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tues 18 may 2010

Last tuesday was my birthday. I have been keeping so busy (and a little bit stressed out) that I haven't really taken any time for personal celebration.

I got some vegan brownies from my Mom (from Chocolate Decadence), and some candles for semi-traditional birthday celebration, and I haven't lit any candles or eaten my brownies. I usually do a massive Amazon run for fun stuff, and I haven't done that yet.

the Thank You notes, and even just replying to emails are still days away. (So sorry, people!)

The funny thing is... I kept telling myself that I would quit the daily blogging, as a b-day present to myself! haha. and you see I just kept plugging along!

There is a good review of the book Ninety-Five at my favorite animal rights website...

Yeah, I haven't had the chance to read it yet because of my stupid busy-ness.

But I hope you read the review, and maybe more of the Animal Rights and AntiOpression site. And I hope you buy the book and read it as well.

And... Please Go Vegan!

I know; so many demands. :) But it is my birthday week and month. So you should definitely go vegan! You know how happy that would make me, right?!

Very very happy.

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