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4 August 2000 ... Vector Drawing
I decided to learn how to draw with vectors. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about: There are two ways to make pictures on the computer. Raster and Vector. Raster is like painting, you make each pixel such and such a color like piling on the paint. Vector is like building a model, you draw lines to make the frame and you say how to fill in the spaces.

So. I have this book and I turn to the chapter on vectors. They walk through two projects, making a gingerbread man and making a pear.

You know, it looked pretty easy. But my gingerbread man came out rather deformed. Something about "cusp" and "symtrical" something or other. Whatever. I'll figure it out eventually.

Vector drawn pear But the pear came out half decent. This drawing is actually a combination of vector and raster. The shape of the pear was done as a vector, so was it's shadow on the table. The background and the shading on the pear is painted on as raster.

Vector drawn fish The first few "free handed" vector drawings I did turned out terrible. But here is today's attempt. Pretty good, huh? :)

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