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Resolving Pain!!
Thursday 19 January 2023

So. My back has been hurting for the last few weeks.

I was trying to ignore it because I didn't know what to do about it. The pain was really random... sometimes it was worse when I was walking, sometimes it would just get steadily worse during the day and be bad at bed time, sometimes I woke up in the morning with it pretty bad.

No rhyme or reason, but it was worrisome because it wasn't getting better. I'd been taking pain pills most every day, sometimes just to get some sleep.

And then my knee started hurting. And again, I ignored it because I didn't know what to do about it.

But then the knee buckled as I was going down the stairs. I caught myself on the railing and all but shouted, What is going on??!

heh. Sometimes you need to articulate your questions and ask them out loud before you get an answer!

That night, I was lying in bed, waiting to fall asleep and it occurred to me, I haven't been sleeping normally.

I always fall asleep on my side. But my shoulder has been bugging me for ages, so I can only lie on my right side for about 10minutes. and my hip has been twinging just a bit, so it's a little uncomfortable on my left side. And I distinctly remember the previous night, waking up on my back and realizing I had fallen asleep in that same position, so weird.

Right away, I put a pillow under both my knees so they would be bent, even when I'm lying on my back. Bingo! Knee was much better the next day. And, what do you know, the back got better as well!

Yay! I tell ya, living without pain is so nice! I only wish more of the world's pain could be solved so easily... with a pillow! :)

Birds and Blazey's Squirrel
Thursday 26 January 2023

Hello? Little Bird? It really helps... a lot... when you look at the camera when I'm taking your portrait! Thanks! *laughs*

Lesser Goldfinch standing on a twig, another twig obscuring their face

See? It's not hard!

Juvenile Golden Crown Sparrow

Oh, nice! They are fixin' to paint a line on the bike path. I am so pleased with all the work they've done here! It used to be so bad.

Bike path with cones, a sign says Walk Bikes Here

Well! This is different! Pigeons! All their pretty greens and purples, even without the sun shining!

five Pigeons walking in the grass

Crow and Pigeon walking in the grass

Rock Dove walking in the grass

Um. Blazey? Dude! Someone is Eating Your FOOD!!!

Blazey the cat on the bike path

Eastern Fox Squirrel reaching for some cat food

Eastern Fox Squirrel eating cat food

Oh lordy! I have to look at some plants to calm down! *laughs* Here's some nice Wood Sorrel.

Wood Sorrel

Oh! Who's this?!

Very blurry Hermit Thrush standing on a twig

*laughs* that's not helping at all!

Very burry Hermit Thrush standing on a twig, shaking

That's all I get... but this is a Hermit Thrush! Winter visitor here, with an amazing song