March 2022

Tuesday 1 March 2022

An Anna Hummingbird's Nest!!!

Anna Hummingbird on her nest

My brain made a Lot of assumptions when I saw her flying in...

I saw a red-violet flash, and assumed she was a male. Simultaneously, I saw something on her beak.

But when she came in for a landing, understanding dawned on me!

Anna Hummingbird sitting on her nest

She does have a patch of the shiny red-violet feathers, which happened to flash at me from her neck. This is a normal trait for Annas, but I don't think females of any other species of hummer have a flashy gorget. In male Annas, their entire face is covered with those iridescent feathers, tho it looks black if the sun is not in the right position.

Anna Hummingbird on a nest, flashing her gorget

And she didn't have something ON her beak! She was carrying nesting material IN her beak! The bit of fluff was placed as soon as she landed. And then she was off for more!

Anna Hummingbird fixing her nest

oh how awesome!

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Rain today, YAY!

With the little bit we got yesterday, we got around 1.3 inches... a decent and normal amount for this time of year. But barely makes a dent in our super dry rainy season... We just had one of the driest Februarys in over 100 years, with less than an inch of rain falling during the month!

The 1.3 inches we just got brings our accumulation total to 6.36 inches. Normal would be 11.06 inches of rainfall. 4.7 inches behind. sighs.

I only got a couple of pics in the rain. So here's the rest of yesterday's photos which are not a nesting hummingbird!! :)

A pair of Brewer Blackbirds. These are the ones who hang out with the European Starlings.

Brewer Blackbirds, a female and male in a tree

Dark brown female at the top and the male in the background.

Cackling Geese...

Four Cackling Geese sitting in the grass

They are so cute. They always hang out with themselves in a huge flock... couple hundred maybe? And I've seen them many times out in the elementary schools fields! And then the children come out to play, and the flock rises up noisily to find a new place to hang out!


Pics and the Free Press!
Thursday 3 March 2022

There was enough rain to put some water into the Wet Prairie Ponds... but this is nowhere near normal for this time of year. That puddle should be three or four times bigger.

Water in the grass

Our Anna Hummingbird friend was away from the nest today. But dang, look at how camouflaged that nest is! I had trouble finding it again! The thorns you see are of an invasive Himalayan Blackberry.

Camouflaged hummingbird nest

Squirrel! The green on the right is Camas Lily leaves... but it'll be a while before they bloom.

Eastern Fox Squirrel

But the Cherry Blossoms are doing their thing!

Cherry Blossoms

I've been thinking about how important Journalism and the free press is, and I've decided to contribute a monthly donation to The Guardian.

I already pay for my local newspaper... It costs about 35$/month and then I include a big tip for my delivery person. So I typically spend around 550$ a year.

It's a 6 day paper delivery... they are going to quit delivering the Saturday paper, tho they will publish it online. I'm a bit annoyed, since I enjoy the dead-tree version.

But every day, there's a good page of comics, and decent puzzles. It's part of USA TODAY Network.

But I also read a ton of news online. The Guardian being one of those news sites. I like The Guardian specifically because there's not a pay wall, but it does let you know how many articles you've read. I'd gotten up to 86, I think! :)

I can't afford another newspaper subscription... The Guardian is 20$/month, or 200$/year.

But, like I said, Journalism is important. I want more journalism in the world. And it's important enough to me that I want to support journalism financially, especially journalism without a paywall!

Friday 4 March 2022

Hooded Mergansers are winter visitors at our little creek.

A female and male, Hooded Mergansers

Hummer is still working on her nest...

Anna Hummingbird, working on her nest

Anna Hummingbird, working on her nest

And someone who's thinking about napping rather than working!

Close up of a Great Blue Heron, eyes half shut

Cool Clouds!

Clouds and blue sky

Anna Hummingbird sitting on her incomplete nest

Brown Creeper Series
Saturday 5 March 2022

I just love it when I'm able to watch a bird for a couple minutes and capture a little bit of their day!

Today I got to watch a Brown Creeper...

Brown Creeper on the trunk of a tree

They are cute little birds who bounce up the trunks of trees, finding bugs in the bark. They are beautifully camouflaged!

A Brown Creeper, camouflaged against a tree trunk

Oh! We found a bug!

Brown Creeper with a bug in their beak

Oh, hey, it's a spider!

Brown Creeper holding a spider

Choking it down!

Brown Creeper eating the spider

*laughs* So cool!

Continued... At the River
Saturday 5 March 2022

Little bit of rain, little bit of spillover...

Water trickling in from the river to the ponds

A Spotted Towhee, was singing right next to the path. He gave me a look! *laughs*

Spotted Towhee looking right at the camera

A cool bug on some Osoberry leaves...

Bee looking bug sitting on green leaves

Not sure who that is, but it was a bit chilly for them to be out and they weren't moving around like they should have been.

Sunday 6 March 2022

oh! haha. Not a great angle! But I don't get to take pics of Juncos very often... they mostly bounce around on the ground, in the deepest shade they can find!

Dark Eyed Junco up in a tree

Dark Eye Juncos are cool because they come in all different colours... there are 15 races across North America, and several of those used to be considered separate species! So interesting! Of course, ours are called Oregon Juncos. :)

Here's a male Greenwing Teal and maybe an immature male Hooded Merganser.

Teal and Merganser

And I walked by the Hummingbird nest. Check out those blue-ish fibers on the inside. The white on the left side, on the outside, that's actually spider web.

Hummingbird nest

Um, hang on... is that... ?

Hummingbird egg in nest

It is! Oh my gosh! An Egg!!!!

I had to hold the camera over my head to get that last picture, so it's pretty blurry because I couldn't see what I was doing! *laughs* But that is def the curve of a single egg.

Monday 7 March 2022

I stopped by the Community Garden today. I suppose this is the new Garden Supervisor... but he's messing with me!

Silhouette of a male Anna Hummingbird on an old Sunflower head

Because their beautiful red-violet feathers on their face only flash at a certain angle with the sun, male Anna Hummingbirds are very aware of sun position. They aren't going to get any girls if they can't show them how beautiful they are, after all.

So this male knew exactly what he was doing when he put himself between me and the sun so I could only see his silhouette! *laughs*

ha, Blue on Blue...

Bluebird sitting on a railing with a blue background

And that blue, blue sky... which makes me sad during the rainy season.

Bare tree and blue sky

Still making a few adjustments to the nest...

Hummingbird in nest, fixing something with her beak

She is just so sweet to let me take photos of her.

Hummingbird sitting in her nest


Tuesday 8 March 2022

Song Sparrow and pussy willow

Western Bluebird

I always say Hi to the nesting Hummer when I come in and she checks me out and then she half closes her eyes, back in nap mode!

Nesting Anna Hummingbird

I am going to start making a concerted effort to make my stay near the nest as short as possible... Today I was there for 1 minute 10 seconds. That's too long. I don't want to disturb Mama.

But also I don't want to have to explain myself to any humans who happen to pass by behind me. They would see how focused I am taking pictures, and maybe ask, what do you see?

I am usually happy to share information about nature and the birds I see. But in this case, I don't want extra humans knowing about a vulnerable nest, which is so close to the bike path!

Wednesday 9 March 2022

This House Finch caught my eye.

House Finch in the pussy willows

One of the many reasons why I don't usually bother trying to take pics of Chickadees. heh.

Chickadee behind some twigs, obscuring their face!

At least the nesting hummer likes me.

Nesting Anna Hummingbird

National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers
Thursday 10 March 2022

Yay Abortion Providers!

Everyone who works and volunteers at abortion clinics is AWESOME!!

The last couple of years, I have sent out postcards to all the independent abortion clinics in the US. There's just over 100 of them, and it takes me around 9 months. :)

I did my first round in 2019. This postcard art was provided by Abortion Access Front, Thank Bank. (Unfortunately, the postcard art isn't linked any more.)

postcard art, Abortion Provider appreciation

In 2020, I made my own appreciative postcard...

Red Flowering Current and We Love Abortion Providers

And in 2021, I did a third round!

Tulips and pink Dogwood flowers and We Love Abortion Providers

I love sending out these postcards! I hope that sending a pretty picture and an encouraging and loving message, it makes people feel appreciated!

March 10th was chosen as Provider Appreciation Day because on this day, in 1993, Dr. David Gunn was the first abortion provider to be assassinated by an anti-abortion extremist. Since then ten more abortion providers have been murdered, and there have been 26 attempted murders. Not to mention hundreds of arson and bomb crimes and other threats to abortion clinics and the amazing people who work there.

Abortion Provider Appreciation Day at National Abortion Federation Send a Thank You Note to abortion providers.

Abortion Provider Appreciation Day at Abortion Care Network Links to some good articles.

AMSA Art & Appreciation for Abortion Providers Project Oh my gosh, this is awesome! Go check out this site!!

Back to the blurry birds. Here's a cute little Bewick Wren.

Bewick Wren standing on the ground, giving a look!

Oh! The Pacific Chorus Frogs are singing at this little wet prairie puddle!

a puddle in the grass

I've been worrying about our frogs... they usually start singing in December and I haven't heard any. Wikipedia puts these frogs conservation status at Least Concern... but I'm concerned!

Oh, nice. A Bewick Wren gave me a second chance!

Bewick Wren standing on a twig

a Two Hawk day!
Friday 11 March 2022

A Crow mobbing a Red Tail Hawk!

Crow mobbing a Red Tail Hawk in midair!

A pair of Mergansers.

A male and female Merganser in the water

Pretty pretty, Red Flowering Currant.

Pink flowers of Red Currant

Hey awesome, another hawk! This one is a Red Shoulder Hawk.

Red Shoulder Hawk in a tree

xxx And a hummer??

at the River, Part 1 Critter!
Saturday 12 March 2022

Spillover is still dry. :(

Dry Spillover between the river and the ponds

I'm walking along the bridge which raises the path over the Delta Ponds, and I look down at this creature...

Muskrat swimming

What in the world? But look at her cute face...

Close up of Muskrat face

Huh, turns out this is a Muskrat. They are native here in the Willamette Valley... and all across the US and Canada!


Here's something cool that you can kind of see in this photo. Muskrats tails are slightly flattened for swimming, but they are flattened vertically, in the opposite way that Beavers tails are!

Muskrat swimming

So Beavers can slap their tail, but Muskrats wave their tail side to side!

at the River Part 2 Everyone Else!
Saturday 12 March 2022

Cute Coots...

Two Coots in the water

(I like the birds with the red eyes!)

A Northern Flicker.

male Northern Flicker looking over a street lamp

He was drumming on the top of this street lamp, and it was a surprisingly beautiful and resonate sound!

Song Sparrow.

Song Sparrow standing on a log

My Manky Mallard friend...

female Mallard with white collar

A male Gadwall.

male Gadwall in the water

And a female Gadwall!

female Gadwall in the water

What an awesome day for photos!!

Hummer and Waterdogs
Sunday 13 March 2022

A bit of rain this morning. That's nice. Not sure how my Hummer friend feels about it!

Anna Hummingbird in her nest

Anna Hummingbird in her nest

Mama goes to get a snack... But we can't see what's in the nest...

Just the nest, we can't see what's inside

Here's a cool thing in today's comics...

Scan of todays Jump Start comic

Go Comics, Jump Start 03.13.2022

The Neuse River Waterdog was featured in the February edition of Scientific American, and I was totally fascinated by the article!!

Junk DNA Deforms Salamander Bodies

Their DNA is so very very long that the cells of the Waterdog are so big you can almost see them! Their DNA is 38 times longer than humans!

Turns out, having that much DNA really messes you up! It takes so long to copy the DNA, only to have to snip out all the junk to make it usable, that parts of Salamanders aren't able to grow up all the way... Their legs don't grow out and their toes are just buds, like a fetus, their brain stays in the embryonic stage, their optic nerves don't get myelin sheaths. There's craziness all around!

But because their growth stops here and there, before they are actually grown up, they're also filled with stem cells.

So, yep! Salamanders can re-grow any bits of themselves that get chewed off, or you know maliciously chopped off in the laboratory. (Scientists really are assholes.)

Good bits of their brains, grow back. Their heart gets chopped up, quits beating... but they live thru it and ha! that stupid broken heart grows back too!!!

Like I said. It's a really good article, and you should go read it! Because that Jump Start Comic is an invitation!

Monday 14 March 2022

Golden Crowned Sparrow standing on a twig

Anna Hummingbird on her nest

White Cherry Blossoms

Brown Creeper on a tree trunk

And back around to Mama...

Anna Hummingbird in her nest

Series: a Heron eats
Monday 14 March 2022

um. Holy Moly!

A Great Blue Heron with a fish

The poor fish has been stabbed, and the Heron is maneuvering it around to eat whole... this pic is a bit bloody.

A Great Blue Heron, fish is half in his mouth

Great Blue Heron with fish in his throat

eee. Carnivores. bleh.

And that fish was still alive as he went down. I wonder what he dies of... maybe lack of air? Sucks that he has to deal with hopelessness and stomach acid as he dies tho.

Sorry. Gruesome thoughts there. But, that's carnivores for ya. Herons can't go vegan... but we can! Think about it.

Tuesday 15 March 2022

White Crowned Sparrow standing on a twig

I walked west today and after I passed 11th, I heard frogs singing! I investigated, and ha! I didn't know there was a little pond here, it's hidden behind a little rise!

A little pond, behind a chain link fence

I wonder if it's a permanent pond or a wet prairie pond! Will have to check it out again thru the summer.

male Hooded Merganser, in the water

:) Something Artsy...

Silhouette of female and male Greenwing Teals on a log, surrounded by water and grass

Ha, their closed eyelids look funny!

Hmmm... actually I think I like those sweet Sleeping Teals well enough to make a postcard our of that pic! :)

Ah, Spring!

Cherry Blossoms

Day of Signs
Wednesday 16 March 2022

LFP art with the We Believe sign in the background

Black Lives Matter sign with a daffodil

And a sign of the Russian invasion of Ukraine...

Gas Prices at a 76 gas station, 4.999$/gal for regular unleaded and 6.099$/gal diesel

Purple Wallflowers

Roly Poly walking on the sidewalk

Song Sparrow standing on a twig

Thursday 17 March 2022

Oh awesome! I always get excited when I can fit more than one individual into a photo! :)

Fox Sparrow and Golden Crownned Sparrow

This is a Fox Sparrow and a Golden Crown Sparrow. Even more exciting since I don't see Fox Sparrows very often!

female Mallard in the water with a pair of Greenwing Teals, male and female

female Hooded Merganser in the water

Eastern Fox Squirrel on a branch

Mama Hummer takes a look at me, and then goes back to drowsing.

Anna Hummingbird sitting in her nest

I am pretty sure there's a baby in the nest today. One of my photos of the nest, when Mama is away, shows the tiniest bit of red-ish brown, maybe naked baby bird skin. :)

I was on my way home, just walking the last bit of the bike path before I turn off onto my street. There's a little boy with his skateboard on the bike path and when he sees me, he motions for me to Hurry Up!

He's looking down into the creek, but I have to walk past some trees and bushes to see what he sees. A Great Blue Heron!

Great Blue Heron standing in the creek

We chat, I tell him the name of the bird and he tells me he's practicing his skateboarding here because there's a tiny incline he can roll down.

Garden and Pens
Friday 18 March 2022

Looking past sticks and leaves at the Anna Hummingbird on her nest

I decided to go into the Community Garden today, to see if I needed to yank up any weeds in our plot.

Oh, pretty! Someone has Hyacinths blooming in their plot!

purple and pink Hyacinths

And a Seven Spot Ladybug on a cool leaf.

Seven Spot Ladybuy on a brown leaf

uh oh! Here's the EVIL Lesser Celandine, in a neighboring plot.

Very invasive Lesser Celadine with blooms

That stuff is super invasive, kills everything around it, even the grass! And spreads with seeds and tubers and these horrid little bulblets.

If you let it get established... yeah, when it gets to the point of blooming, it's established... it's extremely difficult to get rid of it. You have to dig it out, and scoop out all the dirt around it. You cannot put plants or dirt into the compost, it will survive and reproduce there! You have to haul the dirt to the landfill.

Crazy! But the first leaves are easily recognized. I always have a couple that try to grow in my plot, which is why I check the plot thru the winter. I dig them out when they've just got a leaf or two... They've grown up from seeds, so there aren't any tubers or bulblets I need to worry about.

Here's another invasive, tho this one is much more benign... Red Dead Nettle.

Red Dead Nettle

The Dead part of it's name means it doesn't sting like it's cousin, Stinging Nettle! Dead Nettle is so soft, it's actually a pleasure to run your hand thru a patch!

My Pen Loving Friend decides to count her pens... !!

Pen Expectations

in the next post she's laid down some rules... it's a PEN count...
... not refills (I don't really do refills, so okay!)
... not pencils (I've got a good drafting mechanical pencil, and a set of coloured pencils in my writing area, but I never use them to write).
... and not markers. (hmm. I have a big collection of Copics, which I do use to write, but only addresses on envelopes, nothing else. So, okay, that can be a separate count!)

Not pens in her infirmary... oh my gosh, I hate it when there's still ink but the nib is clogged or something and the ink flows unevenly!! I will move the pen to less demanding work area (like the kitchen where my partner and I write notes to each other) but if the problem persists, it goes to the trash!

And we're not counting decorative pens which are just eye candy and not actually used. Ah. I don't really buy this kind of pen. I do have one good fountain pen, which has a green barrel which delights me... but I bought that to use! For me, it's enough to just see a good, wild variety of pens in my workspace and that makes me happy! :)

So, I think that's all the rules of our game!

Oddness at the River
Saturday 19 March 2022

Greenway Pedistrian brige

Still no rain, and a dry spillover.

Dry spillover between the river and ponds.  And a Canada Goose.

What the... ???

A skeleton foot on a fence post

Um. Yeah. That's a human skeleton foot on a fence post. Why did someone leave their skeleton foot at the Delta Ponds? Why did someone Bring their skeleton foot to the Delta Ponds? heh, who knows... it's Eugene!

blooms of Red Flowering Currant

Song Sparrow on a twig

Getting artsy with some Grape Hyacinths!

Grape Hyacinth blooms with river in the background

Birdwatchers, church-goers and TV addicts are considered dull All these hobbies were judged to be worse even than stamp-collecting.


Fortunately, the least boring are actors, scientists and journalists (and in particular science journalists)

So since I'm a Naturalist who writes about the birds I see... I'm in the exciting category rather than the boring category.


Sunday 20 March 2022

Could you please fix your feathers!

Golden Crown Sparrow standing on a twig

Blurry Bird!

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

This is currently the only Manky Mallard at the nearby creek.

fem Mallard with dark feathers

Every time I first glimpse her, behind some shrubbery or whatever, all I see is a dark or black duck. And I get excited because I think I'm looking at a new species! And then I walk around the shrubs and Oh. It's just you again. *laughs*

You can see how much darker she is from a standard Mallard...

Female Mallard

Our Mama Hummer still sits.

Nesting Anna Hummingbird

Oh pretty, Forsythia is blooming.

Forsythia blooms with a pale pink background

Bad Pics
Monday 21 March 2022

Not a great day for photos, kind of dreary and drizzly. So here's a couple blurry birds for ya!

Anna Hummingbird on her nest

Cooper Hawk

But then... Look at the colour varieties in all these trees! This makes me happy, when blurry birds do not! :)

Different colour spring trees

Exciting Hummer Day
Tuesday 22 March 2022

Oh, hey! a Wood Duck! Has she returned to the creek for a second year?!

female Wood Duck in the water

I don't usually do selfies, but today Blazey, the bike path ambassador, climbed up into my lap for cuddles and I just couldn't resist!

Blazey the cat with a human in the background

I set Blazey down and I got up to move on. There was a woman with pink hair, who had seen me taking photos with Blazey and we grinned at each other... Maybe we are both closeted cat people. :) I said, He's ready for his next customer! and we laughed together.

Bad exposure on this pic of the Hummer nest today. But I'm positive I saw somebody moving around in there!! I think we have a baby!

Hummingbird nest

And then Mama Hummer came back... and oh my gosh, she's feeding somebody! Her back is turned to me and I can't see past her. And there's still no photographic proof, either, darn it. But we definitely have a baby today!

Close up of some Lawn Daisies

Wednesday 23 March 2022

Looking up at the sky... I wonder what she sees.

Nesting Anna Hummingbird

Singing Song Sparrow on a twig

These are pretty. They remind me of Poppies, but these are short, low to the ground, and it's way too early for Opium Poppies to be blooming.

Poppy Look Alikes

oh good! The male Wood Duck has returned as well! I didn't see him with the female yesterday.

Male Wood Duck in the water

Community Garden
Thursday 24 March 2022

Keeping the baby warm...

Anna Hummingbird on her nest

I decide to go into the Garden again today, instead of just walking past it. That neighbor's Hyacinths are still blooming.

Pink Hyacinths

And I have another invasive to yank out of our garden plot. This is Creeping Buttercup...

Creeping Buttercup plant with a wood background

Creeping Buttercup is not as problematic as the Lesser Celandine, I mentioned the other day. It's more just annoying. It has the typical yellow flowers of buttercups and spreads with seed and stems which creep along the ground and root at nodes to create new plants.

That's what this one is... a node at the back of the plot, right up against the neighbor's raised bed. There's also some Creeping Buttercup in the grassy pathway at the front of the plot... I really should get my dandelion tool and just pry all of that up, since it creates a perpetual problem!

The crown of the plant goes down a little bit, and if you just grab the leaves, they will break off and leave the crown in the dirt. Which, of course, will just keep growing! So that dandelion tool works well to get under the crown so you can get all the important bits out. It's okay to leave the roots, they'll die without the crown.

Technically, Comfrey is an invasive weed as well... But it's slow to spread, and has pretty flowers. It does get big, tho, so it's probably annoying if it's growing where you don't want it. But that is the definition of a weed, after all!

Looking down at the leaves of a Comfrey plant

Oh, look how lovely!

a green Caterpillar, curled up on a leaf

I've scared him, but isn't he pretty!

oop! haha! Off she goes!

blurry Anna Hummingbird flying away from her nest

Oh Little Baaabbby? Don't you want to stick your head up??

Hummingbird nest

*laughs* nope. bummer.

Golden Crowned Sparrow

Wow! Raccoon of a Different Colour!
Friday 25 March 2022

Oh my gosh! This is amazing! A Blonde Raccoon!!!

a blurry Blond Raccoon

Sorry about the blurry pics, but I didn't get the chance the spend time with this lovely but shy and anxious person...

a blurry Blond Raccoon

I did a little research. The Blonde colour in raccoons is a simple recessive trait, but it's incredibly rare. Not quite as rare as Albino, but rare!

XXX (more info to follow!)

This web site has some good, interesting information:

Elusive blond raccoon spotted on small island

a blurry Blond Raccoon

And, incidentally... since I've been chatting about the invasives in the garden... You see the yellow flowers in the top two photos? The raccoon is walking across a bad Lesser Celandine infestation. This is on the bank of the creek, and you can see how the evil things have killed a lot of the grass. Grass which is needed to stabilize the creek bank. sighs.

Anna Hummingbird on her nest

And in book related news... (yeah, remember how I was going to chat about books and reading on fridays? haha, that was end of January and hasn't happened since!)

A head librarian in Texas has been fired for making good trouble. She refused to remove the 800+ books that Texas wants banned. She worked at a PUBLIC library

Daily Kos: Texas librarian fired for not pulling books off the shelves in banned book purge

Kingsland librarian fired amid controversy over advisory board

So. This is bad. Really really bad.

I am utterly disgusted at what republican politicians are trying to do across the country, taking away everyone's rights.

And it's devastating to watch our democracy crumble.

at the River
Saturday 26 March 2022

I park behind a soccer field, and these guys have been practicing every saturday morning...

four men practicing Irish Hurling

The game is Irish Hurling! And it looks crazy! I am glad to see helmets... probably easy to get wacked in the face!

The Traditional Irish Game Hurling info and a showcase video

Dry spillover...

Spillover between the river and the ponds

Lots of Vultures out today, I wish I could have gotten a decent pic.

Turkey Vulture on a branch

Warm enough for the turtles to come out. These are the invasive Red Ear Sliders, but isn't that shell beautiful!

Red Eared Sliders sunning on a log

hmmm... hello?

the back of a Red Tail Hawk, standing on a snag


Red Tail Hawk, standing on a snag

The Willamette River and Skinner Butte...

Willamette River and Skinner Butte in the background

Chickadee Series
Sunday 27 March 2022

Another one who needs to fix their feathers!

Golden Crowned Sparrow standing on a twig

And what the heck is going on here? A blurry bird series!

Chickadee on a snag

ummm... Are Chickadees cavity nesters? Yep! They are! I learned something new today!

Chickadee tail feathers sticking out of a hole in the snag

But she keeps looking over at me. I'm not close, but I'm obviously bothering her.

Chickadee on a snag

But I can't resist taking a couple more blurry pics.

Chickadee on a snag

Such cute little birds. I wish I could take decent pics of Chickadees, but it is never to be!

Chickadee on a snag

(Later) The Chickadees decided not to use this hole in the snag, after all... I didn't see them at the snag again. Undoubtedly my fault for staring at them and bothering the female while she's trying to do cleanup.

Sighs. Sorry, little ones!

Proof of Baby!
Sunday 27 March 2022

Nesting Anna Hummingbird

And then she flies away. hmmm... is that somebody in there?

Hummingbird nest

Yes! There's someone moving around!

blurry movement from inside the Hummingbird nest

Oh my gosh! That's a blurry baby! YAY!

blurry baby Hummingbird in the nest

Funny how short her beak is!

And now she's in prime position for when Mama comes back with food!

baby hummer points her face up

Aww! Just Too Cute!

Hummer Baby Series
Monday 28 March 2022

Mom's out getting food. But you can see a bit of baby feather fluff in the nest!

Anna Hummingbird nest

Ah, here she is!

Mama Anna Hummingbird at the nest wih baby peaking her head up

Hey! Hello! Hungry here!

Mama Anna Hummingbird looks around while baby has mouth open

Holy Moly... does that beak full of food go directly into the stomach?! sheesh!

Mama Anna Hummingbird feeding baby

Ha, trying to get comfortable... we are sitting on the nest more than in the nest!

Mama Anna Hummingbird on the nest

part 2
Monday 28 March 2022

Our Manky Mallard friend at the creek...

Dark coloured female Mallard

She does have a boyfriend, I wonder if she will pass on her dark colour to her children!

Ha, Artsy Crow! Interesting colours, huh! I like!

American Crow standing in a Maple tree starting to leaf out in spring

A weeping cherry tree drapes blossoms over some tulips!

Cherry Blossoms and Tulips

out to Stewart Pond
Tuesday 29 March 2022

Something pretty.

Red Tulips with Daffodils and Grape Hyacinths in the background

Lesser Goldfinch standing on a twig

Oh! The first Barn Swallow of the season!

Barn Swallow standing on a phone line

Trilliums blooming!

Trillium blooms

And... hmm... :)

A blooming pansy growing in a crack in the road

The pansy reminds me of the Ukrainian lady who told the Russian soldier to put Sunflower seeds in his pocket.

You remember at the very beginning of the war, day one, in fact, Russian warship, go fuck yourself.

Ukraine gives medal to soldier who told Russian officer to go fuck yourself
Heh. but...oh my god, the radio recording (video at the top of the page) is really disturbing. Well, this is it...


Ukraine reveals Russian warship, go fuck yourself! postage stamp
*laughs* How do I get one?!

Into the Garden
Wednesday 30 March 2022

Silhouette of a Turkey Vulture, flying

Last fall, I had planted a couple patches of Fava Beans as a winter cover crop. At some point we got some freezing weather which killed most of the Fava plants, but a couple survived...

A Fava Bean plant

But look how chewed up it is. The slugs have been munching on it. And I didn't really mean to provide a dinner salad buffet for them all thru the winter! *laughs*

Oop, another little Creeping Buttercup to dig out.

Several leaves of Creeping Buttercup

Pretty, pretty! Grape Hyacinths.

Many Grape Hyacinths blooming in the grass

And our cute little baby hummingbird is all set for Mama to come back.

Baby Anna Hummingbird in the nest

I wonder when her eyes will open.

Surprise at the Hummer Nest
Thursday 31 March 2022

I saw this photo and I'm all Ohh! How cute! A beak and a tail!

A beak and a tail sticking out of the Anna Hummingbird nest?

But then I looked closer. I think that's actually two beaks! Two baby hummers!?!

*laughs* It's normal for Anna Hummingbirds to have two babies... but since I'd only just seen the one, I assumed there was just one!

Great Blue Heron standing in water by the bank

European Starling with some leaves

Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility! YAY!

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