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wed 13 jan 2010

tofu squares

For my tofu squares, I slice up a block of tofu, put some "stuff" on the tofu and then broil them on both sides.

The "stuff" involves whatever I feel like throwing in there. Last weekend I poured on some canola oil, some tomato juice and a bit of lemon juice. From the spice shelf, I sprinkled on some dried parsley and then I reached for the salt. When I went to sprinkle that on I thought "What the heck am I doing? I don't want salt!" Instead of lifting the salt away, my hand jerked.

So my tofu squares taste like salt.

Sighs: it's pretty much 100% kitchen disaster whenever I attempt to cook food. I'm used to it.

I put my tofu squares on bread for the sandwich I eat at the day job. Today I tried an experiment, thinking if I combined the salty with something sweet, that might be good. I put Four Berry Preserves on my tofu sandwich. It was eatable: it tasted almost exactly like peanut butter and jelly. (or maybe soy nut butter and jelly.) Which would be okay, except PB&J is my normal "fall back" sandwich, and I've eaten it so much I'm sick of it! heh.

Happily and Joyfully, my Significant Other bought me some Yumm! sauce today. Yumm! sauce can make anything taste good, so my sandwiches have been saved. :)

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