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25 January 2001 ... Doodling

Cheri says: "Gel pens are Fun!"

Ever find yourself doodling the same thing over and over? This cow thing is a relatively new development for me, but I have drawn dozens in the past year or so. Back in school I was drawing horse heads. Not the body, just the head and neck. I also repeatedly draw dolphins and sea horses.

It's strange to think that over the years I have probably drawn hundreds of these exact same pictures. Most of them thrown away, or stored in a basement never to be seen again. And these pictures literally never change... I don't bother to add anything, the horse always faces to the left, I never add texture or shading. It's a quick little doodle and then I move on.

Which is probably the whole point. I can draw a little cow as a warm up for something bigger. And if I have no time for something bigger, hey, at least I drew something.

It's important that you do a little something for your art every day. My dilemma is that some days I want it all. I want to draw, I want to write something interesting, I want to read, I want to explore the web, I want to learn millions of new things. And, and, and!

I need to remember patience.

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