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Vegan MoFo
tues 2 nov 2010

That's a Vegan Month of Food, and the project has definitely taken off with 500 bloggers participating this year.

I didn't sign up myself... I am vegan and I do eat food, but I don't like cooking. at all.

But my friend over at Vegan Wheekers is doing the MoFo. And her first blog post of November was pizza. Which has inspired this blog post!

My Significant Other has recently discovered how to make pizza crust from scratch. So far he's made probaly five or six pizzas.

Here is his creation from last weekend...

green pizza!

Yay Green Pizza!! The sauce is avocado. The toppings were olives, tomatoes and celery. And "from scratch" wheat pizza crust...

And the pizza was wonderfully Wonderful!

Kudos to my SO, who is also wonderfully Wonderful!

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