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24 August 2000 ... Classes
Gosh, I feel as if I've been ignoring this place lately. I have been busy with other things, I suppose. I have been doing the job search thing, granted I am not trying very hard with that, even tho the money situation is about to go critical. I just can't be bothered with it.

And one more thing to worry about. Little Adric is not eating like a normal guinea pig. He has lost some weight over the last couple of months. But he is still happy and active and still has that spark in his eyes. He has not refused to eat any frozen peas, but if he does I will have to get out his icky medicine. He'll love that. But he's got his nose in his food dish right now, so hopefully his lack of appetite is a passing phase.

I have been taking a couple of classes over at the Barnes and Noble Universary. I'm taking "Web Site Design and Management" and "Beginning Macromedia Flash Web Animation." The Web Site class is okay, and I would probably learn something if I actually did the homework, it's just not as engaging as the Flash class. I'm doing all the lessons and homework for the Flash class, and I am learning cool stuff.

UFO Vector Drawing Here's my ufo drawing. This was our first Flash lesson. And now I'm learning how to make the ufo fly around and make little ufo noises. :)

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