July 2022

Bluebird Fledglings!!
Friday 1 July 2022

A female River Jewelwing damselfly! and a bug! :)

female River Jewelwing standing on a blade of grass

Aw! The Bluebird babies from the nesting boxes at the garden have fledged! Just two kids, this year.

Two Western Bluebird fledglings, standing on the fence

Here's Papa with some food. You gotta be on the top rung, kid!

Bluebird fledglings on the fence with papa feeding the top one

There you go!

Both Bluebird fledglings at the top of the fence, papa flies by

Dang they are CUTE!

Bluebird fledglines

Friday 1 July 2022

Eastern Fox Squirrel in a tree

So. I arrive at the garden. And there's this mess at the front, on the Evil Neighbor's side. What the hell?

The jerk has finally shown up, and weeded his front raised beds... and threw some of the weeds in my plot and didn't clean them up! GAH!

Just one of the reasons why he's the Evil Neighbor, ya know?!

But wait... haha, look what was under some of the weeds...

Tossed strawberry plant

That's a dried up and pathetic looking Strawberry plant. It might be too far gone, but heck, I'm going to add it to my own little strawberry patch and see what happens.

He's still a jerk, tho!

So, here's what I actually wanted to do today... The big Comfrey plant is starting to sprawl all over the poor little Sweet Potatoes.

Comfrey plant sprawling

So we give it a little trim. Wow, look at how much tidier it looks.

After picture

And never mind how little those two Sweet Potato plants are. Yeah, I transplanted them a month ago, and they've not grown at all since then. Stupid garden. But at least they are still alive.

I'm letting this last volunteer Elephant Garlic bloom... I had eaten the other ones as scapes! Yum!

Elephant Garlic Bloom

Sighs, poor munched Spaghetti Squash.

Spaghetti Squash leaf getting munched

Pretty weeds.

Bind Weed blooms and other weeds

At the River
Saturday 2 July 2022

Tequila Supreme, Floribunda Rose

Happy Go Lucky, Grandiflora Rose

Osprey landing at the nest, one other in the nest

Chickadee on the ground with wood sorrel in the background

A lovely, dreary day!

Willamette River from the Greenway walking bridge

Still water coming into the ponds!

Water in the spillover

a Nutria in the water

Black Headed Grosbeak, standing on a twig

The Willamette River


Big Leaf Maple leaves and keys over the river

Mama Mallard and duckling in the water

Emma Dancer on the path

Sunday 3 July 2022

Our sweet Muscovy friend is hanging out with the Mallards at Ducky Tree today.

Muscovy duck napping on the ground

A mallard napping and a mallard standing on a rock

Strawberry fruit and blossoms on the plant

um. hmm. This tomato plant was Supposed to be a big, slicer called Celebrity. But these look like Roma tomatoes! I wonder if I got them mixed up when I planted them?! ha.

Two green Roma tomatoes growning on the plant

Potatoes! They are so cute! They make me happy!

Small potato plants

Papa Bluebird...

Male Western Bluebird, standing on the fence

And Mama Bluebird!

Female Western Bluebird, standing on the fence

Monday 4 July 2022

Well. The 4th of July is Independence Day, here in the USA.

Unfortunately, women and others here have lost the federal right to bodily autonomy when SCOTUS overturned Roe v Wade, ten days ago.

We are no longer independent. We can no longer make decisions for ourselves about our health care. The state now has the right to control people's uteruses.

Mama Doctor Jones has a brilliant video on this...

Mama Doctor Jones: Doctor Discusses Abortion & Roe Vs. Wade Overturn
Just 29 seconds, watch it!

(the longer and more involved video was made on May 16, after the SCOTUS leak. It's over 28 minutes long...
Mama Doctor Jones: Doctor Explains Roe vs Wade... What Overturning Means for Health & Autonomy in Pregnancy )

Easter Fox Squirrel on a branch

I am headed out to Stewart Pond to look at the Robin's nest again.

But first... for historical purposes!

The price of a gallon of gasoline is 5.499$

Here we are! I just love the colours of the prairie!

Prairie with trees in the background

Song Sparrow standing on a twig, surrounded by green

And here's the Robin nest... two beaks and a lump! Yay!

Two beaks and a little lump of baby robins peeking over the top of the nest

I scoot around, thinking I could get a better view over here. gah. Stupid stick. Stupid leaves! *laughs*

Four baby robins in the nest

Hard to tell, but the above is actually four babies... the two beaks on either side of the stick are two individuals!

Oh No! Here's one of the parents, and they are MAD at me! Dang it, that glare down at me is like poison! I wish I hadn't gotten on their bad side!

Parent Robin at the nest, a couple babies begging

But I stick around to see a bit more.

Parent Robin with a couple babies

Annnnd... This is what she thinks of me! (That's a poo sack she's holding. She'll take away from the nest to keep it tidy.)

Parent Robin with a poo sack in her beak

Okay, okay! I get the message! I'm moving on!

Song Sparrow on a twig

Oregon Grape fruits

And a little piggy cuteness... Here's Dawn the Guinea Pig!

White Guinea Pig Dawn, eating hay

Chickadee Day
Tuesday 5 July 2022

Going out to Stewart Pond again to look at the baby Robins!

Neighborhood flowers

So artsy! This is a female River Jewelwing damselfly.

Damselfly in the grass

A Pacific Clubtail dragonfly, warming up on the bike path.

Pacific Clubtail on the sidewalk

Oh, hey! Another River Jewlwing! This is the male.

male River Jewelwing on a leaf

Song Sparrow on a twig

Here we are at the Ponds.

Stewart Ponds prairie

oh Crud! They are mowing... The Robin's nest is in a tree right on the edge of the little forest, and beyond it is a field where there's several Frisbee Golf target baskets. (It's also mowed to control weeds like English Ivy and Himalayan Blackberries!)

But they are mowing so close, and it's so loud! Everyone is hunkering down in the nest, and no sign of either parent.

Robins nest in a tree

Well. That's disappointing that I didn't get to see the babies today. But I go round the corner, and oh hey!

Chickadee standing on a twig

There's a handful of Chickadees, bouncing around in the Poison Hemlocks. Maybe they are eating bugs on the flowers?

Upside down Chickadee, hanging from a Hemlock flower

They are so cute. I wish I could catch them more often, but they usually bounce around too quickly for the camera.

Chickadee in the Hemlocks

Oh my gosh, the new BWD Mag arrived today and I am so excited and Happy!

BWD Magazine Birds, Wonder & Delight! :)

Formerly Bird Watchers Digest, which suddenly and unexpectedly went under in December 2021... It was just tragic, especially after everything that had happened to the Thompson family who started it. It made me cry a lot.

But everyone involved with the magazine, loved it so much, that they are working to make it happen again!

BWD is Back! (Please Subscribe!)
23 April 2022 post at Julie Zickefoose's blog

Stewart Pond, No Robin Babies
Wednesday 6 July 2022

Black and White cat in the flowers

Oh my gosh, I just can't get over the colours at the prairie!

Grasses at the prairie

Pink flowers on the prairie, trees in the background

The pink flowers are a little too far away to see clearly from the road, and I had assumed it was invasive Sweet Pea... but look! It's actually Checker Mallow!

bright pink Checker Mallow blooms

Pretty, pretty!

Close up of pink Checker Mallow blooms

I walk thru the little forest.

Path thru a forest

And arrive at the Robin's nest.

Nest up in a tree

Um? It's empty. It's obviously empty. And I guess it was empty yesterday, when they were mowing as well.

What the heck? The babies I saw on Monday, were not giving me the impression that they were ready to fledge. Did the mowing force them out early? Or were they actually ready to go? WAI! I don't know!

When I got home, I hit the internets! Whoa! From the time they hatch, baby Robins are only in the nest for 14 days and then they are ready to start flying.

Dang that's fast! I should have been paying more attention! Here's a good page about it:

Baby American Robins: All you need to know (with pictures)
The pics there are super cute!

Well. That's a bummer that I wasn't able to spend more time with baby Robins. But their parents were irritated with my anyway, so maybe it's for the best.

When I was looking thru my pics of the empty nest... What in the world?!!!

a tiny creature on a twig next to the nest

Like, Seriously! Is that a tiny creature??! She's looking down at me! ha!

Bettle on a twig

Some kind of beetle, maybe? But how weird and wonderful! :)

Well. Here's a Robin, finally! One of the parents, still keeping their evil eye on me? :)

American Robin on a branch

I go round the corner. Oh! Beautiful! Butterfly! A Western Tiger Swallowtail. Interested in the Himalayan Blackberry blooms, again.

Butterlfy on some flowers

On the way back home, there was some kind of event going on in the park behind the apartments. A storage pod and a port-a-potty had been set up and there were kids all over the place!

There were a couple kids at the edge of the park, I was watching them as I walked, trying to figure out what was going on. The oldest boy noticed me and turned around and motioned shhh. I tilted my head in question, and he whispered We're playing hide and seek!

Ahh! *laughs*

I looked it up when I got home. Eugene Rec has organized a Fun For All to provide activities for kids at some of our parks thru the summer. It runs 10am to 4pm M-F. It's free and a free lunch is provided!

So Awesome. This is the kind of thing that makes me proud to live in Eugene!

Garden Update Plus Birds
Thursday 7 July 2022

The Mallards at the creek continue to try to have children. With H5N1 killing most of the babies, I can't imagine how hard that is for the Mamas.

Mallard Mama with two ducklings in the water

Oh, nice! Freebie tomato plants at the Community Garden!

Tomato starts on a picnic table

Well, it's a bit late to be planting damaged and seriously root bound vege plants. And I already have an excess of tomato plants. But what the heck. I grab two plants which already have a full sized fruit on each... If they die I'll have a couple fried green tomatoes, if they live I'll get to try out a new kind of tom!

A green tomato on a plant

I find some space and dig out some weeds for the new plants... one next to the Giant Marigolds, and one next to the Lemon Cucumber row cover.

Garden plot

One of the Zucchini plants that got munched almost to death by Striped Cucumber Beetles has decided to live, after all. That's nice, but with such a rough start to life, I doubt it will make many zucs.

Zucchini plant in the ground

The heirloom Yellow Pear Tomato plant is making fruits!

Small, green pear shaped tomatoes on the plant

A Violet Green Swallow.

Swallow standing on a wire trellis

Daisies in the grass with some blue flowers

Aww! One of the Bluebird Fledglings!

Bluebird fledgling standing on a trellis

And here's Mama Bluebird.

Female Bluebird standing on a nesting box

On the walk home, I meet up with my Muscovy friend.

Muscovy duck standing on the ground

And at home, I rinse off the lettuce I picked at the garden. Dawn the Guinea Pig will Love this!!

Green and purple lettuce leaves in a collander

Friday 8 July 2022

The Magnolia Trees on my street are blooming.

Magnolia bloom surrounded by the leaves of the tree

Magnolia trees are amazing to me! These trees are so old, they showed up before bees evolved and the flowers were probably pollinated by beetles! 95 million years. That's just crazy interesting to me! :)

Huh, this is weird... Mama ducks don't usually bring their babies to hang out with a bunch of other adults. I guess the duck food someone threw down was too tempting.

Ducks on the river bank, with three ducklings

ducking on the ground, eating

Western Bluebird standing on the fence

Okay. Chopping down some grass at the garden! This little section in the front has gotten totally out of control. I let it go because the Crocuses are in there, somewhere. And also a couple of the Columbines. Here's the BEFORE picture...

A corner of the garden plot, the grass is tall

The red fence post is marking the front left of the garden plot with the pathway on the left in the pic. Here's AFTER...

Grass in the section is cut down

Much nicer! ... Or at least, much less likely to count against us when they do plot inspections! ha.

Two plantings of Wax Beans are all coming up, tho a bit munched by the slugs. That's a couple of leftover Fava at the top... it was the winter cover crop, and mostly died off at the beginning of January, in a cold snap. I left the few that survived.

Wax Bean patch

(The sticks are marking the border to the next plot. She's got some serious Comfrey going there!)


Striped Cucumber Beetle in a squash blossom

Well. At least there's not hundreds devouring the entire stupid plants.

Three Cucumber Beetles on Squash leaves

Hi, Beautiful!

Crow standing on the fence, looking over her shoulder

Downtown Riverfront? Nope.
Saturday 9 July 2022

Towhee standing on a twig

Oh. These are interesting pod thingees! Sign calls this an Empress Tree. It had purple blossoms in the spring. Oh. And is very invasive in southeast US, from Asia.

Looking up at leaves and brown pods, many open

Twilight Zone Grandiflora Rose

Two kids, still at the Osprey nest

Two Juvenile Ospreys standing in the nest

Oh wait...

Nest and an Osprey flying nearby

Oh, wow! It's the third kid, and she's caught a fish!!

Osprey landing in the nest with a fish in her talons

And she's def not sharing!! *laughs*

Third Osprey protects her meal from the other two

So I was headed towards the new Downtown Riverfront park... but, oh. What's this?

Barriers across the bike path

Well, crud. Past the barriers you can walk by, is a 6ft, covered chain link fence... you can't even see what they're doing in there. They've closed the park in preparation of the World Athletics Championship, which is 15 to 25 July.

I knew they'd be using the new park for events. But bummed I can't walk thru the park today.

The sign says to detour around the park, just follow the colourful arrows! uh huh. There's ONE stupid arrow and I get lost at the edge of downtown pretty quickly! sighs. Major Fail, Eugene!

Looking across a bridge at the river and steam plant

And oh the irony... the new banners that cover up the broken windows at the old Steam Plant say The Place To Be. And, well, yeah! That's where I wanted to be! Down there! Not up here on this stupid car bridge! :Pbttt

My sense of direction gets turned around, but I get back to the path going back to the Rose Garden.

Timeless, Hybrid Tea Roses

Pink Promise, Hybrid Tea Rose

Strike It Rich, Grandiflora Rose


The brutal US abortion ruling is a potential death sentence for all pregnant women Doctors in many states are now barred from intervening unless they're sure someone is about to die. Inevitably, some will.

Abortion is health care. and Criminalizing health care is never good for anyone.

Sunday 10 July 2022

I'm heading to the garden again today, but I get some walking in first! And look who I found... It's the Mama Duck who got her tail ripped off. I can't believe she's still alive!

Female Mallard with no tail feathers, in the water

Eastern Fox Squirrel on a wood fence

Oh, awesome! This is a Pacific Clubtail...

Pacific Clubtail dragonfly standing on green leaves

And at the garden... Holey leaves on the Zucchini plant, even under the row cover? Dang it!

Zucchini plant under a row cover

Oh... that looks like slug damage. Foo. Well, I'm not putting the row cover back on, so if it survives the slugs, it will also have to survive any remaining Cucumber Beetles. Sighs. Gardening is stupid.

Zucchini plant with slug munched leaves

Well. Here's something nice to cheer me up!

Ripe Strawberry hanging from the plant

Lots O Birds
Monday 11 July 2022

Muscovy duck standing on a rock

Female Western Bluebird standing on the fence

Oh, hello? What the heck is going on with this roof?

House Sparrow standing on the fence looking at a nest box with a tilted roof


House Sparrow standing on the fence looking at a nest box with a tilted roof

Everybody okay in there?

House Sparrow looking into the nest box from the open roof

Ya'll see this? Do you know what happened?

House sparrow looking down from the fence next to the nest box

*laughs* Can we get some roof maintenance here?!

Okay! So the freebie, mystery tomato plants that I got last week, do actually have names! I had grabbed two Gold Medal tomatoes, and there are some Brandywines on the picnic table as well. It's probably pointless, but I grab two more of each!

Tomato Plant with a small tomato growing on it

The Gold Medals each have a single tomato growing on them, so that's four free tomatoes... plus a summer of pointless watering, since they probably won't have time to do anything else besides get their roots in order! ha.

Giant Marigolds are thinking about doing something...

Marigold about to bloom

And the Heirloom Yellow Pear Tomato is definitely doing stuff! Yay!

Green tomatoes on the plant

Damn you!

Striped Cucumber Beetle

On the way home, I came across a happy crow family. I interrupted one of the kids getting preened by a parent. Here's kid, you can tell she's a fledgling by that little bit of pink gape on her mouth.

Crow Fledgling, walking on the ground

And here's one of the parents, caw, cawing! Both crow parents help raise the kids, and they sometimes have a third helper parent as well.

Crow cawing, standing on the ground

more garden
Tuesday 12 July 2022

Ha! The House Sparrow fledgling is still a funny ball of fluff!

House Sparrow fledgling, standing on the fence

Mama Bluebird...

Female Western Bluebird standing on a post

The lettuce is so pretty.

Purple lettuce in the weeds

A wildflower in the garden that I want to learn about...

Smartweed blooms

Lovely, lovely Strawberries.

Green Strawberries on the plant

Cute potato plants.

Little potato plants

Fly on a sunflower petal

Bee flying to a sunflower

Blue Sky Photos
Wednesday 13 July 2022

I don't know what tree this is. The leaves are about the size and shape of sunflower leaves, and it makes long, black bean pods in the autumn.

White tree blossoms with streaks of purple and orange

The flowers make me think of candy!

Sighs. More ducklings. Seven babies in this new family. They will not survive avian flu, H5N1. :( It's killed most all the babies this year, but the parents keep trying.

Mama Mallard with duckling, paddling in the water

Oh, hey! Is this the House Sparrow fledgling? Looking decidedly less fluffy today!

House Sparrow fledgling standing on a post

House Sparrow flies from post

I am enjoying the blue sky today...

Green leaves and blue sky

Cirrus clouds and blue sky

Blue Borage blossoms and blue sky

Tomato blossoms and blue sky

Some Sun Golds, in the making!

Green Sun Gold cherry tomatoes

A few of last winter's cover crop of fava have survived to make pods...

Fava plant with green pods on it

Supposedly Fava beans taste like Lima beans. I hate Lima beans! haha! So I'm not going to eat these!

green Fava pods held in hand

Stewart Pond
Thursday 14 July 2022

White flower with black background

Wow. So bright, I caught sight of him from far away!

Goldfinch standing in a pine tree

Blurry Goldfinch flying away

Dang it... why did this one have to be too far away as well?!

Lazuli Bunting standing in a pine tree

He's a Lazuli Bunting, a summer visitor here.

Price of gas is still pretty high. I think it topped out at 5.499$/gal at the beginning of the month.

Price of gas at a 76 Station is 5.299dol/gal

Chicory bloom

The Wet Prairie at Stewart Pond Park

Eastern Fox Squirrel on a tree trunk

Himalayian Blackberry blossoms and fruit forming

Graffiti, I heart gays

*laughs* Me too!!

State of the Garden... and WHOA!
Friday 15 July 2022

The Whoa involves a pic of a Heron, and comes at the end. Because I'm all about click bait these days!

Bahaha!!! Did I make you laugh as well???

Front right of the garden plot...

Garden plot, front right

Lemon Cucs in front. Much of the green in the middle is the very successful Mammoth Clover, which utterly failed as a winter cover crop a couple years ago. haha. There's various cherry tomato plants in there: a couple Sun Golds and a heirloom Yellow Pear tom. On the right, you can just barely see the little Leeks.

Right side middle...

Garden plot, right middle

Under the big row cover is the secondary patch of Lemon Cucumbers. I'm removing the little row cover today, there's a green Zucchini under it. You can't really see it, but in the middle of the pic there are a couple Gold Medal, freebies tucked in the Giant Marigolds.

And the first Marigold is blooming today!

Marigold bloom

And the back corner, is bolting lettuce and some beets and I'm letting it go wild now...

Garden plot, back right

In the front is a yellow Zucchini. And the new strawberry patch is on the left.

The left side of the garden...

Left side of garden plot

That's two little Sweet Potatoes in front of a big Comfrey. You can't see the rest, but there's a regular potato patch, a couple freebie Brandywine tomatoes, the Wax Bean patch, and another green Zucchini. Along with some random fava which has survived as the winter cover crop!

I've got several volunteer Elephant Garlics, and I've been eating the scapes. But this one I've let bloom!

Elephant Garlic bloom

Oh pretty! Someone has Gladiolus in their plot!

pink Gladiolus

And then walk home...

Crow standing on a fir tree branch

And here's the Whoa! I promised... Was taking pics of this Great Blue Heron...

Great Blue Heron

When the focus on the camera went wonky and revealed...

Eight Spot Skimmer with Great Blue Heron in the background

Ha! Wow! He's an Eight Spot Skimmer and I didn't even know he was there until I saw my pics!

It's funny because usually I get so mad when then camera loses focus on my target!!

New Ospery Nest
Saturday 16 July 2022

So I've looked at a map, and I hope I get around the new Downtown Riverfront Park without getting lost this time. It's closed because they are using it for the World Athletics Championships, which started yesterday and runs until the 25th.

This amazing mural just outside the Rose Garden was finished just in time for the Championships.

Mural of birds and roses

And, of course, you can't go by the Rose Garden without obsessively taking photos of the roses.

Strike It Rich, Grandiflora rose

Grande Dame, Hybrid Tea rose

And then we gotta check the Osprey nest on the other side of the river. There's one child there today, and she takes off ... only to make a loop and come back to the nest.

Osprey flying back to the nest platform

Osprey lands in the nest