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22 January 2001 ... An Art Discussion
From Julia Cameron's Vein of Gold:
"What should I make art about?" people often ask. The answer, put most simply is, "What you care about; What you think about." Most people, although they may not be aware of it, have certain trains of thought that are their favored routes through a day. Asking yourself "What do I mull about? What do I think about when I'm not thinking about anything else?" can yield some pretty interesting results.
It is very important to make art about what we are really interested in, not what we should be interested in.
To get an idea of what you are really interested in, Julia suggests you list your favorite movies and books and look at themes. Here's some of my favorites...

Heh. Can we say Fantasy and Science Fiction? Also there is a very strong animal theme going there... LadyHawke has a hawk, a wolf, and an absolutely gorgeous Friesian horse. Legend is about unicorns and also has quite a few forest animals. Dragonheart is about dragons, as is the Pern series of books, and WolfWalker is, of course, about wolves.

If you've visited the Art Gallery, you saw all but one of my drawings were of animals. Paging through my paper journal, most of my sketches are of animals... cats, dogs, horses, mice, birds, sea horses, dolphins, cows, pigs, elephants...

So, I'm an animal person. So: I should make art about animals.

And paging back through last year's journal archive, yeah, I talk about animals a little bit. I also talk about my computers and my web sites and my writing. And so I should make art about these things, too.

Oh. Did I mention an Art Gallery. Yep. I just uploaded it today. Here you go:

Some Semblance

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