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Out to Eat
mon 5 apr 2010

SO won his poker game last night, so this afternoon we went out to eat to celebrate.

SO suggested Govinda's, which is a vegetarian and vegan buffet. We've not been there yet. Problem is, it doesn't open til five and I get off work at four with a major appetite. I just can't wait an hour for my food! heh.

We got take out from Yumm! cafe instead.

Yumm food!

mmm, Yumm. Okay, you see my Yumm bowl here? It's the vegan "Yumm Baby." Looks like pretty simple food, huh?

A bunch of uh fruits on top -- tomato bits, olives and avocado slices -- a few leaves of fresh cilantro, and rice and Yumm sauce underneath. You stir it up a bit and you get bliss.

Yumm sauce is like nothing you've ever had! I can't explain it, okay? It's made of canola oil and nutritional yeast and vinegar and spices, but that just makes it sound weird!

Fortunately, they sell Yumm sauce by the liter. So guess what I put on Everything for the next couple of weeks?! :)

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