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5 March 2005 ... Curses

I continue to be unhappy, and I need to complain some more. I swear, I will give up complaining and type about more interesting things next time!

I was looking at the S8 archive pages the other day, and I decided that I hate looking at 2004. The first half of the year is weak: averaging 5 journal entries a month. Then Tessera gets sick, and seeing those entries makes me sad. Then I quit typing for a while.

This past week I've been thinking about all the yucky stuff that has happened to me in the last five years in Phoenix...

  • Adric the guinea pig died. (link)
  • LGC, my dream car died. (link) (pics)
  • Tessera the guinea pig died. (link)
  • A Coyote died in my presence. (link)

These things have affected me deeply.

And then there were a bunch of minor annoyances...

  • I went into debt as a jobless bum during my first year in Phoenix. (Paid off with car accident money.)
  • The ceiling of our living room fell in on a rainy night. (Fixed by apartment management.)
  • The red car was vandalized, twice. And then a fender bender. Just call me "Crash".
  • My significant other had ear surgery. Which was NOT an "annoyance", but it was a worry. (Surgery went well, And he can Still hear!)
  • The work at my day job has slowed down the the point that it has turned boring, salvageable only by my work partner who tells good stories and the books I read during those 8 hours. heh ;)

Yeah, at this point I'm wondering if anything good has ever happened to me! And since I've got all this bad stuff on my mind, I am attracting more bad stuff. sighs.

Just as we are settling in for the evening last night, my partner jokes with me that he has broken his hand... He doesn't know what he's done to it, but there is a huge bruise that shows up on both sides of his hand.

It's his dominant hand and I'm freaked out! I'm thinking we need to go to the emergency room and get x-rays! Immediately!

But after he answers a few of my questions, I can calm down. Intellectually, at least. He calls his insurance care line and the RN tells him since it's not constantly painful and since it's not swollen, it'll be okay to wait until a convenient time to go get x-rays.

I guess that's what we'll be doing that this afternoon, once he gets in from work.

Remember when I was cursed with cars without brake lights? After I typed about it here, there was one more car, with half it's brake lights... and then everything was okay, all cars had brake lights.

See how it works? Typing about my curses in my online journal, will break them!

And now, I'm hoping that there will be good news, only, to report from here on out.

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