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Postcard and Stamps
sat 18 sept 2010

My August Postcard:

Sunshine at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

Yay Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary! This is Sunshine, who lives there... She was busy with her mud bath. I just love pigs!!

And I really like the stamp sheet that came out on 1 Sept...

Hawaii Rain Forest stamps

The Hawaiian Rain Forest 44¢ stamps are the last in a series called Nature of America. There are 12 sets in that series, which started in 1999. I'm kinda sad, knowing no more of these stamps will be made, because the art is just incredible on every single set!

The Hawaiian Rain Forest and the set before, the Kelp Forest, are also made into stamped large postcards! This makes me happy. Probably will make my recipients happy too. :)

Oh! And speaking of "recipients"... I ran into a most wonderful blog the other day.

  365 Letters

In 2009, the author, Carla, wrote a letter every day. This year, the blog is about letter writing ideas.

It just delights me! Not that I could write a letter every day. Okay, actually it's been a while since I have written a letter at all!

In August I sent out about 45 postcards. But postcards are different! There is just this tiny space to fill. With letters... potentially you have Pages to fill!

I used to send a few letters a year to my Great Aunt and my Grandma. But they have both moved on to the next plane of existance. So I'm not really sure who to send letters to, anymore! :/

I will have to think about it...

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