Stewart Pond and Pretty Clouds
Wednesday 1 March 2023

Dang it, Wes Crusher! You're always running away and not letting me get your portrait!

Western Grey Squirrel climbing up a trunk behind some branches

Golden Crown Sparrow standing in a bush, surrounded by twigs

Puffy white cloud with blue sky

The wet prairie pond needs more water...

Wet Prairie Pond, lots of grasses coming up

This one flew in as I walked up the street towards the park. I think she's a Red Tail.

Red Tail Hawk standing in a tree behind many sticks

Annnnddd she flew off before I could get closer.

Silhouette of a hawk flying

But I could see where she landed next!

Silhouette of a hawk standing on a branch

Oh the clouds today!

White puffy clouds over a path thru the grass

American Robin standing on a mossy twig


Stack of rocks at the edge of the forst

Rock cairns are used to mark trails in some places and so building new rock cairns randomly is considered vandalism... it messes up the view for other hikers.

Rock cairns in the city seem pretty innocuous. Except for one important thing... creatures live under those rocks. All kinds of wonderful creatures!

So even if you think that rock cairns are Capital-A-Art... it's not worth it if you've put thousands of creatures out of a home by lifting up their rock!

What are Rock Cairns and Why You Shouldn't Build Them

The ponds in the forest are pretty pathetic too.

small Wet Prairie Pond in a forest

Ah Spring! Pussy Willows!

Willow Catkins

and from the news...

Cartoonists say a rebuke of Dilbert creator Scott Adams is long overdue

Yeah. I have to agree. Scott Adams has always been kind of a POS. And now he has revealed himself to be a major POS!

And I am happy to report that Dilbert has been removed from my local newspaper! Good Riddance!

They haven't found a replacement comic yet and so currently, the space looks like this...

Blurry, Blurry Birds
Thursday 2 March 2023

It's dreary and chilly... about 6° below normal, it's 48°F when it should be 54°. But my spirits are lifted right away because a guy on a bike goes by, throwing out peanuts in the shell to the Crows and Scrub Jays! Yay Peanut Guy!

Oh cool... A male Downy Woodpecker is pecking a hole. Looking for a bug, I suppose, but that's a pretty big dent in the tree!

male Downy Woodpecker sitting on a branch, a pecked hole in front of him

haha... this girl looked at me...

Eastern Fox Squirrel standing on a fence post

And then decided to look at me from a safer spot!! :)

Eastern Fox Squirrel standing in the crook of a tree

Killdeer standing in grass and mud

There's an RV show going on at the nearby Events Center. They roped off the grassy areas... it's parking space during the summer when it's dry. But right now it's a Wet Prairie puddle.

And it looks like a bunch of RVs went around the ropes and drove into the grassy area. It's now a muddy mess with deep ruts. Very ugly and very stupid.

But! The deep ruts and churned up mud have confused the worms who live there, and the robins are having a heyday gobbling them up. And, it's attracted these Killdeers to the party as well!

So today when I'm getting pics of the happy Killdeers, a lady with an excitable Golden Retriever walks by. Documenting the damage?

I turn to her with a smile, Actually, there's a couple Killdeers over there! And then, while her dog is slobbering on my hand :) I tell her that I was distressed about the damage at first, but the Robins are loving it, for all the worms!

Killdeer standing in grass and mud

Lesser Goldfinch standing on a twig

Lots O Birds Today!
Friday 3 March 2023

Bewick Wren standing on a twig

Golden Crown Sparrow, looking back, standing on a twig

Blurry Yellow Rump Warbler

And, just as a side note... The Yellow Rump Warbler has all these spots of yellow. And the Namer of The Birds has to focus on the spot of yellow on the rump? Sheesh! no respect!

Yellow Rump Warbler

three Killdeers standing in the grass

Killdeer standing in the grass

Ah, Spring!


male Hooded Merganser paddling in the water

male Teal in the water

Typical... so very typical.

very blurry Belted Kingfisher, flying away

Mink! and Kingfisher!
Saturday 4 March 2023

But first we start with this one, bouncing around right outside the door... a Townsend Warbler, so bright and cheerful.

Townsend Warbler, partially hidden in a bush

and of course, this is the clear pic I get...

the back of a Townsend Warbler who is turned away

Henrietta Heron, and a female Hooded Merganser. heh, I wonder if tiny, little duck is worried about going past big heron?

female Hooded Merganser in the water with a Great Blue Heron

Eastern Fox Squirrel, standing on a branch

Two female Mallards, standing on the grass

Oh, wow! This is awesome! A tree planting party, going out on bikes!

Six people on bicycles, one towing a trailer with pots of trees

The blue bikes are rentals... which is a brilliant thing, tho it's limited to downtown and the university area. It costs 6$/hour to ride, or you can get a membership for 15$/month. There are hubs all over the place where you can pick up a bike. And you can leave the bike anywhere inside the usage area, and those are marked on the app map.

And here are some fun stories about bikes...

AWADmail Issue 1083
I loved the story about the guy trying to get his tricycle back from the German government after the Nazis confiscated it. And the next story after that, building the special tandem bike for Nobel winner, Eric Cornell and his wife... Aww, so sweet!

Back to my walk... Here's a flock of Cackling Geese, they all pop their heads up to look at me!

Cackling Geese standing on the grass

And a mink!!!

a blurry mink, swimming in the water

I only had seconds, as he swam by... so yeah, the pic is pretty blurry.

I am fairly sure he's a male. the wiki says male minks can get up to 24inches long, not including the tail. Females are a bit shorter. And this one was def on the longer side.

Sadly, Oregon does have some mink farms. And I hope this one is an escapee. And I hope he flipped them off on his way out!!

Song Sparrow on a twig in front of the creek water

a single Forsythia bloom

Oh my gosh! My friend and nemesis, the Kingfisher! She sat for a moment with me! and even let me compose an artsy pic with other people in the background!!

Kingfisher, standing on a twig. and a pair of Hooded Mergansers on the water


So that's female Belted Kingfisher at the top. A male Hooded Merganser is grooming himself and looking funny in the middle. And a female Hooded Merganser at the bottom, probably looking sweet except for the fact that she's all blurry in the background.

female Belted Kingfisher standing on a twig in front of the creek

And now, I shall not make fun of her broken Mohawk!

But, seriously. How many times has she laughed at me as she flew by???

Snow! And Good Wildlife News!
Sunday 5 March 2023

snow along the bike path and creek

And, if you look very close, Henrietta Heron is in the above photo!

Great Blue Heron, standing in the water

But the snow!

snow along the creek and covering the railing of a walking bridge

*laughs* I admit, we don't get much snow. so it just seems remarkable, when we do get it! :)

Here's a happy thing!! This is the half blind Nutria, of the other day... no longer squinting her eye shut! (and with a male Mallard looking on! ha!)

a nutria in the water swimming towards a board

And her other eye is good as well!

Closeup of a Nutria swimming

I'm so glad she recovered!

American Robin standing in snowy grass

Rose Garden and East on the River
Monday 6 March 2023

The real roses are just thinking about putting out new, spring leaves... but the Lenten Roses are blooming!

Yellow Lenten Roses

Purple Lenten Rose

You know what? I don't think this view of the new Downtown Riverfront Park will ever get old! I just love the chrome Heron and the chrome art pavilion and the river and the Steam Plant on the right!

Downtown Riverfront art pavilion and heron art

And a little bit further along, the Steam Plant is losing some of its colourful banners. They were put in place last year for the opening of the park and the World Athletics Championship.

Steam plant and a bench next to the river

Ha! She's got my number!!!

Red Tail Hawk standing on a branch

I don't see much wildlife on this part of the river walk, so I'm happy a hawk found me.

An artist paying tribute to Suspish on the North Bank 2.5 mile marker.

Graffiti of an Anglerfish on a black post

You can rent a canoe or paddleboard and travel along this canal that's on the north side of Alton Baker park. I would like to try that some time!

Looking out over the canal to the trees and houses on the other side

The canal goes thru a peaceful pond, too.

Female Lesser Scaup, paddling in the water

the path tunnels thru winter bare trees

Here's one of the Kalapuya Talking Stones in Whilamut Natural Area. Whilamut means where the river ripples and runs fast.

Kalapuya Talking Stone Ga-ach-li, Peaceful in daylight

Female Junco standing in the grass

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Western Grey Squirrel with a nut, standing on the grass

All the pics!
Tuesday 7 March 2023

Fun watching this boy bounce around on the branches!

Downy Woodpecker flying to a branch

Downy Woodpecker flying to a branch

Settling on a branch. Like a nice and normal woodpecker...

Downy Woodpecker standing on a twig

And then... WHAT THE HELL!?

Downy Woodpecker standing on a twig with his head twisted around

DON'T DO THAT! That just gave me nightmares. Jeez!

Scrub Jay standing on a twig, surrounded by twigs

Scrub Jay standing on a twig, surrounded by twigs

Female and Male Teals in the water

Dark Eyed Junco standing on a twig surrounded by pussy willows

oh no! There's something wrong with this Robin. I noticed her on my way out... she was just unusually still and quiet. And she's still here on my way back, over an hour later.

American Robin, standing in grass

Poor baby. Is she sick? There is a building nearby, maybe she hit a window? sighs. I hope she recovers.

Puffy cloud over trees and buildings

Wednesday 8 March 2023

So I got up to get ready for my walk, and when I came back into the room I noticed this and COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT!

photo of computer screen with Disk C at 100% usage

This is what Computer #3 was doing when it was dying. And I just can't go thru that mess again.

But when I waved the mouse around, disk usage went back down to nothing. And I realized, with that spike of Ethernet, the computer had probably downloaded something and was installing stuff after I walked away.

A perfectly legitimate thing for a computer to do, and no reason to think the computer is dying.

But, jeez. Don't do that to me!

Western Scrub Jay standing on a twig


Western Scrub Jay standing on a twig, shaking their feathers

Two purple crocuses, blooms not open yet

But those aren't the droids I was looking for.
oh, um. Those aren't the crocuses I was looking for!

You see, the Community Garden now has a facebook page. I don't do facebook, but the page is public, so I can look at it. And there's a photo of some crocuses... and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one growing crocuses at the Garden!

Sure enough! My little patch of Crocuses matched up with the photo on facebook!

Purple Crocuses blooming among dead leaves

And I'm thrilled that anything in my garden plot could inspire someone to take a photo! *laughs* Always on the edge of getting kicked out because of the weeds, this is a nice change!

Purple Crocuses blooming among dead leaves

Other garden plots have Daffodils blooming.


and some garden plots are growing Robins.

American Robin standing in dead leaves

American Robin tossing leaves aside

American Robin standing in dead leaves

More Spring!
Thursday 9 March 2023

Crocuses and Daffodil blooms

Eurasian Collared Dove

Pretty pretty. Lenten Roses blooming!

Yellow Lenten Roses blooming

But when I zoom in... haha, kinda buggy!

Close up of yellow Lenten Rose with aphids

Turns out Lenten Roses have their own species of bug... the hellebore aphid! Upside down Babies!

a group of smaller aphids in the yellow Lenten Rose bloom

Purple Lenten Roses

Abortion Provider Appreciation Day!
Friday 10 March 2023

Happy, Happy Abortion Provider Appreciation Day!

Ms. Magazine: A Love Letter to Abortion Providers
A great article!

American Medical Student Assoc: Celebration in the Face of Adversity
Good info here.

National Abortion Federation: Support Abortion Providers today and every day
You can send a thank you note from this page!!

In the past, I've sent out happy We Love Abortion Providers postcards to thank all the independent abortion clinics in the US.

There were a little over 100 clinics. It took me around 9 months to send a postcard to all of them. And I did three rounds. For some reason, the fourth round never got going.

I would love to start this project again!

I just need to find a good photo to turn into postcards!

Daffodils in front of a chain link fenct

Song Sparrow standing on a twig, surrounded by pussy willows and pine needles

Bewick Wren flying

American Robin standing in grass

Ha. For a second, I thought he was a statue!

Orange cat standing in front of a brick wall

Did you know that 80% of orange cats are male?

Oh no! She hit the fence! Gah, what is this? Injured Robin Week???

American Robin hiding in the grass

Scrub Jay standing on a twig, surrounded by twigs

Daylight Savings
Saturday 11 March 2023

Oh great. It's that time of year that I hate.

Spring Forward... And we all lose an hour of sleep. And it makes us all grumpy and heart attacky and car accidenty!

Oh sweet Hawaii. Oh sweet Arizona. Puerto Rico and Guam, how I love you! If only the rest of the country could join you in your sanity!

Just a trickle coming thru the spillover.

Mostly dry spillover

Oh cute little bird, Why do you always have to be blurry?

Yellow Rumped Warbler standing on a branch

Scrub Jay standing on a twig surrounded with old Hawthorn berries

Looking across the river

Looking up river, blue sky and puffy white clouds I've gone to the other side of the river to visit Pluto! But they haven't replaced poor Pluto yet. foo.

Sometime last year, Pluto disappeared. The stand is still there, but the tiny little dot that was Pluto is missing.

Eugene Solar System Trail

Oop! Someone disturbed the Cackling Geese!

a flock of geese, flying with a puffy white cloud

Bushtit standing on a twig

It's nice to walk a different part of the path!

Path with trees and blue sky

Oh! Look how cute you are, little shorebird!

Shorebird standing on a river rock in the river

Oh! Look how cute you're little footprints are!

Wet bird footprints on a river rock

Dang, so cute! So happy I met you, even tho I don't know who you are!

Shorebird standing on a river rock in the river

Wow. A Day.
Sunday 12 March 2023

Eastern Fox Squirrel standing on a step

Male Mallard standing in water, surrounded by red grasses

oh so dark! A Manky female Mallard.

looking down at a dark female Mallard

Oh no! This must be that Robin that hit the fence a couple days ago. Still alive, but she can't fly.

Robin with a wing hanging down

It distresses me. She can't even get an aspirin or anything and that wing probably hurts a lot. Is it broken? And she has to hop around and pretend it's okay in order to not call the attention of a predator.

sad sigh.

These two were staring hard at something down stream...

Male and female Hooded Mergansers in the water

Oh my gosh! It's the mink again!

a Mink, mostly hidden behind sticks

Look at his cute lil nose!

Mink swimming

Hmm. Are we sure this is the same mink? I don't know... how many minks escaped from the EVIL Mink fur farm?? LOTS, I hope!

But for now, I suppose, we will stick with Occam's Razor on this and assume he's the same Mink I saw briefly the other day... Entities are not to be multiplied without necessity

And now Mr Mink has a name: Entity! *laughs*

Oh my gosh, the cuteness... he closes his eyes before diving!!

Mink closes his eyes, prior to diving

Mink dunks his head in the water

Mink diving, but it's just a brown splotch under the water

Dang. I just cannot get over how cute he is!

Mink swims with his head above water

Mink standing on a rock over the water

You see I was able to follow my furry friend for several minutes. And not once did he stop to look up at me.

Seems odd... the Otters are always curious and stare at me! But nope, this one, Mr Entity Mink :) wasn't interested at all!

Rain and Spring
Monday 13 March 2023

It was 100% rain on my walk this morning, and I had resigned myself to very few photos. There just aren't as many creatures out and about when it rains, and if the creek is full, even the ducks avoid being in the water!

But these Mergansers found a shallow and sheltered area in the creek.

Female and male Hooded Mergansers in the water

The slightly warmer days have brought out the Cherry Blossoms on the tree next to Blazey's old spot. (Sighs, I am still very sad about Blazey.)

Lots of Cherry Blossoms

So my annual quest for the perfect photo of Cherry Blossoms, begins. I'm pretty sure that the sun should be shining, for that perfect photo, and there's probably some blue sky shining thru the pink.

So no perfect pictures today in the rain! *laughs*

Cherry Blossoms on a dreary day

Cherry Blossoms on a dreary day

There's also a Red Flowering Currant that's coming to life.

Red Flowering Currant bud and little leaf

The sun came out, but that didn't stop the rain!

Rainbow and a pair of shoes hanging from a tree

And I was thrilled to hear some frogs singing from one of the Wet Prairie Ponds! I've been missing them this winter, and I closed my eyes to listen to them for a while.

Tuesday 14 March 2023

Oh, sighs. A sick duck. Female Hooded Merganser.

The male is okay, but he's looking hard at her. I can almost hear him, What can I do?

Yeah. I don't know.

I'm also keeping a look out for the poor Robin with the bad wing. I don't see her, tho. Sighs.

I take photos of her relatives, instead.

American Robin standing on the grass

American Robin standing on a fence

American Robin standing on a twig

It's dreary and cold, and I'm wearing all my warmest layers. But the day is kind of getting to me.

Tree in the fog

Hidden Trail, Plant Life and a Squirrel
Wednesday 15 March 2023

Spring is trying to do it's thing!

A Daffodil blooming

Unopened purple and yellow Crocus blooms

Blue Irises

Huh. First time I've seen a cat on this trail. I love cats, but they are damn murderers. They should ALWAYS be kept indoors!

Grey cat with ivy and bird bath

Western Grey Squirrel, standing on the ground eating something

Part of the little waterfall that Hidden Trail runs next to.

Water falling around moss covered rocks

Osoberry blooms and leaves

Trillium starting to bud out

Fringe Cup and some fern fronds

Oh! Fawn Lilies are coming up too!

Fawn Lily leaves surrounded by dead oak leaves

Ha... the deers have munched the tops off the Camas Lily leaves!

Camas Lily leaves, missing their top portion

Lupine leaves with water drops

The Sun Shines
Thursday 16 March 2023

A funny thing happened today.

A guy in Denmark offered to buy my domain.

I've got a couple domains, and one other time a guy offered to buy one of them. I wasn't actually using that domain, so it was an option. But I didn't like the idea, so I just ignored his emails.

But this guy. heh.

This guy wanted to buy Static8.com! And he offered 100usd!

I was quite flabbergasted. 100$.

100$ isn't even going to cover my costs to change all the photos that are marked Static8.com. Not to mention all the other intricacies involved in a heavily used domain name!!

I mean, my god. what was he thinking??

If he had opened at a couple million USD... then maybe we could talk! :)

As it is, I replied with some snark. I didn't hear back from him. Which disappointed me extremely. I'm thinking about emailing him again. Because, really. What was he thinking??! *laughs*

closeup of a Green Wing Teal in the water

Western Bluebird standing on an old sunflower stalk

Oh my bouncy little Kinglet. The camera can't figure out where to focus!

Ruby Crown Kinglet, blurry in the background behind sticks

Flowering Quince blooms

I couldn't decide which photo I liked more... :)


White Crown Sparrow standing on a twig

Bahaha! What are you eating? The stem is still attached!

Eastern Fox Squirrel standing in a tree

Yeah, you check on that! *laughs*

Eastern Fox Squirrel standing in a tree

Odds and Ends
Friday 17 March 2023

Or maybe I could call this blog post Trees and Sticks, since I have a couple today...

Golden Crown Sparrow standing on a twig surrounded by sticks

Red Maple catkins


Purple Crocuses

The bike path lined with bare trees and shadows

American Robin standing on a twig looking over her shoulder

Good Day
Saturday 18 March 2023

Oh! Hello again, Mr Entity Mink!

Mink swimming in the water

So cute. So studiously ignoring the human.

Mink swimming in the water

At the garden, and Aww! I hope they are considering one of the nesting boxes!

Western Bluebirds, female in front of male

Ah Spring.

Cherry Blossoms

Daffodils with purple Lenten Roses in the background

Oh wow, I cannot get enough of these Crocuses!!

Purple and white Crocuses

Purple Crocuses

Yellow and purple Crocuses

Henrietta Heron, on the hunt.

Great Blue Heron looking intently

Dreary and Rainy
Sunday 19 March 2023

and a bunch of blurry photos that I'm not going to show you... Except this one!


Pics and a Rant
Monday 20 March 2023

Turkey Vulture flying over winter bare trees

I was driving down the street last week, when I saw what I thought was a Vulture soaring above.

Vultures migrate outta here in the winter, and if this was a Vulture, it would have been the first one I've seen this year.

But the street I'm driving on is lined with parked cars on both sides. And humans and squirrels tend to pop out, randomly. So I need to keep my eyes down, on the road. Not up in the sky. And the Maybe-Vulture was gone, the next time I looked up.

You know what I should have done? Just stopped the car and looked up at Maybe-Vulture!

haha... There's a car stopped in the middle of the street for no reason. Yeah. But it's okay. That's just that Crazy Vulture Person!

*laughs* But now I've got photographic proof! That's a Turkey Vulture, above!

A cute lil Green Wing Teal and a cute lil Hooded Merganser. They are both winter visitors at our creek (tho I think they are in the area, generally, all thru the year!) and I wonder when they will be moving on.

Green Wing Teal on the water
Hooded Merganser on the water

The Cackling Geese are still here too.

lots of Cackling Geese standing and sitting in a grass field

Cherry Blossoms


Idaho hospital will stop delivering babies as doctors flee state due to abortion ban Near-total ban on abortions is driving doctors away, hospital says, leading to lack of nearby labor and delivery care for thousands


Abortion is health care.

Seriously, folks!


And when you make health care illegal, bad things happen.

People die. Doctors run away.

When doctors can't perform all of their duties... when doctors literally can't provide lifesaving care, because of abortion ban laws, they will run away to a different state.

Like I said, this is not the United States of America, any more. There are states where people can get health care. And then there are states where more than half the people can't get health care.

Cherry Blossoms

Grey Day
Tuesday 21 March 2023

foggy with trees in the distance

Aww! Aren't we sweet!

Female and male Mallard standing on grass

Spotted Towhee standing on a branch surrounded by twigs and leaves

Great Blue Heron standing in the water

Believe it or not, Wes Crusher the Western Grey Squirrel is here somewhere in this mess, behind all the branches! Haha!

Tree branches, twigs, pine needle branches

Wes Crusher hardly lets me take his portrait. But I see him from my bedroom window many mornings.

Hendricks Park
Wednesday 22 March 2023

Oh wow, this yellow tree!

Lawn, shrubs and some Douglas Fir trunks

It's a Cornelian Cherry Dogwood. Native in southern Europe and western Asia, the fruits are sour but used for syrups.

female Bushtit standing on a twig

There are some Rhododendrons blooming!

Pink Rhododendrons

Spotted Towhee standing on a log

Oh! This is great to see! Volunteers have cleared out a LOT of invasives, and piled them up here! So Fabulous!

Piles of pulled up plants in the forest

Invasive plants here are Himalayan Blackberry, English Ivy, and more recently English Holly.

Um? What the heck?

Song Sparrow with pox under her eye

Is it a tumor or something?

Song Sparrow with pox under her eye

Avian Pox. Causes wart-like growths around any unfeathered skin, which can interfere with feeding, sight, breathing or perching. But if the birds are able to eat, they can recover!

Avian Pox and Bird Feeders
More pics of the pox here. (And it cracks me up that the guy apologizes for the relatively poor quality of the photos! Way better than mine!) (then again, I don't have a bird feeder bringing birds within meters of my camera! ;)

oh good, somebody who isn't sick...

Nuthatch, upside down on a tree trunk

too bad I didn't get any good pics. oh well, maybe next time!

Nuthatch, upside down on a tree trunk


blurry Pilated Woodpecker, hanging behind a tree trunk

This is a Pilated Woodpecker, and I wish I could see them more often! They are huge, about the size of a crow.

And they are so similar to the extinct Ivory Billed Woodpecker, it just makes me pause. You know? Pause and appreciate.

Western Grey Squirrel standing on a decaying log

Climate change is killing our Douglas Firs. It's mostly the summers that are too hot. But the lack of rain doesn't help, either. and then Bark Beetles finish them off.

Looking up at the tops of Douglas Firs, some are dead

Thursday 23 March 2023

Cherry Blossoms

a pair of Hooded Mergansers on the water

This Cackling Goose tried to shoo me away. But his friend is all Dude! *laughs*

a group of Cackling Geese standing on grass, one goose is spreading his wings in a threatening manner


Flowers left on a purple stand painted Blazeys Throne


Frilly Daffodils

Golden Crown Sparrow standing on a twig surrounded by willow catkins

today and Freedom to Read
Friday 24 March 2023

Chilly and sprinkling today... about 8° below normal, it's 50°F when normal for this time of year is 58°. And when I got to my turn-around place in my walk, snow fell for a minute! yeesh!

Eastern Fox Squirrel standing on a rock

A temporary art installation. Haha!

two beer bottles in the grass with a branch connecting them

American Robin standing on the ground

male Downy Woodpecker

pink Camellia blossom, surrounded with dark green leaves

pink Camellia blossom, surrounded with dark green leaves

part 2 for tributes to Blazey... I like this photo much better than the one I took yesterday. the angle and the light is much more interesting!

Flowers left on a purple stand painted Blazeys Throne


Western Bluebird standing on a nesting box, looking directly at the camera

Ah Spring! Got some colour developing in the landscape!

trees in the distance, pinks, whites, magentas, spring greens and dark green fir trees

Have you seen the video of the 100 year old woman protesting book bans at her local school board meeting? Oh my gosh, she's awesome!

This article gives some background, with some snark...

100 Year Old Lady At Florida School Board Better Patriot Than All Book Banners Put Together
(haha! I love Wonkette!)

Banned books, and burning books, are the same. Both are done for the same reason: fear of knowledge. Fear is not freedom. Fear is not liberty. Fear is control. My husband died as a father of freedom. I am a mother of liberty. Banned books need to be proudly displayed and protected from school boards like this.
~~ Grace Lynn

oh my gosh. Isn't she amazing! AND she made a quilt!

Fear of Knowledge. Yeah.

River Walk and lots of pics!
Saturday 25 March 2023

*laughs* I get out of the car and these two come running towards me! I don't have any treats and I kinda feel bad about it. :)

a pair of Mallards walking on the grass

oh yeah! Check out the moody clouds today!

Clouds over the river

The spillover... such a good thing to see water coming in. It's been dry or barely trickling for most of the rainy season!

Water coming over the spillover from the river to the ponds

Oh! The Swallows are back! Swoop Swoop!

Violet Green Swallow flying

And a family of Turkey Vultures hanging out at the ponds.

Turkey Vulture standing on a snag

My spot to listen to the river.

looking across the river

First sighting of an Osprey this year! Except she or he flew away before I could get their portrait.

backend of an Osprey flying away

Song Sparrow singing on a twig

two pairs of Greater Scaups on the water

Oregon Grape blooms

Oregon Grape blooms

Red Flowering Currant blooms with the river in the background

What? Oh my gosh, little Woolly Bear, why are you awake?! It's too cold for you to be out!

Woolly Bear caterpillar standing on the path

Poor thing could hardly move and I scooped her up and tucked her under a leaf, well away from the path!

A fun article about pets in art, on NPR 20 feb 2023...

Mr Whiskers is ready for his close-up: When an artist's pet is also their muse

but this article I found today absolutely delights me!

We asked to see your pet artwork - you unleashed your creativity

So many amazing artworks!! I'd be hard pressed to chose a favorite! (Altho I will say the Animals In Motion art is a bit disturbing until you read what it's actually about... !) ha!

Lots O Pics, Again.
Sunday 26 March 2023

Oh! Are the Wood Ducks back at the creek?

a pair of Wood Ducks, in the water

Last year... was their 2nd year at the creek and they lost their babies to H5N1. Most of the ducklings and goslings died last year, along with some adult birds as well.

Avian Flu is still active again this year, and I don't know what's going to happen if babies just keep dying and dying. (Or... I do know what will happen. it's just too depressing to contemplate.)

The Bird Flu Blazes On, Amping Up Concerns for Wildlife and Human Health Facing an outbreak that's unusually deadly for wild birds and spreading to more mammals, scientists worry about when, or if, it will end.

(The photo of the Caspian Terns, about half way down that page, is so heartbreaking to me. I cry.)

male Wood Duck on the water

hmm? All up and down Blazey Cat's spot on the bike path...

Dandelion-like seeds spread in the grass

It took me a second to identify, but I'm pretty sure these are Milkweed seeds! Last year I saw a guy spreading them further up the path.

Oregon has it's own native: Showy Milkweed!

Close up of Milkweed seeds in the grass

Heart Blazey, written in the concrete

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Goldfinch surrounded by willow twigs

American Robin standing in the grass

This tree is awesome! Or maybe it's more than one tree. I'm not really sure.

But look! It's got one arm holding up another trunk!

And it's got a squirrel. but that is a temporary situation. :)

Tree on the bank of the creek

Eastern Fox Squirrel standing in the crook of a tree

Stewart Pond
Monday 27 March 2023

two Nutrias sheltered under some branches

Willow catkins starting to flower

Dark Eye Junco standing on a twig

Dried grasses, pond, far away trees

Okay! At the ponds, and yay! One of the reasons I come here!

Red Tail Hawk standing in a tree

Getting mobbed by the little swallows! ha.

Red Tail Hawk standing in a tree with silhouettes of small birds flying in the background

Fly away, hawk!

Red Tail Hawk flying away

American Robin standing on a twig

Oh cool! I LOVE this photo! It's not good enough to print, dang it. But still, how awesome!

Robin and Flicker standing in the grass

Photo Series: Brewer Blackbird Bath!
Monday 27 March 2023

Brewer Blackbird on the bank of the creek

Brewer Blackbird standing on a branch near the water

Brewer Blackbird standing on a branch near the water

Brewer Blackbird standing on a twig thats just in the water

Brewer Blackbird dipping into the water, with wings out

Brewer Blackbird stands on a twig in the water

Brewer Blackbird flying!

The State of the Blog
Tuesday 28 March 2023

Rain all night and Henrietta Heron is super focused for any food animals who have gotten displaced with the extra water in the creek! But the water is so turbid, I don't know how she's going to see anybody. I hope you get to eat today, Henrietta!

Great Blue Heron standing in water and staring down

Here at the website, I have been archiving the 2022 blog posts for a couple months now: five at a time, every day... and I have now hit the end of the glorious blogging spree.

I wrote daily posts from January 2022 thru the 15th of July 2022. And then I stopped. Right in the middle of a partially finished blog post for the 16th.

Arg. I hate that I stopped!

My routine was disrupted by the heat of summer, and I never got around to creating a new routine that worked for me.

So. What next? I really really want to finish the partial post of 16 July 2022, because that was an awesome day!

But what I actually want is to complete ALL the July 2022 posts... And ALL the posts that I'm missing since then... AND THEN start working on the posts I'm missing from 2021.

And I want to do all this, and still work on the current blog posts as well!

Of course, probably not very realistic since I'm only averaging about one blog post a day. SIGHS!

How can I do More?!? I need to think about this!

Dreary day at the creek... but Spring is springing! Cherry trees blooming in pink and white on the left, the pale green on the right are pussy willows, and I need to do research and find out what the tree is with the bright yellow twigs!! (Quick look... Ha! It might be Yellow Twig Dogwood! How appropriate! :)

raining in the creek

Eastern Fox Squirrel standing on a tree branch

Eastern Fox Squirrel standing on the ground, surrounded by grass, sticks, weeds

And then I came across my friend, the Anna Hummingbird.
(nevermind the pic I got. heh. It's almost worth showing. *giggles*)

I have been looking for her nest all month! Last year, she was about half-done, building her nest on 1 March. This year, it's a bit colder, and I suspect that everyone is a bit later with their plans!

But I've seen Ms Anna in the area of last years nest, quite a few times. If she does have a nest, I'm thinking it's on the opposite side of the creek, and I have no chance of finding it.

But I'm happy to see my friend now and then.

Wednesday 29 March 2023

Today is just another dreary day... with some surprises. :)

Ah Wes Crusher...

Western Grey Squirrel hanging from a tree trunk

Still not letting me take his picture. :) I took this pic through my bedroom window! ha!

foggy trees in the distance

Spotted Towhee standing on a twig with Alder catkins

Blurry silhouette of a Steller Jay standing on a twig, holding grasses in her beak

I couldn't get a good pic of this Stellar Jay. But Look! We are gathering nesting material!!!

This is Blazey's Squirrel. People are still leaving cat food out for Blazey, even tho he is no longer around to eat it.

But she is still eating the cat food... And Surprise! She's Pregnant!!!

Just think!! Little Baby Blazey Squirrels running around!!!

Eastern Fox Squirrel eating food on a concrete block painted with the word THRONE

Red Flowering Currant bloom

Yellow Rump Warbler standing on a thorny vine

Western Scrub Jay standing on a twig

oh dang it! Henrietta Heron caught somebody right as I came up to her and I wasn't quite ready to get the pic!

blurry Great Blue Heron with a minnow in her beak

Okay. Here's a better photo of Henrietta. Aren't the feathers on her back amazingly beautiful?!

Great Blue Heron, standing in the water with her back turned

oh my gosh, I love this photo of lichen!

Several kinds of light green lichen on a stick

Thursday 30 March 2023

Ugh. More sick ducks today.

I came around a corner, and there they were. I was way too close, but they were too sick to move away.

A pair of Mallards. Sitting together in the grass, with their heads down on the grass. The female was worse than the male, who could lift his head a little bit.

I'm sad. My heart hurts. And nothing can be done to help them.

Cherry Blossoms

These orange flowers are Flowering Quince. It's a common landscaping shrub around here... non-native from southeast Asia, but not an invasive problem. The flowers get started very early in the season and last a long time!

Flowering Quince

A bit of sunshine today... but still about 5° below normal.

a few clouds in the sky above the bike path

So the camera decided to focus on the twig BEHIND the bird?! Gah! WHY?!

very blurry Bushtit standing on a twig

*laughs* Fly away Blurry Bird!

Blurry Bushtit flying away from the camera

These cherry blossoms are disintegrating, but aren't the colours lovely?

Cherry Blossoms losing their petals

Photo Series: Curious White Crown Sparrow
Thursday 30 March 2023

White Crown Sparrow looking down at something in the grass

White Crown Sparrow bouncing on the path

White Crown Sparrow looking towards the camera

White Crown Sparrow again looking down in the grass

White Crown Sparrow standing at the edge of the path

White Crown Sparrow keeps looking down

Yeah. I don't know what she was looking at! I couldn't see anything when I checked, so it must have been something small.

To the Garden Today
Friday 31 March 2023

A pair of Mallards in the grass

I got off the main path and found these. Pretty, huh? I have no idea what they are. And a bug. of course!

White and pale lavender flowers

Happy to see a couple strawberry plants have survived at the garden plot.

Strawberry leaves poking up thru dead oak leaves

And some volunteer Elephant Garlics... they look healthy!

tall Elephant Garlic leaves

And the Comfrey has started growing.

small Comfrey leaves coming up thru the dead oak leaves