October 2021

Squirrel Assessment
Friday 1 October

Eastern Fox Squirrel running along a fence with an acorn!

Okay... It's actually the end of October as I type this, and I just uploaded all of my September blog posts. And I haven't actually made ANY October blog posts because I was focusing on September.

But now I need to think about filling in the October posts while also working on the "current" posts in November... because wouldn't it be nice to get caught up some day?!

:) (haha. yeah, funny!)

Well anyway. Going back to October First:

We've gotten two decent rain showers in the past two weeks ... and all of a sudden I noticed how Green it is out there! (The dark green of my White Oak leaning tree on the right.)

green lawn with trees in the background

Some leaves are changing...

Yellow fall leaves

Sun Choke blossoms. (aka Jerusalem Artichoke.)

Sun Choke blossoms

Yeah... I def need to plant some of those next year!

Saturday 2 October

Happy Favas...

Baby fava plants

Sunflowers are starting to wind down.

Small sunflower bloom with brown dying blooms behind it

Oh wow, so bright and lovely...

Pink flowers

And a Song Sparrow in the beans.

Song sparrow sitting at the top of a bean trellis

Nice walk to the Garden
Sunday 3 October

Great Blue Heron

Trees in the fog

Green zucchini on the plant

Leaves of a small Columbine plant

Monday 4 October

Awesome Raccoon Art...

Graffiti under a bridge, tags and raccoons!

Suspish is my favorite local graffiti artist, she regularly tags under this bridge that's on the bike path on the way to the Community Garden.

Suspish graffiti tag

The Raccoon art showed up yesterday, so it was rather ironic that when the Eugene Parks Newsletter showed up in my inbox today, the lead story was about removing graffiti. And not only that, but the top photo is of Parks Employee Amanda, painting over graffiti at the other side of that exact bridge! ha!

Eugene Newsletter: Wiping Out Graffiti in Parks

I have walked by Amanda painting over graffiti many times. and I always want to ask her why she bothers! *laughs* She provides a blank slate for more graffiti.

Granted, there's a few "1312" and the odd f word sprayed, but none of this is approaching art and ... maybe those "should" be painted out? I don't know.

But the beautiful art? Why roll over that? I don't understand why you would paint over a butterfly. But she did.

(um, foo... I can't find my photo of the butterfly. bummer!)

But I did learn of a very cool thing that Amanda did... the stencil mural at the Ruth Bascom Riverbank path, under the Owosso Walking Bridge! It's beautiful...

Eugene Parks, stencil design... Eagles, leaves and herons

Eugene Parks, stencil design... dragonflies

Blazey the Bike Path Ambassador
Tuesday 5 October

Finally, finally got a good pic of my friend Blazey...

Blazey, black and white tux cat

When cats squint their eyes, that's their version of a smile or happy greeting. Go ahead and try it! Squint your eyes at the next cat you see... they will probably smile right back at you!

Blazey is so happy to see friendly humans, most of the time he squints his eyes so hard, they are completely shut! *laughs* I have so many pics of him with his eyes closed!

Part 2... Birds and Fun Stuff
Tuesday 5 October

Hardly any spots on this Spotted Towhee!

Spotted Towhee


Blurry Scrub Jay, just took off from perch

Scrub Jay looking at the camera!

A pair of Mallard ducks in the water

Green leaves on the tree with some autumn colours

Hey cool! Three fire trucks behind the Events Center. Testing and re-rolling their hoses.

Long fire truck

And having fun with the ladder...

Fire truck ladder up and spraying water!

covid numbers
Wednesday 6 October

Yes! Less than a million new cases of covid in the US, and still coming down! 719,974 new cases, averaging 102,854 new cases every day.

The US is at 705,383 dead, and averaged 1,803 people dying every day of covid, this past week.

In my town there are 620 active covid cases, a significant drop from where we've been swirling around 750! Still 57 hospitalized and 13 people died in the past week.

Raindrops and dew catching the sunlight...

Trees along the bike path

A female Northern Flicker...

female Northern Flicker standing on the side walk

Birds and Oak and Ash
Thursday 7 October

A glance up at me, as we walk by each other...

Great Blue Heron in the water

Brown acorn surrounded by green oak leaves

I don't know why, but I like looking at the turning Ash Tree leaves.

yellow and green Ash Tree leaves

And I really, really don't know why I keep trying to bother trying to take portraits of the Cedar Waxwings!

blurry Cedar Waxwing

part 1... Flicker
Friday 8 October

Oh! I love it when I have a series of photos with the same bird!

Northern Flicker eating a white berry

Northern Flicker flying to eat a berry

Northern Flicker perching

part 2... and Flowers
Friday 8 October

Yellow Nasturtium close up

Goldfinch on spent sunflower blossoms

Little Sunflowers

So pretty. And so obsessed over the Sunchokes! :)

Sunchoke or Jerusalem Artichoke blossoms

part 3
Friday 8 October

So! Many! Photos! to share in a single day!


Just lucky, I guess! :)

Eastern Fox Squirrel sitting on a pine tree branch

blurry Eastern Fox Squirrel running away

Leaves and fruit, unknown

Pics at the River
Saturday 9 October

A male Gadwell... and a crawdad? huh.

Male Gadwell and a Crawdad

Is the crawdad alive? I think so. But why is he right at the surface? And why is he hanging out with a duck? So many questions!

Today I moved a bunch of Woolly Bears off the bike path! I quickly realized if I Gently scared them, they would curl up into a ball and then it was super easy to scoop them up.

Scared Woolly Bear in a ball in the grass

And I finally got a pic of someones face! So Shiny!

Shiny face of a Woolly Bear caterpillar

And Dang, look at that sky!

bands of cirrus clouds in a blue sky over the Willamette River

I saved the best for last... A Great Egret!

Great Egret

These birds are shy and are usually too far away for the camera. And then there's the whole light thing with the camera and the whole exposure thing with the camera and usually the Egrets just end up as an elegant white blob in my photos! haha!

So this is the first time I've gotten a decent portrait of a Great Egret, and I'm super excited!!

Happy Pics
Sunday 10 October

I think my new thing is going to be taking photos of the interesting skies...

clouds in the sky

I live in western Oregon... so the sky is either gray, possibly raining, because it's winter. Or it's blue, sun beaming down and way too hot, because it's summer. :)

So, yeah. Anything in between these two extremes is cause for note!


Botanical: I just love the contrasts on this beautiful Red Osier Dogwood ... the white blooms, the autumn purple leaves and the still green leaves in the background.

white Blooms on a Red Osier Dogwood, red and green leaves

And some cuteness... an Eastern Fox Squirrel. (yes, invasive but cute!)

And some more cuteness... a Bewick Wren, way up in the tree.