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13 April 2001 ... Update
Yay! I am now Employed Woman! Yes, someone finally decided they liked me and could stand my presence for forty hours a week. Hopefully this job'll last more than two days...

And you want to know something funny? Today I got a call from my other temp agency, offering an immediate position to start on Monday.

Rain pours, man.

The Computer Update

Well, the new, new computer arrived a few weeks ago... and of course it didn't work. So, now, the computer is in lots of little pieces because I ripped the motherboard out. I should receive a new motherboard in a week or so, which means I may or may not have a working computer at that time. heh.

To get you situated as to exactly where I'm coming from in this whole computer story, here's a summery:

  • I bought a 750mHz computer from an Internet company, 3 June  2000.
  • Computer didn't work. After many phone calls and emails (requesting an RMA number) I sent the computer back to the company for repairs (I had to pay 33$ for shipping).
  • Again, after many phone calls and emails (wondering where the hell my computer is) I finally got the computer back, 30 August 2000.
  • Computer worked fine for exactly one month.
  • Many, many emails and a couple faxes and phone calls later, I send the computer back to them a second time for repairs, another 33$. It's now the end of January 2001.
  • Computer comes back mid-February, literally in pieces because it was not packed correctly. I get tough on the phone with the company and am able to send the computer back immediately. That's 36 more dollars, out of my pocket.
  • Beginning of April, a new, upgraded computer arrives. As, I said, it didn't work and I've sent the motherboard back to them (11$ shipping).
The new, new computer is tentatively named Fiasco the Second, however, I am also considering naming it Frustration.

The Gill Update

Gill the Fish
You remember Gill the Fish, right? Well, he's been digitised. :)

Digital Gill
Digital Gill is a vector drawing, created in Paint Shop Pro. I have to admit, I "cheated" on the drawing part... I took a digital photo of Gill, loaded it up and then traced the vectors around the photo. I had tried this technique before on other photos, always giving up because the vectors were too complicated. But Gill has clean lines, and his coloration naturally lends itself to that clip-art feel.

Now that Digital Gill is swimming around in my computer, you never know where he's going to turn up. Yes, I've got plans. We'll see how motivated I get over the weekend...

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