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18 August 2000 ... More Sketches
Dog Sketch I've got a directory on my computer called "Draw" and this dog has been sitting there for about a month. Every time I look at it, I make up a new story about it. The lastest story: Her name is Sadie, she is a mixed breed Lab. She's an older dog and her caretakers love her to bits! The vet says Sadie is overweight, and the caretakers say, yes, we'll put her on a diet, no more table scraps. But it's hard to resist her puppy dog eyes. :)

flowers I was just scribbling the other day with my graphics tablet. And all of a sudden, Hey, that looks like a bunch of flowers. So I added a few more green scribbles for leaves, and a couple of yellowish dots for the flowers. And, hey, that looks kind of pretty.

I read an article this morning that got me thinking. "As a little girl, I could draw. As a grownup, I can't really." Yep, kids drawings are always works of art,
** Article was on Themestream which went down.
Writing Exercises: Go For It
by Karen Grunberg
worthy of display on the frige. Then you take a class in high school and learn about the color wheel and perspective and shadows, and suddenly, there are other kids who have a lot more talent than you do.

But I think I still have that "childish confidence" with my drawings. I don't mind at all that the sketches I show here don't look quite finished, or they aren't even close to perfect. I allow myself to chalk it up to my "style," or "it's an experiment" and I don't worry about what people think. It's about the effort, and not so much the finished product.

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