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wed 13 jan 2010

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tofu squares

For my tofu squares, I slice up a block of tofu, put some "stuff" on the tofu and then broil them on both sides.

The "stuff" involves whatever I feel like throwing in there. Last weekend I poured on some canola oil, some tomato juice and a bit of lemon juice. From the spice shelf, I sprinkled on some dried parsley and then I reached for the salt. When I went to sprinkle that on I thought "What the heck am I doing? I don't want salt!" Instead of lifting the salt away, my hand jerked.

So my tofu squares taste like salt.

Sighs: it's pretty much 100% kitchen disaster whenever I attempt to cook food. I'm used to it.

I put my tofu squares on bread for the sandwich I eat at the day job. Today I tried an experiment, thinking if I combined the salty with something sweet, that might be good. I put Four Berry Preserves on my tofu sandwich. It was eatable: it tasted almost exactly like peanut butter and jelly. (or maybe soy nut butter and jelly.) Which would be okay, except PB&J is my normal "fall back" sandwich, and I've eaten it so much I'm sick of it! heh.

Happily and Joyfully, my Significant Other bought me some Yumm! sauce today. Yumm! sauce can make anything taste good, so my sandwiches have been saved. :)

  Cafe Yumm!

bread machine
sun 24 jan 2010

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Today's post is dedicated to my friend over at Vegan Wheekers... who has just bought a Bread Machine!!

I just love our bread machine, given to us by SO's mom, many many years ago. I eat sandwiches at work, and make a loaf of bread about every weekend.

Yummy Vegan Bread!

rift's vegan, wheat sandwich bread!

2 cups wheat flour dumped into the bread container
1 1/4 cups soy milk (or water) nuked for 45 seconds, also dumped into the bread container
-- shake this up so the liquid and flour make balls

In a separate container, letting the previous "soak" for a few minutes:
3/4 cup white flour
1/4 cup wheat gluten
3/4 tsp salt
3 or 4 tbsp sugar
-- Dump this into the bread machine and add
2 tbsp oil (optional!)
1 1/2 tsp yeast

Set the machine for 1.5 pound loaf, with the "white bread" setting. I also set it for a "light" crust.

I hand wash my measuring cups and spoons, and when I'm done the machine has finished it's slow stir cycle and is on to it's fast stir cycle. I get my spatula out and make sure I've got a perfect ball of dough, adding warm water or flour if I don't.

Then I go do other things for 3.5 hours!

The "wheat bread" setting just adds a few minutes at the beginning of the cycle to let the wheat soak. It's not necessary, the way I do my first steps!

When the bread is done, it's important to take it out of the bread machine quickly. Our machine stays on and keeps the bread warm, but I've found it really drys the crust out. The bread will just slide right out of it's container, I just dump it on one of the stove burners (um, turned off, of course!).

After the loaf has cooled, I cut it in half and put each half into a ziplock. These go into the freezer. When I need bread, I pull one out, slice it up while it's still frozen (easier to cut straight!) and then put it in the fridge. I've never had my bread get moldy: most of the bread gets eaten pretty quickly, sometimes I leave the heels because they are small but even they last for weeks and weeks!

Oh. And the prep time is less than 15 minutes... and this includes clean-up time! Sometimes I can do it in 10!


Bread Success at Vegan Wheekers!!!! Yay!

vegan cupcakes
fri 5 mar 2010

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Yes! A whole bakery! Dedicated to vegan-ness.

  The Divine Cupcake

They've actually been in town for a while, selling their vegan cupcakes to our natural foods grocery stores. But they've just opened a shop... and they gave out free cupcakes to everyone who stopped by today.

Their whole store is certified vegan! And their whole store is within a bike ride of the tiny townhouse that I live in! YAY!

Anyway! I got a Green Tea cupcake (Green Frosting!!!), and Significant Other got a Gingersnap cupcake. They were so very yummy.

Ordering a few dozen for the day job? heck, yeah, how soon! *laugh*

Out to Eat
mon 5 apr 2010

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SO won his poker game last night, so this afternoon we went out to eat to celebrate.

SO suggested Govinda's, which is a vegetarian and vegan buffet. We've not been there yet. Problem is, it doesn't open til five and I get off work at four with a major appetite. I just can't wait an hour for my food! heh.

We got take out from Yumm! cafe instead.

Yumm food!

mmm, Yumm. Okay, you see my Yumm bowl here? It's the vegan "Yumm Baby." Looks like pretty simple food, huh?

A bunch of uh fruits on top -- tomato bits, olives and avocado slices -- a few leaves of fresh cilantro, and rice and Yumm sauce underneath. You stir it up a bit and you get bliss.

Yumm sauce is like nothing you've ever had! I can't explain it, okay? It's made of canola oil and nutritional yeast and vinegar and spices, but that just makes it sound weird!

Fortunately, they sell Yumm sauce by the liter. So guess what I put on Everything for the next couple of weeks?! :)

mon 12 apr 2010

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I did get some reading done over the weekend as well. Mostly because I wanted to buy some new books. Unfortunately, since I didn't really get anything done over the weekend, I didn't feel like a reward was deserved. darn it.

Speciesism by Joan Dunayer

So anyway. I had been reading Speciesism for the second time around. This is my favorite vegan/animal rights book.

I especially like the last few chapters. When most people are vegan, then we'll be able to pass laws giving personhood rights to animals. Animals should have the legal right to life, the right to liberty and the right to hold property. Yep.

That's what I would like to happen. And I do think -- or I would like to believe -- that humans are moving in that direction. In the direction of vegan-ness.

But I think that civilization will collapse long before the vegan people can make things right in the world.


Anyway. One of the books I wanted to buy was Joan Dunayer's other book, Animal Equality : Language and Liberation. Which I'm sure I will like just as much as the Speciesism book!

Happy Earth Day
thurs 22 apr 2010

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Yeah, okay, I am one of those horrible people who will tell you that Earth Day has failed. And failed miserably!

How many species are going extinct every day? There's no turning back from global warming. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is just getting bigger. There are millions more animals who are "farmed"... tortured and killed every day. No to mention the human overpopulation.

I for one am going to enjoy civilization while it lasts. Because, people? it's not going to last very much longer.

But, while I'm waiting:

I'll change out the light bulbs.
I'll recycle everything I can get my hands on.
I won't use the drier for my clothes.
I'll walk and bike to work and the community garden.
The worms in our townhouse will continue to compost the kitchen scraps.
I'll use rechargeable batteries.

Oh. And I'll continue to be vegan.

Going vegan is even better than switching from a SUV to a hybrid car, if you're counting carbon emissions.

Going vegan is even better than adopting a shelter animal, if you're counting lives.

Going vegan ... is the best thing you can do as a human!

Book Love: 95
fri 23 apr 2010

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Yeah, who even cares about the Amazon books I got on wednesday... Look at what was in my mailbox today!!!


Oh my gosh! With Justice on the cover! He lives at my favorite sanctuary, Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary.

You probably don't remember or know... but back in 2007, I did Blogathon and raised a bit of money for Peaceful Prairie. Michele and Chris gave me a few photos to use on the blog, one of which featured Justice and Bumper! So Even tho I've not met these people, Justice and Bumper have a special place in my heart! :)

The book is beautiful! I've only just paged through it, but the photos are amazing. I'm sure the stories will be incredible as well.

I can't wait to read it. And Re-read it. And buy copies for my friends and family. I'll probably rave about it every time I read a story from Peaceful Prairie!

Oh! I am just thrilled to pieces! *laughs*

  Ninety-Five, published by No Voice Unheard

  Ninety-Five (at Amazon)

Oh, yeah...

♥ ♥ Ninety-Five is the average number of animals spared annually by one person's vegan diet. ♥ ♥

Yay Vegan!

Yay Crochet!
sat 24 apr 2010

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I have not been crocheting very faithfully this year. For the past few months, I'm only working on my scarf project on the weekend, or even every other weekend! Sheesh, like anything's going to get done at this rate!

But! I have finally finished the scarf!!

Keeping them warm!

(That's Polar Baby, Happy the elephant and Sea Biscuit the pink sea horse, modeling!)

And that's the finished scarf! It is a Single Cable Scarf, with ribbing on the ends. It is made with Caron's Simply Soft Eco string which is 20% post-consumer recycled soda bottles! The colour is called Denim Wash.

I am so proud of myself for finishing because it's my first "Intermediate" crochet project! The directions were difficult... especially since I have a hard time following directions ("wouldn't it be better this other way?" heh). But once I understood what was going on, I zipped right along without having to read the directions all the time!

Well. "Zipped" every other weekend, that is! heh. I started the scarf mid-feb. oof.

I had planned to make a  Snuggle blanket next. A new pattern. I've got a general idea of what I'm doing, but I couldn't find step-by-step directions. So I have a little bit of trepidation.

Which means I might not start right away. sighs.

But! I've found an interesting site that has a whole section of Vegan String!

  Vegan Fibers at Earth Friendly Yarns

How cool is that? Some are insanely expensive. But it's all for fun, right, and you can't put a price on fun.

heh. yeah, keep telling yourself that when your hobby starts costing the big bucks!

Vegan Mothers Day
sun 9 may 2010

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go vegan please

A Cow's Milk is not yours to take
Very good article, please read it!
I got a couple of Cow Ribbons, a great idea to show support for Moms of all species.

Happy Mothers Day. Please consider the other mothers and Please Go Vegan for them!

tues 18 may 2010

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Last tuesday was my birthday. I have been keeping so busy (and a little bit stressed out) that I haven't really taken any time for personal celebration.

I got some vegan brownies from my Mom (from Chocolate Decadence), and some candles for semi-traditional birthday celebration, and I haven't lit any candles or eaten my brownies. I usually do a massive Amazon run for fun stuff, and I haven't done that yet.

the Thank You notes, and even just replying to emails are still days away. (So sorry, people!)

The funny thing is... I kept telling myself that I would quit the daily blogging, as a b-day present to myself! haha. and you see I just kept plugging along!

There is a good review of the book Ninety-Five at my favorite animal rights website...

Yeah, I haven't had the chance to read it yet because of my stupid busy-ness.

But I hope you read the review, and maybe more of the Animal Rights and AntiOpression site. And I hope you buy the book and read it as well.

And... Please Go Vegan!

I know; so many demands. :) But it is my birthday week and month. So you should definitely go vegan! You know how happy that would make me, right?!

Very very happy.

happy Vegan saturday
sat 17 july 2010

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Well, I woke up at 5am, thinking about postcards. It makes a good morning when I wake up that freaken early with thoughts of making things! It's even better when I actually get out of bed and act on my thoughts. I did, this morning!

Eventually, Significant Other rolled out of bed, and we went to Saturday Market to find something pretty to plant! Yay, little purple flowers caught my attention right away. The lady said they were Asters and they would grow about chest high and should come back every year. *happy* (and pics tomorrow, when it gets planted in our community garden plot!)

On the way home from Saturday Market... The Divine Cupcake! sweet certified vegan bliss.

I really wanted a Red Velvet cupcake. We went into an empty shop... there were a lot of cupcakes in the display rack, but not a chocolate one to be found. ack! SO asked about some velvet, and the nice lady went back and frosted one for me. She was so wonderful!

Divine cupcakes

SO got a Vanilla Tie Dye cupcake!!! ha!

Divine Cupcake: so very tasty, so very Vegan! and major sugar rush! oof.

Worked on my crocheting when we got home. I'm still stuck on this stupid double thickness Diagonal Hot Pad that I'm making as a  Snuggle blanket. I'll be sending it to Peaceful Prairie when I'm done, and that's the only thing that keeps me going!

And, speaking of Peaceful Prairie... I think I've finally decided on a photo for my July postcard. *grins* and Stay Tuned!

Vegan Things
thurs 19 aug 2010

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In August 2003 I went vegan after being vegetarian for ten years. Yeah. Here's the epiphany: Static8: 18 Aug 2003 But I knew that _vegan_ was the best and only thing for me the ENTIRE ten years that I was vegetarian.

That's a long time to live with yourself, knowing that you are not the best you.

And now, I've been vegan for seven years! and I still Love, Love, Love being vegan. In fact, I'm pretty sure it gets more wonderful every day!

For those of you who missed out on my July postcard... This is Justice!

Justice at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

... and that's Ember in the distance. They live at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary which I got to visit on my vacation to Colorado at the beginning of July.

Postcard and Stamps
sat 18 sept 2010

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My August Postcard:

Sunshine at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

Yay Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary! This is Sunshine, who lives there... She was busy with her mud bath. I just love pigs!!

And I really like the stamp sheet that came out on 1 Sept...

Hawaii Rain Forest stamps

The Hawaiian Rain Forest 44¢ stamps are the last in a series called Nature of America. There are 12 sets in that series, which started in 1999. I'm kinda sad, knowing no more of these stamps will be made, because the art is just incredible on every single set!

The Hawaiian Rain Forest and the set before, the Kelp Forest, are also made into stamped large postcards! This makes me happy. Probably will make my recipients happy too. :)

Oh! And speaking of "recipients"... I ran into a most wonderful blog the other day.

  365 Letters

In 2009, the author, Carla, wrote a letter every day. This year, the blog is about letter writing ideas.

It just delights me! Not that I could write a letter every day. Okay, actually it's been a while since I have written a letter at all!

In August I sent out about 45 postcards. But postcards are different! There is just this tiny space to fill. With letters... potentially you have Pages to fill!

I used to send a few letters a year to my Great Aunt and my Grandma. But they have both moved on to the next plane of existance. So I'm not really sure who to send letters to, anymore! :/

I will have to think about it...

sat 25 sept 2010

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Thanks to my very good friends for the veganic links!! I have some web reading to do now, plus sussed out a couple of veganic books. Yay!
with an article about mulch on the front page even. Plus, books about plant-based farming. Lots of stuff to read here!

  Vegan-Organic Growing
What a great page of information! Towards the bottom, a list of books! As well, a list of other organizations... looks like the UK is the place to be! :)

*deep breath* Looking though these websites makes me really happy. Well, of course all things vegan make me happy.

asters in the garden

Vegan MoFo
tues 2 nov 2010

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That's a Vegan Month of Food, and the project has definitely taken off with 500 bloggers participating this year.

I didn't sign up myself... I am vegan and I do eat food, but I don't like cooking. at all.

But my friend over at Vegan Wheekers is doing the MoFo. And her first blog post of November was pizza. Which has inspired this blog post!

My Significant Other has recently discovered how to make pizza crust from scratch. So far he's made probaly five or six pizzas.

Here is his creation from last weekend...

green pizza!

Yay Green Pizza!! The sauce is avocado. The toppings were olives, tomatoes and celery. And "from scratch" wheat pizza crust...

And the pizza was wonderfully Wonderful!

Kudos to my SO, who is also wonderfully Wonderful!

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