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happy Vegan saturday
sat 17 july 2010

Well, I woke up at 5am, thinking about postcards. It makes a good morning when I wake up that freaken early with thoughts of making things! It's even better when I actually get out of bed and act on my thoughts. I did, this morning!

Eventually, Significant Other rolled out of bed, and we went to Saturday Market to find something pretty to plant! Yay, little purple flowers caught my attention right away. The lady said they were Asters and they would grow about chest high and should come back every year. *happy* (and pics tomorrow, when it gets planted in our community garden plot!)

On the way home from Saturday Market... The Divine Cupcake! sweet certified vegan bliss.

I really wanted a Red Velvet cupcake. We went into an empty shop... there were a lot of cupcakes in the display rack, but not a chocolate one to be found. ack! SO asked about some velvet, and the nice lady went back and frosted one for me. She was so wonderful!

Divine cupcakes

SO got a Vanilla Tie Dye cupcake!!! ha!

Divine Cupcake: so very tasty, so very Vegan! and major sugar rush! oof.

Worked on my crocheting when we got home. I'm still stuck on this stupid double thickness Diagonal Hot Pad that I'm making as a  Snuggle blanket. I'll be sending it to Peaceful Prairie when I'm done, and that's the only thing that keeps me going!

And, speaking of Peaceful Prairie... I think I've finally decided on a photo for my July postcard. *grins* and Stay Tuned!

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