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8 June 2000 ... Sketches
News Alert! Today there were clouds in my fair city. Truly amazing. I thought we were going to go all summer with clear skies, highs in the 110s and 0% chance of rain. And today we have cute little fluffy clouds. Still got highs above 100, and still 0% chance of rain. But hey, partly cloudy is a pretty big variation and we have to get excited about this!

I know, I am a worthless journaler who never updates. And I don't actually have anything to say today, either. But I have drawings to show you! Lately, for whatever reason, the quality of my writing in my notebook has gone down, way down. That's okay, instead I have taken to making little sketches. I'm just having fun here so no comments about how the zebra's ears are crooked. ;)
Notebook Sketch of kitchen These sketches are taken directly out of my writer's notebook, using my digital camera and a bit of clean up with Paint Shop Pro. (Poor cheri doesn't have a scanner yet.)
Notebook Sketch of Zebra
Notebook Sketch, Happy Cow

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