Art Journal

The Art Journal

This is a listing of my journal entries which feature my art. These are mostly sketches which have not made it to my art gallery. There are digital drawings, composed with a graphics tablet, and a few pen on paper drawings. I've also included a few random entries specifically about art.

I've removed the section which listed the journal entries with photos. I've been using my digital camera (and the new scanner) more often and the list was becoming cumbersome.

Be sure to visit my Some Semblance Art Gallery.

Journal Entries with Drawings

08 June 00 . Sketches
Paper sketches of the kitchen, a zebra and a cow.

27 June 00 . Graphics Tablet
Digital drawings of a sea horse and a dolphin.

04 Aug 00 . Vector Drawing
Digital vector drawings of a pear and a tropical fish.

18 Aug 00 . More Sketches
Digital drawings of a dog and some flowers.

24 Aug 00 . Classes
Digital vector drawing of a ufo.

22 Jan 01 · Art Discussion
What should I make art about?

25 Jan 01 · Doodling
Gel pen drawing of a cow, more about art.

1 Apr 01 · Digital Enhance
Photo of a blooming basil plant.

13 Apr · Update
Scroll down for a vector drawing of Gill the Fish

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