

He's getting a name today: Scrappy!

On to the garden. Where this makes me very happy...

Lemon Cucumbers on the vine

And the little UFO shaped Patty Pans are so cute!

Patty Pans on the vine

And YAY! I get to pick the very first Lemon Cucumbers!!

Patty Pans, Lemon Cucumbers and a Yellow Zucchini

And after I've put these into my small backpack... I saw I had room for one more Lemon Cucumber that was mostly ripe!

Backpack filled with harvest

A Walk that does not include the garden
Monday 24 July 2023

*laughs* It just gets tiresome to go to the garden all the time! So it's nice to just walk right on by!

Cirrus clouds in a blue sky

Walking right on by the Bluebirds on the Community Garden fence!

Two bluebirds standing on a wood fence with a nesting box between them

This is a Mama and a fledgling! I was just thinking... this is the first year that the Bluebirds did not use any of the nesting boxes at the Garden. They have def nested nearby, tho, since there are several families who are feeding kids here!

I walked thru the field behind the events center, that they used as a parking lot. And I gotta say, the clean up crew did an amazing job!! In years past there would always be dropped food and food containers and all kinds of trash in the back fields for weeks until it eventually got tidied. But today there is nothing of the sort!


Ferris Wheel past a chain link fence

Every time I walk thru the neighborhoods beyond the bike path, I take different streets. And today I discovered the most amazing hell strip!

Peach coloured Zinnia

A hell strip is that narrow space between the sidewalk and street curb, sometimes also called a devil strip. Maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner, even tho it's technically public space, along with the sidewalk.

Because the sidewalk separates the hell strip from the lawn, the sprinklers don't usually hit it. So most hell strips just end up a dried up crust, decorated with some dead grass.

But this one! Wow, it is overflowing with life and beautiful flowers blooming all over the place! Wow!

Peach coloured Lilies

Purple Dahlia and some Hydranga blooms

Heading back, a closeup of the cute lil minnows!

Minnows swimming in green water

Scrub Jay standing on a twig, surrounded by leaves

Great Blue Heron walking in water

Rose Garden and Walk East
Tuesday 25 July 2023

Yep, a second day in a row away from the Community Garden... it's okay because a touch of rain came out of the cloudy sky this morning!

Unknown Flowers

pink rose bloom

yellow and pale pink roses

pink and yellow roses

Aww! A family of turkeys hanging out near the Riverbank Path... a Mama and four kids!

Wild Turkey child standing in the grass

The river, surrounded by trees

oh! This is funny and interesting.

Juvenile Osprey standing in a platform nest

This is the platform nest at the Downtown Riverfront Park that got abandoned. And that is a juvenile Osprey who definitely was not born here!

Osprey in platform nest, looking out

I wonder what she's thinking. :)

I wish I could capture the magic of the river, here at this walking bridge...

Looking down at the river from a bridge

Remember that crazy Canada Goose who tried to nest on an island in the rain. The big tuft in the center is that island now!

Rocks and grasses in the river

Hunting Great Blue Heron

hmm. The platform nest across from the Rose Garden has a visitor as well!

Osprey standing at the edge of a platform nest

True Fir cone surrounded by wet needles

True Fir cone

Back to the Garden
Wednesday 26 July 2023

After taking two days off from the garden, I return to this and I can't help but laugh!

Deheaded Sunflower

What you can kind of see here is a decimated, stunted Sunflower. It's been pushed over and the blooms have been chewed off and carted away... This was def done by a squirrel!

Being stunted, it was probably a lot easier for the squirrel to de-head. The other stunted sunflower has been left alone, for now.

I take two more steps... Oh, Mx Snail! You must not munch on my beautiful Spaghetti Squash!

Snail traveling over a Spaghetti Squash on the vine

And a couple more steps... Oh Yeah!

Four Lemon Cucumbers on the vine

And in the back... Oh, sheesh. The Volunteer Tomatillos that I didn't weed out are trying to take over the Second Cucumber Empire! *laughs*


So, I'm watering. Our garden is filled with such wild flower goodness, there are bees galore. I love this! But you can't really point the water in any direction without accidentally hitting bees.

They try to climb up into the sunshine and when I see them, I try to avoid spraying them more as they buzz their wings to dry off. I don't want to make their life any more difficult than it already is!

Movement catches my eye, and there's a Honey Bee struggling inside a Zucchini blossom. Ack! The blossom is filled with water and the bee can't get purchase to climb out, and keeps falling back into the water.

I don't want to break the blossom by dumping the water out, so I reach down and tell the bee to grab onto my finger.

heh. And then I think about how this must look to the bee... huge, unidentifiable bit of human coming down? It must be terrifying!

But the bee get's what I'm saying, and after a couple tries she latches on to my finger and I pull her out! Yay!

She stands on my hand, and I keep her in the sun while I continue watering with my other hand. She buzzes her wings and it kind of tickles! She stays on my hand, walking about and buzzing, for ten or fifteen minutes!

European Honey Bee on the back of a human hand

Today's excessive harvest!


Yeah! Look at those Lemon Cucumbers! And still some Sugar Snap Peas coming. And the Wax Beans.

And this is the first batch of SunGolds that I'm bringing home... I've been eating a few, here and there, directly off the plant for a week or so.

And, yeah. It's too much for the little backpack! I can't quite zip it closed, but I make it work!

Backpack with vegetables

up Hidden Trail with Damselflies
Thursday 27 July 2023

I am going past the Little Free Pantry on my way up the hill, and so I grab a package of menstrual pads to contribute.

They are already setting up for a fun kid day in the park! I love my city... This park is not only one of the places where kids get a free meal, but it's also a Fun For All site. I wonder what kind of activities they have planned for the kids today!

a Little Free Pantry between trees and next to a Pod

Shelves of the Little Free Pantry, with just a few items

Oh shoot. The Little Free Pantry doesn't have much in it. That's a bummer, but probably because people are using it since they're here to drop off their kids for the day.

Last year, the neighbors were putting in treats for the kids, and those went pretty quickly of course! I hope that's happening this year, too.

Small Persimmons growing on the tree

water flowing around many small rocks

Oh! Little damselflies are all over the place!

Damselfly standing on a leaf

Vivid Dancers!

Closeup of a Damselfly

Oh, haha! Wings in all directions!

Damselfly flying

I get to the top of the trail, and for once there aren't any dead animals up here.

Looking out at the hill beyond the trees

Coming back down, aw! Mama Turkey with seven children!

Turkeys about, standing on the ground

Wild Turkey

Water going thru the rocks

Garden... and Website Annoyance
Friday 28 July 2023

I went thru the Wax Beans, and wow... those plants aren't hardly 2 feet tall, and look at what I got! ha!

garden harvest

The other day, the Early Girl tomato plant was leaning... it had gotten too big for the small tomato cage and it flopped over. So, I set it back up and put another tomato cage behind it to hold it up.

The next day, it had flopped in a different direction. So I set up another tomato cage to hold it up in that way.

Green tomatoes on the vine

Today I found a big branch, heavy with tomatoes, dragging on the ground. This one was hard to fix, because I had to stick the branch inside the tomato cage, while at the same time trying to push the legs of the cage into the ground at the proper angle.

I scratched up the heavy branch a good bit, but at least I didn't break it! And now this monstrous plant is being held up with four tomato cages. It's got about a zillion tomatoes growing on it but they are all still green, green, green!

They will probably all ripen at the exact same time. sighs! It's a problem because I don't do any preservation... we don't have any freezer space, and I'm not interested in canning since we don't have air conditioning! Sighs!

Looks like there might be plenty of Tomatillos as well, from all the volunteers in the Second Cucumber Empire!

Tomatillo bloom

Tofu patch is still growing and being happy...

Soybean plants

And there's a volunteer Amaranth growing at the edge.

A developing Amaranth seed head

I never gather the seeds from the Amaranths that pop up... the volunteers are usually pretty small, and the seeds will be eaten by the birds and other wildlife!

Oh, nice! I've got some Heal-All in my wild area!

Heal-all blooms

The garden plot does have one, perfectly normal, big and tall, volunteer sunflower that's blooming! I had to hold the camera over my head to get this photo!

Sunflower bloom and the blue sky

That's my favorite kind of sunflower... with the rusty red colour on the petals.

Heading home... here's Henrietta. (Nov9 note... this is Not-Henrietta!)

Great Blue Heron standing in the water

And here's a new fellow. He's being loud, mooing at the world. I'm kinda surprised that Henrietta doesn't go downstream and gobble him up! Maybe he's too big? Maybe she doesn't like the taste of Bull Frogs?

Bull Frog floating in the water

He's so green and spotted! Faiz is a boring brown compared to this one! Here's a photo to compare...

Bull Frog floating in the water

And Later Today...

So! I went to upload the blog posts I had typed, and something wasn't right. The FTP program acted like it was working, but the new posts didn't show up.

My website host had upgraded the server, and switched it over last night. Great. That's just great. I'm so glad good things are happening!

And so I *Patiently* and *Carefully* re-read the informational email. No help. I clicked a couple things and went to the wiki for an answer to my little problem.

The wiki didn't have my answers either. But I kept digging thru the dashboard, and ...

huh. For some reason, the username for my ftp had defaulted to an old, random login on the new server. I had created that username for someone else and so the permissions were extremely limited. Not to mention I made it about a million years ago, internet time!

*laughs* Why?

I try to switch it over to my actual login which has all the permissions. but of course the changes don't go thru right away.

I want them to go thru Right NOW!

So I keep fiddling with it, doing the same thing five or six times over, because the changes don't stick and all I want is for it to work... please just work, already!!


Yeah. I just needed to give it like 15 minutes. and then it was fine!

Day of Vultures
Saturday 29 July 2023

It's another perfectly beautiful summer day and at 84° I'm skipping the garden watering again! I walk right on past, and at the events center...

Vultures under and in Oak trees

Oh my gosh! There are Vultures Everywhere!

Vultures flying in the sky above trees

There are dozens! In the trees, on the ground. In the sky over here, and over there. What is going on??!

Silhouette of a vulture standing in a tree

They are so awesome! I love vultures!

Vulture closeup

Vulture closeup

This one caught my attention. She was flapping her wings, trying to get her balance... kind of like Falkor does.

Turkey Vulture standing on a tree branch

Oh my gosh! She's missing a foot!

Turkey Vulture standing on a tree branch

It is a perfectly healed stump. And she's putting some weight on it. huh. I wonder what happened.

Turkey Vulture standing on a branch in a tree

There was a guy walking his little dog, asking if those were hawks! haha! Think this one was a bit offended at being called a hawk!

Turkey Vulture in a tree, stomping her foot

I continued on with my walk. And when I came back, all the Vultures had cleared out! I guess they were done with their meeting.

This is Wayside Park, the little street-side park at an intersection, tucked next to the creek which is channeled into a canal.

Small street side park next to a canal

It seems like a good place to hang out for a few. It's nice and shady, the flowers are lovely and there's not much traffic going by.

Mimosa tree blooms

Later today: Some boxes have arrived today from the estate of Partner's Mom. It feels weird, but I've started going thru them.

Major Garden Oops
Sunday 30 July 2023

It's another delightful day with a high of 84°F and I was going to skip watering at the garden again. Except I've run out of SunGolds at home, and so I was going to stop in and harvest a couple...

But I get there and -- Oh, crud! The First Lemon Cucumber Empire is Wilted and pathetic looking! GAH! I turn on the water and hope I haven't killed anyone. oh, it's so pathetic. I dump water on the Second Cucumber Empire as well.

Dang it. I am so mad at myself! And what would have happened if I didn't come in to get some SunGolds?

Well. I get my stupid SunGolds, and a few other things...

Harvested Lemon Cucumbers, SunGold cherry tomatoes and a yellow Zucchini

And then I look around and take pictures to cheer myself up.

Yay! There's a second Butternut coming on!

Small Butternut squash, forming on the vine

And Yay, some more! The Striped German is starting to get some colour!

Tomatoes on the vine

Aww! A cute little House Finch Fledgling... has the baby feather fluff on her head and some obvious gape! Sweet youngster, just out of the nest!

House Finch fledgling standing on a trellis

And out. I feel bad about my stupidity, for not watering enough. Lesson learned.

Back on the path, and oh, nice! A Green Heron!

Green Heron standing on a branch above the water

And Falkor...

American Crow standing on a branch

It's good to see her for once... lately I've been hearing her and her companion -- Caw, caw, cawing about something interesting -- but they are hidden, up in the trees. Or they are flying away just as I'm coming around the corner.

Back at home, I've started going thru boxes from Partner's Mom's apartment. I had requested any quilts and blankets... even when I don't know the history of a particular quilt, they are special to me!

But check this thing out!

Dogwood bloom quilt

ha! Those leaves are ridiculously dark for that design! *laughs* It's kind of growing on me, tho. :)

But all that embroidery! Each of the dogwood petals has that bit of dark pink. That took some serious time!

The Non-Watering Consequences
Monday 31 July 2023

Oh good! These guys are repairing one of the bike path's lamps...

Work truck on the bike path

Last year some assholes decided to vandalize the bike path by pushing over the light posts. The poles are made of fiberglass, and when they are pushed over, the material bends and comes apart at it's breaking point about two feet off the ground. I don't know how much force that takes, but I'd assume it would take more than one person.

All together, there were probably at least 10 toppled street lamps and it was depressing thinking about the extra money that the Parks Department had to waste in fixing them all.

This was, hopefully, the last one to be pushed over. It happened earlier this summer, and no other lamps have been vandalized since. I'm hoping our assholes found a more productive hobby!

Yellow Zennia bloom

Okay. I'm at the garden plot and assessing the damage.

The First Lemon Cucumber Empire looks mostly good. Some of the leaves around the edges are still droopy, but probably 90% of the Empire has perked up and looks good and happy.

The Second Cucumber Empire ... sighs.


That in the middle is the third of three adult Lemon Cucumber plants. It's wilted to death, and the second one behind it doesn't look so good either.

Cucumber plant, wilted to death

But all of the newer plantings - Slicer Cucumber and Crookneck Squashes - are fine. But they aren't old enough to start producing yet, and in fact there might not be enough warm weather left for them to produce anything.

Sighs... Poor Second Cucumber Empire. It got downgraded to a colony when it only had 3 growing Lemon Cucumber plants. And now it's been reduced to a bunch of probably useless baby squash plants! Maybe the Tomatillo volunteers will save the day.

It looks like the Delicata vine is starting to come to the end of it's lifetime...

Delicata squashes on the vine

Delicatas have traits of both Summer Squash - you can eat the skin - and Winter Squash - you have to dig the seeds out. So I had to look up when I could pick them.

But it turns out they are more like Winter Squashes after all. You must wait for the vine to die before harvesting them.

Chickadee standing on a wood post

Eight Spot Skimmer dragonfly hanging on a stalk of grass