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7 October 2004 ... The Curse of the Red Car

Once upon a time, cheri's beautiful little honda car got smushed. She was very sad. She bought a new car. It was red, and it didn't have a clutch and gears she could play with, and it didn't have a radio.

A couple months later, they put a new radio into the red car. And a few months after that, someone broke the driver's side window and stole the radio.

fah. cheri got the window fixed but never replaced the radio. And someone stole the antenna, too, but we don't care about that anymore, now do we?

Everything was okay for a while. But lately, the curse has returned full force.

Someone maliciously broke the passenger side back window. We shall call this vandalism, since the window is still mostly intact and attached to the car. It's called a "quarter glass" I think, and it costs 700$ to fix.

cheri laughs at them and never replaces the window. Red car looking kind of dilapidated.

And then there was an accident. A fender bender. It was the other guy's fault, he got in my way as I was going through a green light. It was over 2000$ to get my bumper fixed, (not that I care, other guy's insurance paid for it,) and I had to drive a crappy huge fat Taurus for a week.

But now the red car is back, the front end is fixed and boy is it Shiny. Shiiiii-ny. Shiny. It still lacks an antenna. And a radio. And the back window is still shattered. But it looks like a brand new car. Shiny.

And a bird pooped on my brand new hood today. I came out of work and saw it and gasped and was shocked by the desecration. I took a wet paper towel and made my hood shiny again.

So apparently I'm going to obsess about the shiny car now. For at least a week or so. And then I will go back to my old ways and years will pass before I go to a car wash.

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