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27 February 2005 ... Between

I've got two weeks of work left. Then a week for Oregon, apartment-hunting. Back in AZ for two weeks of packing and sending out change-of-address postcards. Then at the end of March, onward and northward with all our stuff.

Thinking about it makes me tired. And I have given in to the feeling and I'm nice and apathetic. Lethargy Reigns!

My computer is "broken". My email has been down for weeks (receiving but not sending) and I can't be bothered to fix it. Last night I scanned my disk drives, two of my five partitions had major problems. Probably means I should do a FORMAT C: and start from scratch, but, man, that's a lot of work.

I have been itching to draw... something. But I cringe and avoid the impulses and draw nothing.

I want to buy books! However, we ARE moving soon... I should be conserving my money, and there is no reason to add even more book bulk! And, anyway, I have many unread books on my shelf.

I also want to buy a new digital camera. I like to believe that a better cam would inspire me! But this is a major purchase, and thus a lot of work... Go to a camera store, talk to people (bah), decide on a cam, pay, bring it home, experiment, read the user guide. Thinking about this also makes me tired. heh.

So: Basically I am discontented and doing nothing about it.

fox, hanging in there

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